Photoshop: #CommonCoreGames


Over at Twitchy earlier today, they posted a photoshopped image of a board game modified for the Common Core crowd.

Pretty funny stuff, and with that edge of sad truth that makes any photoshop worth doing. It inspired me to create a few #CommonCoreGames of my own. And so, I present to you now ….


First up, Common Core Chess.


In common core chess, everyone is the same color, and the only piece is the queen. Everybody loses!!

Next up, we have the the game that sums it all up in the name:


In No Clue, your job is to try and open the box and remove the contents. Did you do it? YOU WIN!!

Next up, common core’s version of Scrabble, SCRIBBLE!


Spelling schmelling. Ever heard of spellcheck? What’s important, Billy, is how did you feel when you drew on the board?

And of course, the piece de resistance, The Game of Life!


I think it rather explains itself, don’t you?

Want to add your own? Just put yours into the comments or use the hashtag #CommonCoreGames on Twitter. But remember, KEEP IT CLEAN! Inappropriate images will be removed from this site.

So have fun, Scoopers. While you still can.

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