Peter King: Thousands of Hezbollah agents in US

Peter King says that Hezbollah agents already in the US could mobilize and attack us if tensions continue to get higher with Iran. But he’s clear that he’s not advocating that Israel shouldn’t attack Iran or that there should be less pressure on Iran because it may implicate us. He said that Iran simply cannot be allowed to get a nuclear weapon:

POLITICO – Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) warned Wednesday that there are hundreds — maybe even thousands — of Hezbollah agents inside the United States capable of launching a terror attack if U.S.-Iran tensions continue to escalate.

The American intelligence community … believes we are very much at risk for an attack by Iranian operatives, which would be Hezbollah, that is a terrorist-trained force in this country. It really is the ‘A’ team of international terrorism — far more sophisticated than Al Qaeda,” the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee said on CNN’s “Starting Point.”

King, whose committee is holding a hearing Wednesday to “educate” Americans and members of Congress about the threat of Iran, explained that Hezbollah has had agents and operatives inside the U.S. for many years for the purpose of fundraising and recruiting.

And while the conventional wisdom until recently has been that they were not necessarily stationed in the U.S. to carry out terrorist attacks, the Republican congressman warned Wednesday that especially given the recent tension between Israel and Iran, as well as questions surrounding Iran’s nuclear aspirations, a scenario in which Hezbollah agents mobilize an attack remains a real possibility.

We do know that a number of them have been trained as terrorists, so the question is,how quickly they can be made operational, and would they carry out an attack?” he said. “We estimate it to be at least in the hundreds, maybe the thousands of Hezbollah agents here in this country. And again, especially if things intensify between Israel and Iran, between the United States and Iran, could Iran take preemptive action in this action through Hezbollah?

King cited a murder plot allegedly directed by the Iranian government to kill the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. last year as a further warning sign of the potential threat that the country poses to Americans.

And if Israel attacks Iran, the congressman warned that the U.S. could certainly “find itself implicated or involved” in the crisis.

“Having said that, I don’t think we can rule out an Israeli attack,” King said. “ I think we have to keep all the pressure out there. … The fact that there can be complications is not a reason why Israel shouldn’t do it or we shouldn’t do it. We have to make sure whatever we do that it is going to work … and realize that Iran cannot be allowed to get a nuclear weapon.”

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44 thoughts on “Peter King: Thousands of Hezbollah agents in US

  1. It isn’t just Hizbollah and AQ dude. They are just two tentacles if the same octopus that is the Third Great Jihad. These people are in every gas station, fast mart, 7-11 or fast food joint in this country. Islam will not rest until we conquer them or they conquer us. The problem, in other words, is even bigger than people want to acknowledge.

  2. Map: Has Your State Banned Sharia?
    Earlier this week, a Georgia legislator introduced the “American Laws for Georgia Courts Act,” a bill designed to block the implementation of Islamic law in state courts. And many states are doing all they can to block Shari’a law, as well. Read entire article as the link provided.

    Passed: Both Tennessee and Louisiana passed variations of the American Public Policy Alliance’s “American Law for American Courts” legislation in 2010.
    Working on it: Alaska; Arkansas; Arizona; Georgia; Indiana; Kansas; Nebraska; Oklahoma; South Carolina; South Dakota; Texas; Wyoming.
    Tried but Failed: Florida; Mississippi; Utah.

  3. Oh, after having a cozy relationship with the muslim community during the 1990’s, now Rep. King is worried about Hezbollah.

    After all these years, why hasn’t he pushed harder for border control? sDee is correct about the infiltration of muslims into our govt.

    I think he may be flappin’ his jaws during a election year.

  4. When I was working on a 4 yr college campus, in a dept devoted to all things Islam, I personally knew Hezbollah people, as well as Muslim Brotherhood people and 3 terrorists who were deported (supposedly) and a whole big bunch of sympathizers, some Americans. Really heard, saw, many really scary stuff. However the scary stuff I ever learned was that the local FBI office did NOT know there was an office called Middle East Studies on a campus just 7 blocks from their offices, and the university police did not know anything about it, or the Muslim Student organization. So that King is on top of terrorists anywhere is a good thing. The media is responsible for protecting this bunch of BHO czars. We are at risk from many places. SCARY.

  5. Methinks he forgot to mention that all the hizzboola agents get their directions from an oval office in a certain big white house located in somewhere in Wash DC.

  6. OH NOES! Hezbollah is coming! Really? I only worry about my Government, if they can get you scared about the boogeyman, you will let them take more of your rights… scared little sheep you all are

    1. How about RFK Jr doing business with Hugo to help the “poor” and how about that big Citgo sign near the Red Sox park for all to see during a TV broadcast? In Maryland all the Citgo stations have changed there names.

  7. This is all part of government scare tactics. We all know the true threat to national security is three year old toddlers in wheelchairs. Keep up the smart fight DHS.

  8. I heard this a few years ago and that this is one reason it is so important to secure the Mexican border because of the infilitration in Central and South America. Since Chavez has been to Iran so what the Congressman is saying makes a whole lot of sense.

    1. That’s kind of an interesting point.

      We’re at war against terrorism. It’s almost exclusively muslims who are perpetrating the terrorist acts. Many muslim domestic terrorist acts have been occurring on our sovereign soil. Muslims from Iran and other locales want to come here.

      Though it violates religious freedom to an extent… there is a very dangerous pattern going on. Ignorance and political correctness will be the death of us.

      1. I tell ppl that Islam is not a 1st Amendment issue. It is an Article 6 issue which states the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. They want to overturn our constitution with shariah law. That is sedition. Sedition is not covered under the 1st amendment.

        Islam needs to be reclassified as a hate filled, expansionist political doctrine. The religious part says they can kill and get into heaven. That is not covered under the 1st amendment. If one’s religious practices are in violation of our Constitution and human rights, it ain’t covered.

        Remember, Brigham Young moved out to what later became Utah because he was not allowed to practice polygamy, even though that was part of his Mormon religion.

        The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

        Our Founders would be appalled that we have allowed this evil on our soil.

    2. Good news–Hezbollah agents are detectable.
      Bad news–Will American citizens have the courage to act?

      Wait for the weather to warm and we will see how normal citizens react to the OWS/communist scum who plan to infest the streets and parks of major cities. Decent folks in Greece stayed home will the thugs postured, puffed, painted and firebombed the police. Please note that there were very few injuries. Greek demonstrators never proved their courage. Greek TV merely made the violence look more dramatic and regular folks stayed home. Spay paint manufactures had a windfall and the men and women who are trying to pick up the Greek economic pieces are treated as criminals. The same will happen here when cuts to spending occur.

      Republicans are still in a dance with the Democrats over who will act first. Both are moral cowards. Both should be defeated..

      Like millions of other American veterans, I’ve been shot at, mortared and rocketed, knocked down in the street, blown out of bunkers, horrified by atrocities, sat in the mud and rain for weeks cooking c’s over pieces of C4 dug out of a claymore mine, hoping that the next rocket would not land on me and I discovered that you can survive, you can live through a war. And sometimes it’s the survival the injures the most.

      I’ll tell you when the real pain and the terror sets in. When you wake up one day and you realize that you could have fought back harder. You could have done more. You could have put your silly notions aside about Christianity, fairness, forgiveness, racism and guilt for all the things one people did to another and stuck your boot down the throat of the enemy.

      Because the US pulled out of Viet Nam without a victory, without the will to destroy and desolate the enemy, the Viet Namese people woke up the next day and realized that they were impoverished, alone, hungry, enslaved and the future of their children and their country had vanished. The Iraqi’s and those liberty-minded Afghans, if any have survived muslim death squads, will soon realize the same proposition.

      And someday in this country, someone may wake up in the middle of the night and realize that we have been impoverished and enslaved, we are hungry, we’ve seen seen the future of our children and our country handed over to petty politicians and that man or woman will walk down the hill into a village of the people who did this to us.

      1. Thank you, wordsfailme. Thank God you did survive, first for your sake and second, ours.
        Many of us don’t know we’re born compared to the experience of you and some esteemed posters here. That experience can and does help educate others. Again, TY.
        Penny M.

    3. Not Islamists. That is a recently made up term. It’s time to get muslims out of the USA.

      I think this would make a great bumper sticker:

      “It’s Islam Stupid”

    4. Also, remember O has put muslims into Homeland Security. One fought against the FBI listening in on mosques in the LA area.

  9. Hey, I got an idea……..after we’re attacked my Moooslims (like 9/11), let’s INCREASE immigration in general and Moooslim immigration in particular! Wait, that’s what actually happened.

    1. Last I read, 4500 Iranians were to come to the US on ‘diversity visas’…. how insane is that???

      Only Liberals with limited reasoning power would want something so stupid.
      Only Liberals would want our borders open.

        1. All Dems and many (but not all) Repubs favor never ending, mass immigration. It’s a tough problem to stop or even reduce. Saw a moooslim woman dressed in an all black, complete burka with face mask this morning at the CVS store. Isn’t “diversity” grand?

  10. Obama and Holder were arming them, weren’t they? They are in Mexico working with the drug cartels. They refuse to say that though. Feigned ignorance I guess. And when we’re attacked, they will still lie, and refuse to say how they got here, or who armed them. They continue to feign ignorance about the Muslim enemy occupying our White House. I know, he was born in Hawaii. Sure he was.

  11. Folks, every one of you is responsible for the security of everything within your sight and hearing. We can defend ourselves. We always have and, I know America always will.

  12. Trying to scare us again. Watch the other hand.

    King ought to be more concerned about the tens of thousands of islamists who have infiltrated our government, military, law enforcement, judicial institutions in all manner of political, legal, military, enforcement and bureaucratic positions.

    1. Obama’s one of them. He’s appointed members of the Muslim Brotherhood into DHS and the State Dept. They know this, but act as though they don’t, or do nothing to stop him. Rashad Hussain is only one of them. He has the same middle name as our, “American born, Christian president,” doesn’t he? Who do you think loaded 20 Navy Seals onto a helicopter to murder them? They did. I know it’s crazy talk. If I would have told people on September 10, 2001 that tomorrow four planes would be hijacked and flown into buildings, they would have said crazy talk too.

      America has forgotten 9/11. How could they.

      1. And If Romney is President, he will keep the same Muslim Brotherhood in to finish us off. He’s part of the RINO estblishment who like Grover Norquist is in bed with the islamists. 41 and 43 Bush are the same. Why didn’t 43 not seal the border on 9/11? Same reason his buddy Grover works with Islamists.

      2. Yes, this is what obama supports. READ the LINK
        Sharia Law in a nutshell is gamblers and drinkers should be whipped; wives should be beat for disobedience; eye for an eye judicial system; thieves get their hands chopped off; highway robbers crucified; homosexuals get executed; people who cheat on their spouses get stoned to death; critics of Islam must be put to death; those who leave Islam get killed; everyone else must engage in a Jihad.
        Sharia Law And US Constitution The Same By Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf
        Drawingmohammed. Com

    2. I just posted and noted I had heard a few years ago about Iran infilrating our southern border. Please consider Chavez visiting Iran more than once. We are and have been vulnerable for awhile. It may be a scare tactic; then again perhaps we should consider it a warning. What we need is wisdom but I do agree there is also the enemy within so I don’t expect any from the current administration.

      1. Very true. In fact, Chavez lets Iranians come there, learn some Spanish and gives them Hispanic identities and sends them north. He is now allowing the Iranians to build a missile launch pad there as well.

    3. Like I told W above, the term Islamist is a recently made up term. The problem is muslims.

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