Pete Buttigieg says the Florida law protecting children will “kill kids”

Pete Buttigieg was on The View today and actually endorsed comments by his ‘husband’ that Florida’s law protecting children from dangerous LGBT ideologies would actually kill kids.

Buttigieg was asked about it from Ana Navarro and he completely agreed with the claim and got no pushback from Navarro whatsoever.

This is so stupid and wrong. What will kill children is brainwashing them to think they can be whatever gender they want to be.

You all remember grade school and how difficult it was right? I know that can’t be just me. Children are thrust into a social environment where they are judged on a very superficial basis and thus accepted or excluded by other children. Maybe even bullied. The desire to be part of the ‘in crowd’ or even considered ‘normal’ by peers can be extreme, and such children might quickly latch on to something toxic like changing their gender just to try and fit in somewhere.

They don’t know what they are doing, really. They are just flailing about looking for something to help them be popular. And then one day the tides change or reality sets in; something happens and they realize how foolish they’ve been for so many years and suddenly, in great internal anguish, they want to end it all.

I might be wrong but that’s what I see happening in the future with many children exposed to this brainwashing. It’s a crime to me that teachers would be allowed to teach this garbage and that’s why the Florida law is so important. Honestly, it shouldn’t be allowed to be taught at all, ever, in any grade school classroom no matter how old. But especially not when children are so young and have no clue about who they are or much else for that matter.

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