Peter Strzok coming out with book to claim Trump is ‘compromised’ by Russia

The despicable, anti-Trump former FBI operative Peter Strzok is publish a book in order to push the debunked claim that Trump is compromised by Russia:

DC EXAMINER – Peter Strzok has written a book due out in September in which the fired FBI special agent will argue that President Trump has been “compromised” by Russia.

Strzok’s 384-page book, titled Compromised: Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald Trump, is set to be released on Sept. 8 by publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt less than two months before the November election. The controversial bureau agent, whose affair with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, anti-Trump texts, and key role in launching the Trump-Russia investigation in 2016 all earned him the ire of the president and his Republican allies, plans to emphasize allegations of Russian collusion that have come increasingly into doubt with recent document disclosures.

“The FBI veteran behind the Russia investigation draws on decades of experience hunting foreign agents in the United States to lay bare the threat posed by President Trump,” Strzok’s publisher said. “When he opened the FBI investigation into Russia’s election interference, Peter Strzok had already spent more than two decades defending the United States against foreign threats. His career in counterintelligence ended shortly thereafter, when the Trump administration used his private expression of political opinions to force him out of the Bureau in August 2018. But by that time, Strzok had seen more than enough to convince him that the commander in chief had fallen under the sway of America’s adversary in the Kremlin.”

The publisher added: “Strzok … grapples with a question that should concern every U.S. citizen: When a president appears to favor personal and Russian interests over those of our nation, has he become a national security threat?”

I’ll tell you what this book is really about: gullible liberals making Peter Strzok rich.

Strzok knows that if he wants to cash in on this election effort he’s got to insist on the debunked conspiracy theory that Democrats LOVE to believe, that Putin helped elect Trump and that Trump is beholden to him for it. And clearly he’s using his reputation as a former FBI officer to sell this garbage libs as they will probably eat it up.

I won’t make damn bit of difference in the election because Strzok is only preaching to the choir. The book isn’t about the election, it’s about making Strzok lots of cigarette money for when he goes to prison. And I do hope that we see him doing a perp walk before his book ever hits the stores. That would be fantastic.

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