Phone app places gun-free zones in crosshairs

In a era where technology is used to incriminate otherwise law abiding citizens, one man is using it to protect the second amendment. The Gun Free Zone App allows users to see which businesses are gun free zones and which ones allow fire arms. Users also report the second amendment leanings of businesses.

“I started the app when the newspaper in New York posted a map with gun owner’s home addresses on their website in December.  I can’t tell you how angry I was.  And still am, now that I think about it,” explains John Pedan, creator of the Gun Free Zone App. “I figured if we could turn that back on itself, we could really fight back against so gun control so I decided to publicize the locations of all the gun free zones in the country.  Then, I decided to also publicize which stores are firearm friendly so we can patronize those stores that support the Second Amendment.”

Despite Pedan’s obvious pro-gun stance, his app creation team consists of non-gun owners and Obama voters. Released March 15, the Gun Free Zone App has over 29,000 users and has marked approximately 270,000 locations. The app currently available in iTunes (it’s free) with Blackberry and Windows Mobile versions currently underway.

Pedan said the most important aspect of the Gun Free Zone App is its ability to show the real life impact of second amendment encroachments. “We’re going to add layers to our map that show things like crime statistics, stores going out of business, graffiti, property values, rental vacancies, and I don’t know what else,” said Pedan.  “This is how we reach low-information voters – by personalizing the impact of political choices.”

“If we can say to a business owner, “that gun free zone sign in your front window makes you 8% more likely to go out of business in the next 2 years”, I bet that sign will be gone tomorrow,” he explains. “If we can say “because you live within 500 feet of a gun free zone, you’re 15% more likely to be the victim of a violent crime” they’ll stop being low-information voters, at least as far as gun control is concerned.”

Hopeful that his app will change the gun control debate, Pedan says “I believe that eventually, we’ll never hear of gun control again because people will no longer sit on the fence on this.”


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50 thoughts on “Phone app places gun-free zones in crosshairs

  1. It won’t be around long now. As soon as some lefty complains Apple will pull it from ITunes. Remember that Al Gorezeera is member of the board of Apple and now so is Lisa Jackson.  It will be gone within a week at the most.

  2. This seems unimpeachable. A doctrinaire leftoid who genuinely thinks that declared gun-free zones enhance the public safety can tell which establishments are, by his reasoning, safe, and can act accordingly. On the other hand, civil rights supporters who believe gun-free zones to be either a stupid idea or a fascistic one can avoid such areas. Everybody should be happy. Except perhaps luddites like me who don’t consult an app before every move.

  3. 1. I’ll
    install the app when the Windows Phone version comes out.
    2. Jeremy
    Poncy’s logic falls somewhat (like ‘air ball’) short of coherent. Gun Free
    Zones are posted or made common knowledge through law. By definition it is
    public knowledge that operators of said zones WANT to be widely
    acknowledged and observed as same: The ‘app’ merely propagates
    the information providers of same desire propagated. Contrast that
    with the fact that most Concealed Carry Permit holders and gun owners in
    general desire their private information NOT be made public
    knowledge. I categorically reject the fey notion that there is any
    equivalence between the two and any attempt do so must be dismissed
    as nonsense.

    1. SMSgt_Mac 
       “operators of said zones WANT to be widely
      acknowledged”. Nah, they’re mostly just faddish followers, silly sheep easily convinced until the actual facts of life poke them in the eye with a sharp stick.
      Like a hold up where it is clear the thug selected him because he’s a gun free nutjob. Or where his insurer raises his rates for the same reason.

  4. Can we get this for google glasses? I’d love to have a circle and slash sign with a gun come up any time I was about to enter one of those “zones”, or a store with a 2nd amendment hostile policy.

  5. I’m a truck driver and you’d be surprised how many manufacturers have no guns signs at the gate. And not just no carry, some places firearms and other “weapons” like knives are banned completely. Sometimes I’ll ask an employee about what happens if somebody gets fired and comes back with a gun. Like the nation as a whole it seems like these rules come from above and are not supported by the “little people”.

    1. Dr. Strangelove What happens if a disgruntled ex employee returns with a gun? You die, that’s what. It’s the liberal way. Humankind dies and animals inherit the earth.

      1. stage9 Dr. Strangelove You don’t understand. If we were all disarmed, we could sit in a circle and sing Kumbayah and all will be right with the world.

  6. This has been the problem all along.  Not this app, but libs using the media to successfully blame things they have directly caused on us.  Even in places like NYC where there aren’t any R’s around for miles, they still blame us.  Maybe this will help people see the results of their choices.

  7. I agree…………….. And this is for the staff of “THE RIGHT SCOOP”    Why has no one , Hannity, O’riley,  YOU,  brought up the fact that as I understand Obama will be signing the Arms Trade Treaty with the United Nations June 3rd.   What is everyone going to jump through their butts only when it becomes News?   I have written all of them plus Congressmen and Senators and have gotten no response from anyone.   Its like it has been preplanned.    What can you find out about this issue?  We want to know.

    1. jwbandit27 I’ve been following this and it looks like it won’t get through congress. The fact that 0 supports and would sign it is no surprise given his conduct and political leanings.

  8. Outstanding. Off the defensive, onto, not offensive, but protective. Now I will know where not to go. After all, if business owners don’t want my business, I have no desire to annoy them. And businesses that value the things I value … it’s Chik-fil-A all over again.

    1. This is not outstanding criminals have been know to use this kind of information to plan shootings and other crimes.How helpful is that going to be for our second amendment right?

      1. Well excuse me for thinking about others besides myself. Just because I don’t agree with liberals doesn’t mean I want them to be more easily targeted by psychopaths. And if we are going to make this about our own safety there are places that I still go to that are gun free zones.

      2. JeremyPoncy One need only look at state laws to find mandatory gun free zones like schools.  Even if a business is a gun free zone, crooks cannot be guaranteed that off duty and undercover law enforcement are not frequenting.

        1. JeremyPoncy Could you point out in my post where I said I support gun free zones?  I must have missed typing that somehow.

        2. JeremyPoncy  I agree with you on banning laws that force gun free zones.  Usually mass killers only go where there will be no resistance, at least for long enough time to finish the act.

      3. In the 1st place, I explained how it is outstanding: I know which businesses do not want me on their premises. I will oblige them. They will be happier and I will be happier. It’s a win-win situation.
        Secondly, “criminals have been known to use” guns, screwdrivers, bats, cars, ice picks, …. Jeremy. Maybe along with gun-free zone apps we should ban everything that criminals use, you think? How helpful would THAT be to our 2nd Amendment right?
        Your response would be seconded by the gun-grabbers, Jeremy. In fact it makes me wonder where you stand.

        1. I never said to ban it. I believe in freedom and I’m as pro gun rights as one can get. The hypocrisy just amazes me is all. They target us and we get all up in arms. We target them and simply count it a victory for guns, not for principles mind you. And the government has divided us yet again. Maybe one of these days you’ll come to realize that revolutions aren’t won by guns ultimately they are won by people, so isolating people in the name of meaningless ‘gun victories’ will ultimately lose us the war. Guns are simply the tools with which wars are fought and I don’t see how this will better arm us.

        2. JeremyPoncy  If you don’t want to ban the gun-free zone app, then what are you complaining about?
          Your entire conversation on this topic is full of straw men and contradictions and just plain nonsense.
          And you are acting like a liberal, because you are one. A liberal troll, trying to aggravate gun owners and waste their time. You’ve had all of my time you’re going to get.
          Hope you enjoy your weekend. I’m off to the shooting range. Have a nice day!

        3. Also it’s called a moral argument and its important because ultimately where this nation stands morally will determine the outcome.

        4. lawngreen “I’m off to the shooting range.”  Mind if I join you at my local range?

        5. Well, you just outed yourself, pal.
          I don’t appreciate your arrogant sophistry either. Go away.

        6. I know that it’s not unconstitutional. It’s not even illegal. My point is that it’s bad strategy. It’s tactless, pointless, and only serves to allow government to divide us further. Has nobody recognized that this government’s strategy is divide and conquer. United we stand divided we fall. Does that ring a bell. So my point is why do we keep letting them divide itus over senseless bs?

        7. JeremyPoncy 
          You are using the framing of the argument by the left to argue for behaving like the left.
          Here’s the way it is framed by people who assume rightly, that what the founders intended is still the law of the land:
          1) Only a fool assumes an American is unarmed.
          2) Only a bigger fool assumes they can make themselves safer by unarming Americans.
          3) Unfortunately dangerous fools have succeeded in disarming sectors of the populace, which makes those sectors much more dangerous.
          4) It’s our social obligation to let people know how to avoid such danger.  It’s also our social obligation to bear arms for the common defense.
          So whining about properly fulfilling the social obligation in #4 is nothing more than supporting item #2, above, any way you spin it.

        8. JeremyPoncy Well, I don’t go so far as to call you a liberal, lol.  I don’t believe that.  I understand what you are saying and why. 
          I don’t view this as targeting the liberals.  I don’t want anyone to be at higher risk, even liberals.  But a would-be killer studies his target location well.  He’s going to find a location without this app….period.
          So I’m sure you would agree that this app is not going to cause a mass killing or be much help to the killer.   But it helps those of us that want to avoid gun free zones because they are higher risk.  I don’t know about you, but I would feel much more comfortable in a room full of people with guns than I would where no one had a gun at all.  That’s just me, but I know liberals are just the opposite.  I know that most people carry for protection and nothing else, and if that killer comes in he’s gonna regret it.

        9. Orangeone I’d be honored, except I was truly off – offline and on my way – at the time you sent your email. I’ll take a rain check, though – or should that be “range check”?
          If you’re serious, let me know time and place, and I’ll be there with guns on.

        10. JeremyPoncy Jeremy, come on and be serious.  Are you actually saying that liberals just want to get along?  LOL.  What they want is for conservatives not to fight back.  I for one think this is a great app as it allows consumers to make informed decisions.  As for the gun free zone app giving low information criminals more information, keep in mind that most of these businesses PUBLICLY post their gun free zone status already.  So if they feel comfortable and safe posting it to the public at large, then they should feel comfortable posting it on the wider net as well.

      4. The liberals apparently don’t appreciate your concern or agree with your thinking. THEY are the ones who pin the target on themselves.
        Go to all the gun-free zones you want, but you have no reason to feel noble about it, just stupid. Or unlucky, if you go there because you have to.

      5. JeremyPoncy  I understand what you are saying and I can agree to an extent.  You don’t want to put anyone at higher risk by broadcasting where the gun free zones are….which we know is what would-be mass killers look for. 
        On the other hand, who is putting the target there?  They want people to be safer when they walk into their business, but in reality they are putting them at more risk.  I think the app does a good thing on letting people know which stores or businesses put them at higher risk.  As you said, criminals will find out without the app.  The average person doesn’t know beyond the obvious ones like the malls and college campuses.

  9. Chicago is a gun free zone with war like atmosphere:  We need to know where not to move.

  10. This is EXACTLY what should happen. The left have their policies but no accountability to their impact. As least until now. Once people actually see this, it makes them think. The left have blanketed the country with idiocy without any push back. People need to know stupid when they see it. The propaganda war is just getting started because as of now it hasn’t been a war. It’s been a one sided attack on common sense.

  11. ‘Gun Free Zones’ = ‘High Crime Zones’ and that’s just a simple fact.

  12. I have some reservation about this notion. Seems people will have different actions to further the call of a Gun Free America…..

    1. Hawkman007 Let them ALL call for it all they want.  I can be saddened by the plight of someone who climbed into the bear cage, but I won’t waste a lot of time feeling sorry for them.

      1. The way I see it, private citizens follow the law in obtaining permits; they do not advertise themselves as “gun-owning’ in the way these businesses promote themselves as “gun-free.” Printing that information in the paper was an abuse of privacy -it took information that was provided to the government to abide by the law and painted bulls-eyes on their homes. There is a huge difference between that and this app which merely compiles information that is available in the store windows. The app is acceptable to me because these businesses promote themselves in a certain way – the app just helps people find the information more easily.

  13. Brilliant idea. I like this.
    Just out of curiosity, will those zones be marked by a bullseye? I kid.
    This app could have a profound effect on this (ahem) dialogue.

    1. Will they be marked by a bullseye?
      I’d say yes, by default, and I don’t feel any sympathy for them, at all.

      1. 2AFriendly The Sentinel  
        They’d go postal if Rush wore a “black” shirt… but your point is taken.

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