PHOTO OP? Ocasio-Cortez demands to be sworn in before hearing even though it was completely unnecessary

Congresswoman Instagram? That’s what Matt Walsh thinks we should be calling AOC after she demanded to be unnecessarily sworn in this morning in a hearing before the House Oversight Committee on the border:

Yup! I think he nailed it.

Here’s video of her asking to be sworn in and the chairman telling her it was unnecessary, but doing it anyway:

AOC wasn’t testifying on her own guilt or innocence on something. She was testifying about her trip to the border and all the ‘inhumane cruelty’ and ‘suffering’ she saw from separated children having to drink out of an all-in-one sink/toilet units…or something:

She says there’s no need to separate children from the families…except there is. It’s called the Flores decision. This may be a manufactured crisis, as she calls it, but it’s because of judges, the rule of law, and all of these migrants trying to invade the country via our broken asylum system.

What AOC is really saying is that we should just let all of these illegals go into the US instead of holding them in detention centers. So that one day they could vote for Democrats after Democrats take power again and give them all blanket citizenship.

That’s what this is all about. Oh yeah, and getting rid of DHS and ICE, so that there’s no one to deport them while they wait for blanket amnesty…

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82 thoughts on “PHOTO OP? Ocasio-Cortez demands to be sworn in before hearing even though it was completely unnecessary

  1. A squealing pig would sound better in that seat than that 1st grader throwing her little tantrum with zero knowledge

  2. AOC did what her main handler, Saikat Chakrabati, told her to do and say. He pulled her string and she yakked out that she wanted to be sworn in. He worked the other strings and had her stand with her right hand raised.

  3. With all of the sincerity i can muster, I had no idea she could be an even bigger empty suit than she already was until this moment.
    Every day she has a “hold my beer” moment. Wow.

  4. Photo op? And that’s different than other politicians? Not really, just younger media.

  5. I bet she’s spent a lot of time taking selfies to practice that sad/innocent/honest look. She really has it nailed. Too bad the person underneath is a POS.

  6. In the Us, there are over 440,000 children in Foster Care and there are over 2.5 million homeless children.

    But let’s march, protest and raise money for those 2500 kids at the border who have free food, shelter and medical care. Yeah – that makes sense.

    And this idiot is leading the way.

  7. That photo is OK I guess, but I miss the really crazy-eyed AOC photos that only you have.

    1. Think the POS is going for the “I’m as innocent as the morning dew” look, which we know just won’t work on her

  8. AOC has got her plate full these days. I imagine Nan ain’t gonna be happy with this stunt. Dems are coming apart at the seams because of AOC. THE CBC lawmakers are also not happy based on this. Now, Trump has decided to jump into the Nancy/AOC debacle. All of this is a big waste of American people’s time and money.

  9. Why bother? We already know she made that crap up about women being forced to drink from toilet bowls.

  10. It’s always funny to watch Democrats cry over children they’d be more than happy to fund to abort.

          1. I wanted to say that’s as close to Heaven as they will ever get,but I won’t.Thanks AT have a great weekend.

    1. Her parents removed all of her social media due to death threats and they were actually calling them. Pretty pathetic, but expected from the leftists.

    1. A video was posted here a while back that covered it. I think that she’s nothing but a puppet.

    1. That’s pretty funny and is an illustration of just how (un)intelligent AOC is. Thanks for the laugh.

    2. if you are down in the dumps and a little humor is what you need check this out.Thanks Ms.Liberty.

    1. Her lying while swearing an oath is the stuff that makes us know the left has no respect for truth, God, or honesty. But she sure never misses an opportunity for a photo-op.

      1. I guarantee you, Omar didn’t swear on the Bible…Karma is coming and wether it’s us for letting things get this far or them or both.

      2. I guarantee you, Omar didn’t swear on the Bible…Karma is coming and wether it’s us for letting things get this far or them or both.

  11. She should get an Emmy for that fake expression on her face. “I’m so like sad and overcome with worry and like grief.”

  12. I think maybe she’s trying to fend off claims that she’s a liar. As if being under oath proves she’s telling the truth about everything.

    1. I think that’s it.

      I had a neighbor growing up who was notorious for lying. Every time he said something, he would follow it up with “Swear to God” or “you can ask … [always someone who wasn’t there]”

      Why? Because nobody believed him.

      AOC has been caught lying multiple times already, such as the fake photo op, the claims that illegal aliens are having to drink from the toilet, and the claims that she was mistreated by the CBP.

      So of course she’s going to demand to be sworn in so her words will be more believable.

      Of course, the funny thing about that kid I knew? No one believed him after he said “swear to God” either. And we were always sure if we talked to that person he said we could ask, we’d still find out he was lying.

      1. I’ve known a couple habitual liars like that in my life….real real bad ones. One was because he felt like he couldn’t fit in without it. I was willing to tolerate that except he would go so far beyond what was believable. “I sat by Chuck Norris on an airplane”. The other liar was a con artist. Could sell anyone on earth a bottle of snake oil and con money out of them too…conned Walmart out of $7,000.

    2. Dang near everyone one of those in the House AND the Senate lied when they took and oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Lying under oath in a little committee meeting means nothing to them. AOC is a liar’s liar.

      1. Of course, to many of them it’s a living and breathing document so they can interpret it any way that benefits them at the time.

  13. Not sure what she was trying to prove but I’m not sure she knew either so I’ll go with the photo op.

        1. The smart ones see the damage she is doing to their all ready damaged “brand”. And she will never stop. That’s who she is – a loud-mouthed narcissist who can no more keep her yap shut than she can understand the policies she talks about.

  14. Elijah Cummings could have put a swift end to the nonsense, but he’s Elijah Cummings…

    1. I actually kind of liked his response.

      “Do you want to be sworn in?”
      “All right… um… ok….. uh…. do you… stand up please.”


    1. She’d have to ask God to help her and I’m not sure she talks to Him. Her policy positions don’t seem to be inspiration from Heaven but who am I to question?

  15. Can’t her testimony be proven as a lie? Sounds like a crime has taken place and our buddy AG Bill Barr should throw the book at her.

  16. This is a good thing though. I’m glad she did this. Now she’s straight up lying to Congress under oath.

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