[PHOTOS] Here’s a first look at Trump’s badass new border wall!

Trump is going to Calexico, California today to show off his new 30 foot, 2.5 mile wall on the border.

And seeing some photos of it already, it looks pretty badass to me.

Here’s reporter Rafael Carranza for AZ Central doing a piece on it a few hours ago. In it you can see Great Wall of Calexico behind him as he describes it:

I found more photos of the wall on Twitter from a reporter for ABC 7. The first shows just how massive the border wall is with razor wire at both the top and the bottom:

And here’s a photo of the plaque on the wall taken by Rafael Carranza:

You think anyone’s gonna get over that?

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130 thoughts on “[PHOTOS] Here’s a first look at Trump’s badass new border wall!

  1. Of course they will get thru it, they showed that fence with razor wire at the bottom, along the river, and they were shoving kids under the water, under the fence, through a hole they dug at the bottom. This type of wall will not stop them, only slow them down.

    Just look at them getting thru the same type of fencing and the same type of barbed wire, WITH shoving their children through!!!


  2. It’s good there’s no chain link behind the new slats. In pictures of migrants climbing the old slats, the chain link behind the slats gives them a foot-hold to clamber up.

  3. This actually isn’t “Trumps Wall”. These funds for this section of wall have been appropriated since 2009 but just hadn’t been used. I want the wall as bad as the next guy but let’s be honest about this at least.

  4. @doc1973 Would that be the same as when CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC would televise staged Hillary Clinton campaign events and claim there were thousands of people in attendance when in reality there were 200 and 150 of them were paid to be there?

  5. I was a paramedic in the central valley. I try to describe to people the crimes I saw working there; decapitations with machetes, executions galore, rampant child abuse (truly disturbing amount of this going on), all the DWI/DUI related crashes and associated fatalities/injuries, the overdose and drug abuse rates, and so on.
    I’d go on a shootings like 8+ wiith 3-5 dead on scene and there would be a local story on it and then on to the next shooting. These murders never get attention because it doesn’t fit the narrative.
    How about this, most people do not know that there are large migrant worker compounds in the central valley. They literally look like military barracks filled with what are most likely illegals. And what really chaps my rear end is always seeing these people with better cars than me, better phones, and so on. People have no freaking idea. . .

  6. Congratulations to all who built the wall and to those who will be set out to maintain the wall. And thank you President Trump for forcing the issue and demanding funding.

    Honestly, as a So Cal native, I would much rather drive through the desert and see this big beautiful wall than the spotted wind turbines that are more and more beginning to blanket the desert floor. Looks like the butterflies and birds won’t have any problem making their way through this border security, they just may want to fly west of the desert to steer away from the wind turbines :o)

  7. Steven Portnoy
    Verified account
    I asked Trump what he was getting at when he said the surprise yanking of his ICE nominee, Ron Vitiello, meant he’d be going in a “tougher direction.”

    “You’ll be seeing very soon,” he said.

  8. Abraham Lincoln – “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

    After opening a loophole in our Immigration Laws, Democrats are now encouraging tens of thousands of migrants to come here every month without being vetted for criminal background, ties to terrorism, health exams, etc. We have no idea who these people and what their intentions are, It’s reckless, dangerous, destructive and insane.

    Changing one simple law to close the loophole would fix it. . . yet they won’t do it.

    Of course, it’s a manufactured crisis: Democrats planned it, financed it, encouraged it, provided sanctuary, provided health care, provided welfare, provide voting rights, defend and are supporting violent criminals, terrorists, drug cartels, human smugglers and child sex traffickers at our Mexican border.

    1. @eddieeureak60
      Changing one simple law to close the loophole would FIX it.
      Did REPUBLICANS try to change that law for the 2 years they were in control? Just curious.

      1. @sam It was the GOP RINO,s such as John McCain, Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, McConnell and even Lindsey Graham, (before he flipped) that have and still play the role of obstructionists toward Trump.

        1. @conserve-58
          I know C58. I just wish Trump had really gone after those in the Republican Party who were holdouts. They deserved no loyalty whatsoever.

  9. “Real” polling suggests legitimacy and, as with most organizations associated with and controlled by the DNC, there is no longer anything “real.” The MSM, DNC and ALL associated with them have shoved full-blown Alinsky Rules down America’s throats (and the throats of our kids in their indoctrination camps, called public schools); I just hope Americans reject them in all coming elections.

  10. This section of wall/barrier wasn’t part of Trumps wall.


    U.S. Customs and Border Protection has begun construction on a fence in Calexico that will extend about two miles along the U.S. border with Mexico. But agency officials said people shouldn’t confuse this with President Donald Trump’s much-hyped wall.

    “We just wanted to get out in front of it and let everybody know that this is a local tactical infrastructure project that was planned for quite some time,” said David Kim, assistant chief patrol agent for the Border Patrol’s El Centro sector.

    1. Having said that, a lot of thought went into this & they did one heck of a job. Bravo to Border Patrol.

    2. “…This is part of a 2.5 mile section of replacement barrier, west of the border crossing here. Approved years ago, but funded and built by Trump.”

      @sam I think it’s safe to say, without President Trump, this section would not have happened anytime soon. TEN years to get the funding…

      “In 2009, the Border Patrol identified this improvement project as a priority, he said, long before Trump proposed building a “big, beautiful wall’ that is projected to cost $18 billion. Funding for the Calexico project – about $18 million – was allocated last year.”

    3. @sam Back in 2013 the democrats were all for installing over 300 miles of border wall because they were in agreement that we needed to secure our borders. Trump campaigns during the 2016 on the need to secure our borders. He goes on to win the 2016 election and the democrats do a complete reversal of their stated need for a border wall.

    4. You just can’t get over the fact that Trump put up a better wall than Hillary would have.

      New wall is being completed, mile after mile, and your bizarre objections grow smaller and smaller.

      1. @k-bob
        Get over yourself K-Bob, you know darn well I’m not a Hillary supporter. The fact that I don’t blindly cheer everything Trump does annoys the hell out of you so you throw out your asinine comments. What’s with the criticism when I’m praising BP & the job they’ve done?

        I didn’t mention any new wall, but I did give credit to Border Patrol “on this section” that THEY planned & fought for. THEY deserve credit & should get it. You just can’t get over the fact that barriers were actually thought of by anyone “prior” to Trump. Did he finally get action on it, yes.

        Bizarre objections?? Having comprehension problems with my posts?
        List even ONE objection Bob, even one.

        1. You don’t have to be a Hillary “supporter” to understand that your constant banging of this “replacement” drum only makes any sense if you firmly believe she (or any other president) was going to put up the same kind of barrier Trump had built.

          Tough beans. Trump made sure the Border Patrol got what it actually wanted. No one cares if it was “replacement.”

          Me pointing out your obsession with this has squat to do with cheering *anything.*

          You go ahead and keep flogging your whiny objection that it’s “only replacement.” It looks more pathetic as each new mile of wall is completed.

          1. @k-bob
            Where in “my” post is replacement mentioned?

            “No one cares if it was “replacement.”.
            Lol, apparently you do. Seriously, your obsession has gone a little overboard.

            And please list my BIZARRE OBJECTIONS. I’d really like to see them.

            1. Fat fingering your L and O keys doesn’t hide the fact that you’ve been banging on about how the new construction isn’t “new” wall for quite some time.

              Once is pedantic. Twice is just being annoying. But you can’t seem to let it go.

              Your objection to calling it new has been noted by several responders to your comments. It’s not just me.

              Look, the wall is being built. No one cares about how imperfect Trump or Sec. Nielsen, or the Border Patrol spokespeople are in describing it; by now, everyone who cares already knows about the history of this thing from Reagan to the present.

              1. @k-bob
                Do you have a problem answering a question?
                I’ll ask you again, where in My Post did I mention Anything about replacement?

                And no Bob, you’re the ONLY one obsessed with the word. Every other poster has been wonderful.

                1. Now you’re hiding behind one word? Who cares what noun or sentence you use in your frequent need to criticize calling it “new?” Pick your own word.

                  It’s new construction, no matter how often you come here to point out irrelevancies.

                  No one cares when it was approved, because everyone knows no other president would have made sure this new construction was this good.

                2. @k-bob
                  Listen, I haven’t a damn clue what your problem is, other than you’re obsessed with one word, which according to you, NO ONE cares about & it’s NOT MY POST.
                  Got it???

                  Now if you’d like to respond to the CORRECT PERSON why don’t you toddle on up & get her name.

  11. I like it. I do hope it will keep going. How deep does it go below ground, anyone know? Tunneling is a worry I have.

  12. I remember awhile back Fox News did a segment on the bids and latest border wall technology…..I was so impressed with the innovative proposals ! Hope this is the number one and God speed it’s arrival !!

  13. 50 is a large turnout for anything that isn’t a “march.”

    The usual turnout at an ad hoc protest on a street corner is a handful. The press loves to make tiny numbers of angry, insane leftists look like a mob. Been doing it for generations.

    1. True. When Robert-Francis held a sort of rally recently, the press said he “had a packed house!” but what they neglected to say, and what the photo clearly revealed, was that it was literally the living room of someone’s house! LOL

      1. That one march is always the biggest one each year. So big they can only see it all from a mile above. Which makes it completely invisible to the media.

        1. 8,000 of us marched on Springfield, Illinois for the ’13 IGOLD rally and I saw one local news crew. They don’t even show up.

          1. I agree. Seems the farther left the left goes, the farther left the Koch’s go. Who knows, maybe they were that radical all along.

  14. No one gets over in one piece. There’ll be no climbing that wall. I suppose they could use a catapult and parachute.

    1. Are you suggesting that Olympic pole vaulters will make a contest of it? That will be a blast and not with many participants.

        1. To make it a really interesting competition there should be catapults on our side of the border to send them back. With our without parachutes.

    2. The slatted “barrier” looks like metal, so the only other suggestion I have is to grease it with Crisco….but that could get expensive 😉

    3. @golfcartone I’ve advocated for a catapult on our side to return ‘migrants.’

      1. 😀 I had visions of the scene in the Mel Brooks movie, “History of the World Part 1” where the king, Mel Brooks is telling someone, “I love the peasants and the peasants love me. Pull! BANG! :bam: AHHHHHH!” as a peasant is catapulted into the air and the king shoots them.

  15. Don’t we already have video of illegals digging underneath some of this fencing a few days ago? Look, I want this wall up just as much as anyone, but how deep to those posts go down? I thought they’d be anchored minimum 6-10ft under.

    1. Do you have any photos or videos of those digging under the new Trump fencing? I haven’t seen anything, so please provide the photos or videos.

      1. @dr-strangelove I would think it would since there have been untold numbers of drug cartel tunnels found along the border.

      2. I am unable to find out anything, even on CBP’s site. It appears that it is anchored into concrete but I can find no depth. If not deep enough, they will burrough underground just like the Fauxstinians do to Israel; however, Israel is fixing this problem. It will no doubt take America another 20 years to realize, then fix the problem, as always seems to happen. America should employ Israel’s security principles….who better than Israel knows terrorists and how to protect its people?!

          1. Unfortunately, that is an article from two years ago that outlines what Trump and DHS want the barrier to be, but if it is only 3 feet deep, that will never prevent tunnels unless there are explosives attached, which is an option, of course 😉

            From the top, until the entire length of barrier is completed, I think CBP and military assets could patrol our borders with fire trucks that are water pumpers…add purple or red die to the water and push back illegals with water canons, essentially. It will be cooling for the summer months AND keep them on the Mexico side of the border, as well as easily mark them, should they attempt to come over again. 😮

  16. Cue the open borders chorus…

    "It's only a few miles long"

    So? There’s lots more, brand spankin’ new wall completed in other places.

    "It was already budgeted before Trump"

    So? It was already budgeted under Reagan and look how that worked out. The difference? This one is getting built.

    "Walls won't stop the really determined ones"

    Welcome to basic security fact #1. Here’s your certificate.

    "There are other ways to deter border crossers"

    Welcome to basic security fact #2. No certificate for you. Fact #3: All of those other ways work far better in conjunction with a wall. This is undeniably true. And the wall is the cheapest, most durable part of basic security.

    "It's only a replacement."

    Yes, genius. It replaces a crappy, poorly built fence. This new replacement is far more durable and effective than anything that your open borders president would have built.


    You see folks, this wall, and the rest that has been, and will continue to be built, exactly solves the problem of the Southern Border being too easy to cross.

    1. Disgusting liar, Juan Williams, told America that we can thank obama for that wall because it came from his funds to repair an existing wall; however, I also understand that, while congress did vote to build the wall, they never funded the wall, so once again, they talk a lot and do absolutely nothing. If obamafunds paid for this, it was Trump who finally made it happen.

        1. Agreed. He isn’t even a good “leftist.” Eboni Williams is much more intelligent and sometimes convincing! Juan is just plain stupid and emotion-motivated, like most liberal progressive wackos, which means they have zero common sense and every word out of their mouths is all about feeeeelings, so….childish. Also, Juan perpetually has a look of confusion in his eyes. Clueless

  17. Watching Pres. Trump and the BP and the Sheriffs right now on Fox, excellent that they are happy and inviting the idiot democrat politicians who say that there is no crisis to come down and see.

    1. All members of the House and Senate should be commanded to go down to the borders in TX, NM, AZ and CA to change diapers, feed, clothe and care for the children who are there so that CBP can do its job….after all, congress created this mess, so the least they can do is be useful.

  18. You think anyone’s gonna get over that?

    Well, it is formidable looking, I’ll give it that. But it doesn’t matter how clever your mouse trap is – so long as you leave cheese on the counter, they’ll find a way in.

    1. Also, I’m not 100% sure what I think about the razor wire at the base. On the top, yes. On the bottom?

      Look, one of the things I’m paid a lot of money to do is look for weaknesses in systems, and I’m really f-ing good at it. It’s a job that requires a lot of lateral thinking and a lot of putting yourself in the shoes of the nefarious-minded. So, I’m either A) an illegal that wants American hospital access; B) a coyote who needs a distraction; or C) I’m a left-wing activist who wants to make a scene. You know what I do?

      Throw a kid into the razor wire. The smaller and more likely to need serious care, the better.

      Yea, it’s a morbid thought. But remember – the rats will get to the cheese, even if it means stepping over one of their own to do it.

      1. @atomicsentinel That’s pretty dark, but I wouldn’t put it past the coyotes and drug dealers. I guess it will depend on how fast they would be able to climb it and if our border patrol has access to good cameras to get there fast enough before something like that could happen. I think the main thing of slowing them down and allowing border patrol more time to get there is probably the best we can do at this point.

        1. It’d be useful for the drug dealers too, wouldn’t it.

          Distract ’em with a kid, launch drugs over the walls to an awaiting accomplice. Same way they do it in prisons.

      2. I understand your logic but . . . I think the razor wire is only on the US side. And the wall is 30 feet high. Are they going to throw a child 30 feet in the air or try to squeeze them through the bars and into the wire on the ground?

    2. @atomicsentinel OK, maybe a couple of rats will figure out a way. BUT it will only be a few, not a lot. And it will certainly slow them down, which will further our chances of catching them.

      1. If one rat figures it out, it’s only a matter of time until the rest of the rats do.

        Look, I said that the wall is fine. It’s a fine wall. I’m sure covering a few mouse holes will be useful. For now.

        1. Sorry, I really don’t get your logic. I know what you’re saying, no further explanation is necessary, but it doesn’t make sense to me.

  19. Build it high, build it long and build it with a lot of razor wire! But BUILD THE WALL!

  20. Almost as well protected as Democrat Congressmens’ gated communities. Add in a few rotary cannons and electrify it and maybe it will start to compare. / sarc

  21. How deep does it go below the ground surface? A 100 ft. high wall can be tunneled under as easily as a 10 ft. wall if they’re buried to the same depth.

    1. There are plenty of ways to circumvent the wall, but they all take time and resources.

  22. They may not get over it but they will get under it. That’s why the agents and technology are such an important part of securing our country. It’s a shame it was approved “years ago,” snd we had to wait for Trump to begin fixing it. Thank you, President Trump, for taking action.

    1. They may get under it, but it will take time and tools (which I don’t think they’re carrying in their backpacks). If it slows them down long enough for the border patrol to be alerted (hopefully be sensors or drones) than it give them time to get there and stop them.

  23. “Approved years ago…” In case K-Bob stops by. 😉

    The barbed wire at the top seems like a good deterrent, but at the bottom, it seems more like a booby trap.???

    1. It is a message to those who make it to the top and look down: think again before you leap.

  24. It looks like an excellent wall. It’s 2.5 miles? I’m assuming it’s just a beginning because the border is 1,993 miles long.

  25. Now THAT’S what I call a beautiful wall!! Thank you President Trump! :star:
    As Gomer Pyle would say…SHAZAMM!!

  26. Wall looks great!

    However, I need Prez Trump real estate MODE engaged. Lets get this damn thing built in all places where border patrol wants it done ASAP.

    1. First things first – has to do replacement walls before he can build new walls. Replacement is already covered and started by other administrations – already pre-approved.

  27. Now let’s garnishee all congresses wages u til it’s paid for…They are the reason it is there…

  28. I really like the razor wire at both the top and bottom. That should be a great deterrent. Now, let get it completed.

      1. @new-west Personally, I think you’d have to be a dime short of a dollar to try to get over or under that razor wire…………but maybe that’s just me 😉

  29. ….another deterrent would be to recreate a Mule [Drug Carrier] with a duffle bag affixed to its back, dangling from the top portion of razor wire.I know some of you were wondering why do we have to recreate a Mule

  30. “This plaque was installed on October 26, 2018, to commemorate the completion of the first section of President Trump’s border wall,” the plaque reads, below the presidential seal, Trump’s name, and several officials’ names.

    Interesting Oct 26 is Hillary’s birthday! I’m wondering if this is another one of Trumps trolling schemes.

    1. Join the discussion…Good for future generations to know exactly who created that barrier.

      1. seriously @lee_jan ? ASHAMED TO BE AN AMERICAN ! Where can I send the globe that I will gladly pay for and mail to you ? Spin it and pick another country to move to. What a damn disgraceful thing for a citizen of our great country to even think.

  31. One of the most frustrating things about illegal immigration is how easily the problem could be solved if the American government were serious about it. A good border wall, electronic measures, e-verify, quick deportation, tightening up of the notion of “refugee”, and supplement here and there with the Coast Guard and extra funds to Border Patrol.

    We could solve this problem in less than a year and then refocus immigration on improving America by bringing in only people who can contribute by being smart, hard working, or at least having an ability to invest existing fortunes into our economy.

    1. @trytothink So much better to give lip service to “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” and “the rule of law” than to actually follow the laws passed by Congress.

      It’s almost like the only reason Congress votes on immigration laws is because they have no intention of allowing them to be enforced.

      But that’s just crazy talk….

    2. Give Trump another four years and a bullet proof Congress and a few more SCOTUS appointments and we will finally get rid of birthright citizenship policies, chain migration, verifiable objective asylum requests submitted at local US consulates in home countries, and proper temporary work visas where needed with no dependents.

      All things in due time. Have Trump’s back in 2020.

      1. Join the discussion.. You mean Melanya’s parents will have to go back to their home country?

        1. It’s spelled Melania boy the TDS hate in your heart is strong @lee_jan Getting worse every year that goes by.

    3. @trytothink Of course, you’re making to much sense for our mealy-mouthed politicians to listen to. This is exactly what we need to do and this border fence/wall, whatever you want to call it, will work and help control the illegal entries. Now we just need to change the immigration laws and get a handle on the “asylum” scam being run.

  32. Excellent. Keep building it.

    But my understanding is that the wall will do almost nothing to prevent the massive number of crossings taking place today, because the hordes of people are no longer sneaking in, but are exploiting our ‘asylum’ policies. It boggles my mind that these people can find a border agent, claim they are seeking asylum, and be released into the US with nothing but a court date scheduled for the distant future. I’m all for the wall – but honestly, what good does it do us if we build a wall then throw the gates open wide for any and everyone who has been coached to say the magic word – ‘asylum’? If we don’t quickly put a halt to that farce, the wall is essentially pointless.

    1. many of them are denied, but yes, we need more border judges, and more border guards. not just a wall.

      1. @soopermexican I totally agree. I think Trump tried to get more judges and the dems stopped him. If someone is truly coming in for asylum, that’s one thing, but now it’s just been twisted so they use it to get in. Sadly, it makes the ones who truly need asylum have less of a chance of obtaining it.

        1. They stopped him because being overloaded they cite and release them into our country never to found again.

      2. No one ever said The Wall was the ONLY solution to the problem. That’s a Dem talking point.

        But the truth is we can’t solve the problem without it. It’s necessary but not sufficient.

    2. @mama-bear-patriot This is where we need to change our laws. It’s ridiculous that they are able to exploit these asylum policies to get into the U.S. We know they’re doing it, it must stop.

  33. NICE! The razor wire is a nice touch!

    Let’s keep building, there is no reason to stop now!

  34. Even more impressive would be machine gun turrets every 1/2 mile with a no bag limit.

  35. This wall looks formidable indeed! I’d like to see that go across the entire southern border – though I understand there are areas where it’s not needed due to natural geographic barriers. Brilliant!!!

    1. it really does. that should really slow down illegals trying to get into Calexico

    2. @muckjumper What I love is the wire across the top and bottom. My mom thinks that the illegals will just dig their way under the fencing. I tried to tell her that if they came hundreds of miles, I’m sure they wouldn’t have brought shovels, and not only that, even if they were able to dig under, they come upon the wire, a no-go situation.

      We need this wherever it is appropriate to place it. I do believe this will stop most and deter the few that try to cross the border. Well done! Let’s get this going elsewhere.

    1. I spent a week there with our church. We had youth group students and ten adults, me being one, in 1994 doing mission work. We were building a church, leading VBS and a women’s Bible study. My Spanish was OK but we had one gal who was fluent. Every day we crossed the boarder into Mexico for our mission work and each night we returned to our huge campground. We were a part of Azuza Pacific University outreach mission program held each spring. Blessed beyond all measure to have served the Lord there. I’m sure it’s changed since then but there was a Costco to get all we needed for supplies each day.

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