PHOTO OP? Ocasio-Cortez demands to be sworn in before hearing even though it was completely unnecessary

Congresswoman Instagram? That’s what Matt Walsh thinks we should be calling AOC after she demanded to be unnecessarily sworn in this morning in a hearing before the House Oversight Committee on the border:

Yup! I think he nailed it.

Here’s video of her asking to be sworn in and the chairman telling her it was unnecessary, but doing it anyway:

AOC wasn’t testifying on her own guilt or innocence on something. She was testifying about her trip to the border and all the ‘inhumane cruelty’ and ‘suffering’ she saw from separated children having to drink out of an all-in-one sink/toilet units…or something:

She says there’s no need to separate children from the families…except there is. It’s called the Flores decision. This may be a manufactured crisis, as she calls it, but it’s because of judges, the rule of law, and all of these migrants trying to invade the country via our broken asylum system.

What AOC is really saying is that we should just let all of these illegals go into the US instead of holding them in detention centers. So that one day they could vote for Democrats after Democrats take power again and give them all blanket citizenship.

That’s what this is all about. Oh yeah, and getting rid of DHS and ICE, so that there’s no one to deport them while they wait for blanket amnesty…

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