PERFECT: Trump shares devastating timeline and takedown of FBI’s last seven years of FAILURE and collusion

The FBI’s leadership is highly politicized, just like the highest levels of the military. Coopted by the lure of MSM kudos and beholden to Democrat special interests, most government agencies, departments, bureaus and so on are this way, whether part of the administrative state, law enforcement, or other.

This is simply an observable reality that everyone is aware of regardless of party. The only people who say otherwise or play games with the truth are the ones who are part of that deep state. The MSM, Democrats, and the political heads of those entities like Merrick Garland or Christopher Wray.

It’s not hard to understand how it got this way. Democrats, having no scruples, and the MSM, having no intellect, were easy to put in thrall and had an easy time doing so to other, similar bottom-feeders.

But still they play games. Just yesterday that weirdo Strzok was on with that scuzzball Jim Acosta as they both pretended to be perplexed and amazed how conservatives could possibly BETRAY their pro-cop roots by bashing the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid. As if somehow the fact that the agents who are forced to do the dirty work are usually not progressive loons has any bearing on the question of whether the people giving the orders are.

How dumb do they think people are? Well consdering they go by their own example, pretty dumb.

Yet observable reality persists, and President Trump today retruthed a succinct timeline of the FBI’s betrayal of its mission, its role, its agents, and the American people since 2015.

So simple. So accurate. So perfectly executed.

So terrible that it has come to this.


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