Philadelphia mayor says counting mail-in votes will take DAYS to complete

The mayor of Philadelphia is claiming that there are so many mail-in votes that it will take a few days to count them, which means the winner of Pennsylvania will potentially hang in the balance until they’re finished:

NY POST – Philadelphia’s mayor warned that election workers won’t start counting mail-in ballots until Election Day — and will take “several days” to tally results — adding a critical wrinkle to the election in the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania, according to a report.

In an open letter to Philadelphia residents, Mayor Jim Kenney urged patience, WCAU reported Monday.

“After the polls close, and in the ensuing days, we will continue to need your patience,” reads the letter signed by Kenney and Lisa Deeley, the chairwoman of the Philadelphia City Commissioners.

“Never in the history of this city have so many people voted by mail. By law, staffers are not allowed to start opening and counting these ballots until Election Day itself,” it continued. “That means getting a tally of mail-in ballots will easily take several days. This may determine the outcome in Philadelphia, and in the Commonwealth as a whole. So, again, please be patient.”

Philadelphia election officials said they have received more than 400,000 absentee and mail-in ballots.

The DOJ said they are going to Philadelphia county so I hope they are monitoring this process because that’s a lot of mail-in ballots and there is a big concern for voter fraud here.

Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes and Philadelphia is the most populous city in the state. Personally, I’m hoping for a red wave large enough that Pennsylvania won’t even matter. I know I’m hoping for a lot, but wouldn’t it be great?

Speaking of a red wave, the Trump campaign has already put out a warning that Democrats are expecting one but will call it a ‘red mirage’ to try and delegitmize the election results:

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