Photoshop: #CommonCoreGames


Over at Twitchy earlier today, they posted a photoshopped image of a board game modified for the Common Core crowd.

Pretty funny stuff, and with that edge of sad truth that makes any photoshop worth doing. It inspired me to create a few #CommonCoreGames of my own. And so, I present to you now ….


First up, Common Core Chess.


In common core chess, everyone is the same color, and the only piece is the queen. Everybody loses!!

Next up, we have the the game that sums it all up in the name:


In No Clue, your job is to try and open the box and remove the contents. Did you do it? YOU WIN!!

Next up, common core’s version of Scrabble, SCRIBBLE!


Spelling schmelling. Ever heard of spellcheck? What’s important, Billy, is how did you feel when you drew on the board?

And of course, the piece de resistance, The Game of Life!


I think it rather explains itself, don’t you?

Want to add your own? Just put yours into the comments or use the hashtag #CommonCoreGames on Twitter. But remember, KEEP IT CLEAN! Inappropriate images will be removed from this site.

So have fun, Scoopers. While you still can.

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55 thoughts on “Photoshop: #CommonCoreGames

  1. Common Core Chess. Two white queens for our homosexual jefe. BWAHAhahahahahahaha!

    Actually, if that is truly Common Core, then you can’t use white.

  2. Merry Christmas Scoop, and all the Crew and the keyboarders, and Happpy Happpy Happpy New Year…to You and Yours….

        1. Actually, the advance is missing the ‘d’ on the end… the new spelling rules? Or maybe they are saying to common core students that this is for advancement? Beginners start with just two?

  3. The Chess game is clearly way racist. It needs larger, black pieces and devil horns on the board to represent colored domination of the evil white world.

    1. That’s a racist dog-whistle reference to “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” if I ever saw one. Are you subtly mocking 0bama’s ancestry?

    1. Monopoly: Every space is Income Tax. If you land on Luxury Tax, it’s because you’re an evil one-percenter, and you automatically lose. All of your assets are then redistributed to the remaining players.

      1. My pleasure!

        (I just noticed my double dip above. I waited and reloaded the page several times and the comment had disappeared. So I re-did it. Now I come back and it’s back again. ?!?!?)

      1. This was quite an amazing response to implementing Common Core standards in Arkansas. I get the impression the Arkansas School Board ignored her comments. This woman has fortitude for waiting eight hours. God Bless her. Sometimes that is all that is protecting us from harm and she has more backbone than our representatives in the Congress.

      2. Heck, I have zero years of college and even I can see the idiocy of CC. My granddaughter is in kindergarten and I’m already trying to teach her the times tables. If anyone thinks they’re not important… you’re wrong. I’m 66 years old and can still add, subtract, multiply, and divide in my head. I ‘d bet there are many high school graduates who cannot, and probably some recent college grads that can’t as well.

      3. Yahoo! Well said Karen! In our area, unfortunately, even our private Christian school is in the process of adopting cc, because they fear their (our) students will be “left behind”.

        I have some tough decisions coming, pleasing my child now by allowing him to continue at this private school or pleasing him later when he realizes his home education prepared him for his future without dumbing him down in the process.

        Obviously, this decision isn’t too dificult, if the school continues the way of the world and Common Core, our son will be pulled from the two classes he is currently taking at the private Christian school. We homeschool the other five.

      4. No, I hadn’t. I’m so glad there are some parents concerned about their kids and I hope they can spread the word about what’s going on! I hope if they are able to make a video themselves, they will be able to use equipment with an excellent mike, as the quality (daughter of a former radio production man) of the sound leaves a lot to be desired. But the quality of content leaves a person wanting to hear more.

      5. Thanks for sharing – I got a 1st grader and pre-schooler, and this federal education grab is astounding. No shortage of teachers in the school who have NO IDEA what they are teaching or why.

      6. Telling. Telling it like it is. If you are going to impede the child, then get the he// out of the parents way. We stand with her!

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