Photos & Video: Sarah Palin rides at Rolling Thunder


Sarah Palin officially started her Bus Tour today by riding in the Rolling Thunder Memorial Day parade. She wore black from head to toe and appears to have had a great time! I must say she looks great in a motorcycle helmet!


You can see even more photos here!

(Photos courtesy of


UPDATE: A great photo emailed to me by Dennis!

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26 thoughts on “Photos & Video: Sarah Palin rides at Rolling Thunder

  1. Gov. Palin has shown more than intestinal fortitude, and strength of character, and undeniable determined Will,  against all odds, and against all enemies of Freedom, Liberty, and America.. she has shown her Destiny, as it is not only written on the wall, but it is already written in the History Books, as she is like the tidal wave Tsunami of Rolling Thunder, that will crash upon Obama and his Failed and doomed Presidency..
    Gov. Palin is setting the stage for the largest massive Presidential campaign victory landslide  in US History, just like President Reagan’s massive landslide victory over Jimmy Carter.!!

    Here’s a Prediction for all you Anti-American Socialist-Marxist Liberal Obamarat enemies of America..

    “Breaking News from Election HQ’s for Nov. 6th, 2012, America has just Elected it’s first ever, Woman President in U.S. History, Conservative Republican President Elect, Sarah Palin, is now the Nation’s 45th President of the United State of America”.

  2. You know, the press has warn out all their attempts to bring her down that folks have had enough. If she runs, may the Lefts rhetoric will be rendered useless at this point with the general public.

  3. RIGHT NOW Sarah Palin is the MOST FEARED conservative out there as far as the left is concerned.

    JUST LOOK at how much the LIBRATARDS are going out of there way to trash her.

    IF she was NOT a THREAT would They be saying anything??????

    They KNOW Sarah Palin IS electable,…

    AND IF she runs against barry in 2012,…

    She WILL CRUSH him with indisputable numbers.

    Rush is RIGHT about the establishment Republicans ALSO FEARING SARAH

    All the “serious” pundits feel this way too. WHY else  would they go OUT of their way to trash her.


     they are all peeing in their pants at the thought of her running.

    Remember,.. the MORE they say how easy she will be to beat or how stupid she is etc,.. 

     one word.


  4. Is that Allen West standing beside Sarah P. In the last picture, If so that could be the first photo of the next President, and Vice-President together, with many more to come. Don’t they make a great team.

    1. Yes that’s West but he is actually a distance behind her. If you check the link Cindy posted there are pics there of West with the Palins.

  5. Sarah looks awesome! Andrea Mitchell must be seething to see her being accepted and looking so hip! Andrea has to curl up in bed Alan Greenspan;one realizes that could zap the life out of anyone.

    Feminist eat your hearts out! Who’s hotter, Palin or Betty Friedan.

  6. Great photos… and why shouldn’t she be there… people forget that she is a Blue Star mother of an Iraqi Vet….A Momma Grizzz

    sarah 2012

  7. The WASHINGTON ELITE do not know what to do with this lady. They will watch this and both sides RINO’s and DEM’s will just be in Awe of the relationship she has with her supporters.
    It has never dawned on the Elite to actually get out and mingle with the public, or to even consider riding on a HOG for our military hero’s on Memorial Day.
    Anything that draws more attention to the great service that these men and women provide to our great nation is long over due. Happy Memorial Day and thank you, our military

  8. She said she will be in it to win it.
    She said she will run an unconventional campaign.

    She inherited ‘teaching’ blood. She is a natural teacher.

    Now she is in the process of educating the politicos about the new rules.

    Rove, Morris, Kraut, etc. – be sure to sit up straight and pay attention.

  9. The guy who talked first in the video, I’ll bet is a big libtard. Sarah P. has always supported the troops even when she was mayor of Wasilla, and she has never used them for political gains, so the guy’s statement is mute.

    1. A libtard? Maybe then again maybe not. His point is spot on the purpose of Rolling Thunder. It has always been an apolitical event, it began as an event to honor those who died or were MIA in Vietnam,from which it has been expanded to honor and support all service members past and present.Everyone is welcome as long as they are there to support our troops, so no, his point is not moot.

  10. If Sarah were not at the event, Rolling Thunder would not have gotten any coverage from the lame stream media! Run, Sarah, Run!

  11. I guarantee you that a whole lot more people are aware of Rolling Thunder than ever before. Their “Legislative Director”, Ted Shpak needs to sit down and shut up. He keeps complaining that she’s turned it into a political rally, apparently not realizing that he’s the one who has made it political by complaining of her presence.

  12. My prediction: the grimace picture will get the most play and the “she rode a few feet” will harped on endlessly.

    How much you wanna bet?

      1. Figures.

        By the way, there is no edit button on my post here. I wanted to put the missing “be” in between the will and harped but there’s no Edit button. I did see one on my other post on the Comments thread. Weird.

      2. Notice how they used her smiling picture and not the grimace one? Well, they had to go with the narrative of her getting off on the attention.

        About the Edit button. It’s weird. Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don’t. I did not see it right after I made the post here with the missing “be” and I didn’t see even after I came back here and replied to your reply. I saw that typo as soon as I hit the button to post it. There was no edit button to fix it. But I just hit the Refesh arrow and now it’s there. Not a big deal. I’ll just pay more attention.

    1. I didnt watch the video yet, but looked at the pictures posted on Sarah PAC and it looks like she rode more than a few feet. They have pics of her riding across the bridge from Arlington side of things and down the streets in DC so she rode a good bit.

  13. As they try to do with everything Palin does, the lamestream socialists have tried to turn this into a controversial event. On the other hand, since they have NO CONCEPT of AMERICAN PATRIOTISM, they could never see her participation for what it really represents.

    1. That’s because the men the event was set up to honor are, in the eyes of the left,war criminals.

    2. The only thing that will make Palin look better than being in a Harley helmet will be when that Seal of the President is on her speaking podium.

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