Peter King: Maybe Hundreds Of New Yorkers Dying Wouldn’t Bother Rand Paul

“If Rand Paul had been around and we had listened to him, hundreds of New Yorkers would be dead today. That would be on his conscience. Or maybe it wouldn’t be. Maybe it wouldn’t bother him, I don’t know.” – Rep. Peter King

This morning, Congressman Peter King appeared on Fox News to discuss the various scandals surrounding the NSA and their potential violation of the privacy of American citizens as part of the war on terror. King goes immediately after Senator Rand Paul, who appeared earlier on the show, with some very strong words:

“Rand Paul does not know what he’s talking about. And Rand Paul is really spreading fear among the American people. And he also, today, I understand on the show he was comparing General Clapper to Snowden. I mean, to me, either he’s totally unsinformed, or he’s part of that hate America crowd that I thought left us in the 1960s. In any event, he doesn’t deserve to in the United States Senate for spreading that type of misperception and absolute lies to be honest with you.”

“People like Rand Paul are putting American lives at risk. If we listen to Rand Paul and follow his policies, Americans could die.”

This all stems from Rand Paul’s announcement of his intent to sue the Obama administration over NSA spying.

Congressman King has crossed the line from criticizing Rand Paul’s policy positions, moved beyond the area of questioning his patriotism, and staked his claim on the edge of “Rand Paul wants you to die” territory. It was an interview worthy of Alan Grayson.

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