Picture of “liberal tolerance”: Gays harass homeless man reading Bible at Chick-fil-A

Liberal Tolerance: These people say the dumbest things which is proof they have no clue what the Bible says or what it is about:

“The god that you worship stones rape victims”

Um I dare you to go to the Gaza Strip and start yelling that at people. Or Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan…well, you get the picture.

Here’s the video (via Legal Insurrection):

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155 thoughts on “Picture of “liberal tolerance”: Gays harass homeless man reading Bible at Chick-fil-A

  1. As someone who is GAY…I am sick of the Liberal left in this country. Some Republicans, some Christians, some Conservatives DO NOT LIKE ME. Boo Hoo, they can get over it.
    However, ISLAMO-NAZIS in Muslim countries want to slice our guts open, chop off hands and feet…then use a scimitar to behead us. Evil pieces of crap like Louis Farrakhan and the Ebony Kittens (aka Black Panthers) hate Gays, Whites, Jews, etc.. but because they are Black, Liberal Democrats make excuses for them.

    Obama has done less for gays than Bush, but so many gays are braindead that they will vote for him for no other reason than because he has that (D) after his name on the ballot.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me. The right constantly brings up how the “left” is always inciting trouble. I have to say for a political party to hide behind religion when it suits them, while ignoring the fact that this is a country that also protects the rights of individual freedoms including Gays is hypocritical to say the least.

  3. The gay intolerant Fascists have successfully shut down the Chick-Fil-A on campuses. Contact anyone you know in the media or ask Sean, Beck, Huckabee, Hugh Hewitt to get a petition circulated to stop them. This whole issue started on the college campus and that is what is being affected. The media has distorted and flat out lied about what Dan Cathy said in his interview. As a result the gay community is working overtime to damage CFA. This hit the media last Wednesday and Monday of by this week 33 college campus locations have called to close their CFA stores. As of this morning the number is up to 40. Two universities will literally be closing by tomorrow.Three critical ones are Penn. State , University of Louisville , and St Louis University . Please help get the truth out. The Gays have become the bullies that they claim Christians are. STAND UP PEOPLE!

  4. For the love of God, all the CEO of Chick Fil A said was that he prefers traditional marriage. This entire situation is getting out of hand.

  5. As a Christian, it is extremely hard to adhere to the love the sinner but hate the sin lesson when listening to people like this on the video. So many liberals are quick to throw out those scriptures at Christians when arguing their point but yet pay no attention to their own actions, words and behaviors.
    I hate their behaviors and attitudes as I’m sure every other Christian does. I guess the key to it is in practicing getting your emotions out of it and not allowing anger to take over. I know God is surely just shaking His head at all of this mayhem out here and I guess if you are confident enough in your faith and know that this is not your permanent home the less you’ll be bothered by it.

  6. I forget the exact verse, but as Jesus said to his disciples, “They will hate you because they hate me.”

    Kudos to the homeless guy for being able to be a good Christian turn the other cheek. Lord knows I would not have been able to do the same.

  7. They hang gays in Iran. Try living there, you little miscreant. You have no idea how good you have it in the USA.

  8. Where is Jesse Jackson (we know where Jr is) and Al Sharpton? This is obviously a racist hate crime!

  9. I just want to take all these hate filled people, not all homsexuals but the ones who have no respect for other points of views or religion, should be shipped to Syria to fight for the Muslim Brotherhood! Maybe they could help them out!!

  10. This, even more than what they do with their genitals, is why I hate them. I wish a group of big ass rednecks would have strolled up and kicked all their asses.

  11. Wrong religion. But perhaps when they finally figure out the correct religion to say that to, they will, then we’ll be reading about them at the receiving end.

  12. Big surprise. These people don’t even know what sex they are and you expect anything more from them? They have no concept of a wholesome family or anything else normal so why are you surprised they would do this? They are sick, delusional animals with no concept of right or wrong. Almost like a DNA experiment gone bad. What’s worse; a zombie apocalypse or a queer apocalypse? I’m not sure.

  13. These people (and I say that with derision) are vile hypocrites and have many more than one perverted value. They stand with and for sin and mock what they don’t understand.
    I pity those who will stand in judgment along with liars and fornicators before a Holy God they wish did not exist.

  14. To paraphrase a great person form long ago:

    “It’s not that the left doesn’t know anything, it’s just that so much of what they do know is wrong.” R. Reagan.

  15. How sad. All gay people are not like this. They are living private lives, working, taking care of homes, volunteering in their community and ACTING LIKE THEY HAVE SOME SENSE!

    1. Unfortunately I have to agree with what you say woodie, which does not surprise me.

      Some here obviously believe that their own intolerance is better than someone else’s intolerance…


    2. While you might be right wodiej, there is no one in that silent majority calling them out for these horrible displays of bullying and intolerance. We also see the same silence in the muslim community, it only encourages them.

      On the other hand, when a Christian or Conservative goes too far, he IS called out by other Christians or Conservatives, and then every other group imaginable attacks not only the offender(s), but every person who identifies with the offenders group.

      These people are nothing more than terrorists, maybe they aren’t killing anyone but they are attempting to terrorize people from exercising their free speech and moral values.

      It doesn’t matter if they aren’t like this, they condone it with their silence.

      1. Yes you have valid points toongoon, I would just say that we have to expect this type of behavior from the left, it is how they operate.
        While we should expect the conservative side to exhibit a more responsible sense of character and hold fellow conservatives to standards that many conservatives like to espouse.

        If conservatives, or those claiming to be conservatives, are gonna talk the talk they better walk the walk, and accept that they will be called out if they do not.. It comes with the territory.

    3. You have a point, wodiej, but vulgarity isn’t sad. It’s useful at times.

      I could do without the namecalling and insults, but I don’t expect folks to sit idly by and let stuff go unchallenged. Not everyone has practiced rhetoric or studied philosophy. Expect thrown elbows and rough language. That’s life.

      On the other hand, I’ll look at flagged comments to be sure they comply with the Comment Policy.

  16. This is a sad video. The people I saw eating at Chick-fil-A all seemed very happy and secure. The gays don’t seem happy because they don’t really know what it takes to be really happy. I do.

  17. They pick on Christians because they know that they’re easy and won’t usually retaliate. If these people actually were willing to go 100% for their cause, they’d focus on the place where the hate is really coming from, the middle east, where gays are stoned, hanged, etc. But they’re cowards and bullies who like an easy target, like the homeless man in the video. A religious man is willing to die for his religion, but are people seeking sexual freedom and acceptance willing to die for the cause of hedonism? No, they’re not. That’s the difference.

  18. I have to wonder if my union buddies know who they take sides with… libs admonishing hypocrisy – – – SMH. What has this country come to?

  19. I’m just glad they’re not a pathetically ignorant, witlessly unread, harrassing leftist mob of lost, laughably shallow, hedonistic and decadent frauds…Oops, they are. Carry on then, fluff balls. No, really. Colonel Neville.

    1. I hope you don’t consider yourself a Christian. If you do, what a poor example you are to others.

      1. I hope you don’t consider yourself a Christian? Aren’t you being judgmental yourself? Its not a sin to be angry. Sometimes when you’re angry you may say something a little harshly but don’t dare say someone isn’t a Christian because how they react to how beliefs have been robbed for decades and are tired of people like yourself watching and doing nothing except making excuses for bad behavior. I could say I hope you’re not a Christian because you lack the willingness to stand for something and would rather slip into your cloak of superiority in the Christian walk. You never get angry and go too far sometimes? Didn’t Jesus get upset in the temple and start flipping tables over? Yes it is a little different but allow people their humanity and what may come along with it and stop your judgment yourself. Stop your intolerance yourself. I’m so sure that you have never had a problem with sinning though so I’m so very sorry. Please don’t relegate me to hell if you would.

  20. Is it not amazing how this man sits so calmly? A testament to one who knows his future, understands his purpose, and just as his Savior…, says nothing while enduring persecution.

    In the end….just “who” are the fools?

  21. A beat-down is well deserved…. but somehow I don’t think God would like that, so I would resist. But in the darkest recesses of my mind…??? Oh, yeah, I go there for these anti-Christian bully punks.

  22. I wonder if the Twinkie Brigade would have hassled a Moooozlem reading the Quran (or however you spell the thing).

  23. Honestly… Why would they even bother the guy reading the bible? I dont know if he is crazy or sane. All I can say it is really gay what they are doing to him

  24. Uggggh I want to kick some ass. Showing your beliefs is one thing but to antagonize people is different. What the hell do they know about the Bible? I would open hand slap everyone of these idiots. I’d scare the living $hit out of all of them. Test me on that.

    1. And that would be the Christian thing to do wouldn’t it? It’s no wonder so many people have a negative attitude about organized religion and people who claim to be Christians.

      1. Well thanks. When you’re angry words pop out sometimes. Organized religion has more problems because of folks like you. Hypocrisy. How dare you question people Christianity. People are allowed to vent. The men who walked with Jesus himself had anger problems didn’t they. One even denied him and did he tell them they had no right to be around him? Did he send them to the fishing boats for the rest of their lives.

        People on here are very angry. They have an absolutely good reason to feel the way they do. Its called venting. Its called being human but since you sit on the right side of Gods throne I should apologize for everything I just said. Hypocrite.

        1. Your statement reeks of truth, thank you JOEMONTANA16.
          Yes we are angry because queers get away with an awfull lot of BS in our City, Counties, States, Laws and Federal Government.
          I feel that they are growing ever more popular (as is the Muslim backed Hate Groups) that are taking over America day by day.
          Problem is: We have been taught to compassioneant far more than we should be in todays society.
          We cannot correct society without using a ‘firm’ control on society so that it follows the Laws laid down in the U.S. Constitution that our Founding Fathers gave our Society, our Country….. These United States of America that We as a Nation should live in!

  25. That guy is really brave to read the bible in front of them.
    Probably lucky that the gay gang didn’t rape him.

  26. This is edited to show only the bad side of a person pissed off for his fellow man being treated as a lesser human being

  27. These people are foaming at the mouth crazy. Seems to me if they harassed somebody like that here, they would be facing police problems.

  28. had this little jackass done that to me..I would be in jail..and he wouldnt tease anyone else..for quite some time.

    1. People who don’t like gays are not basing it on videos and people like this. They are basing it on prejudice and ignorance. Do you really believe all gay people are like that? Jesus knows all about intolerance and judgment.

      1. “Jesus knows all about judgement and intolerance “. Did you just say that? While you run around here judging people? Intolerant of the fact that people get angry? Did Jesus just sit on his hands like yourselves while debauchery was winning the day? We all need more understanding but not to the point where you feel you are.

  29. These are just vicious and immature children. They’re like bullies on a grade school playground.

  30. It’s a sad day in America — the land of the free and the home of the brave — when a man can’t mind his own business and read the Holy Bible in peace without being harassed by a bunch of sodomites who think they are special and untouchable.

    This is what “tolerance” gets you America. It’s time that the pendulum swing back and none too soon.

  31. Well the one with the cell phone, if had stuck his aids infested breath in my face I would have had to take him out, since it is assault with a nasty weapon. God I wish I had been there.

  32. And these idiots want the right to marry? Could you imagine the morons they’d raise? I’m embarassed for them and sorry to say, I’m gay. This is setting gays back to pre-stone wall. Time to start a “GAYS FOR CHICK-FIL-A ORGANIZATION.” Wake up you stupid a-holes, Obama is dividing the country.

  33. I’m open to being corrected. But, on youtube a comment says that the first part of the video was not posted and that the man reading the Bible had been telling/yelling that the homosexual men were hell bound….words to that effect.

  34. I am willing to bet if that man stood up to defend himself, they’d have run like cowards back to the dark, dank shadowy holes they crawled out of… Where is the courage of those around him that they didn’t intervene? I’d have put myself between the man and the trash and dared them to do anything… in the mean time, I’d have called the police to report the crime they were committing.

    1. All that would have needed to be done is to tell them to leave in a very serious way, and exude confidence. Since they have no self control, principled belief system, or self confidence, they would have backed off. I have found that when someone else believes that you believe that you have an ability to do them harm, they tend to cower in fear. Only once have I had to defend myself physically in a situation, and several other times had them back down. If one always takes a defensive position, and only strikes when struck upon, then he will keep his cool and prevail.

      A little training doesn’t hurt either.

      1. Your statement is so true. 100% true in fact. Though I hold a 5th degree black belt (courtesy of U.S.Marine Corps and the Farm). I have never had to use it on the streets of America. Your own self-confidence protrudes even as one walks the street(s) or walkways and people tend to unconsciously see your aurora of self-consciousness and tend to back off…but only if you stand up against them.

        1. One of the people I used to spar with was a former Marine, but he got his black belt in the private sector. He built upon what he was taught in special ops. He was a nice guy, but had a snapping point. He took on five gang bangers in Sac. He took three of them, and left me with no choice but to stand against two of them. I was able to keep them at bay defensively with my feet. The three that he took on got a good beating, but he got a bit worse. Luckily two of the three he was fighting ran away, which left me with three. He ran off, gathering his bearings, and came back to help me. I was able to exude confidence while getting one shot at a time without loosing my cool. It could have been worse. He got a concussion, and I had no wounds.

          After they ran off, we picked up all of the gold chains and watches that he ripped off of them. He sold them for $1100 bucks at a pawn shop.

          Actually, that was the second time. The first was a punk in a park that I lived in. He couldn’t touch me and got tagged three times as he kept swinging first. He came to my door afterward with a metal pole when I was home with my kids. After deflecting one swing, I took out my Leatherman knife and told him that the next time he was going to bleed. He had lost every encounter up to that point, so he ran off.

          Ability, defense only, and staying calm, are important. Everyone should know at least how to deflect a strike, and three offensive strikes. If things get really bad, everyone should know at least one disabling move. A gun, with training, is best for women.

  35. Those poor, sad people. They don’t even know the religious books they’re referencing. Blessed are the meek. I’d like to shake that homeless guy’s hand.

  36. G-d stones rape victims? Hey, dumbass, we don’t worship Allah. It’s your party that caters to that religion, so take your cocky ass over to the Middle East and preach that crap to them. Oh, please do. Go tell Ahmadinejad how you feel. I’ll see you when you get back. Trust me, wink wink.

  37. quote- Antoine Dodson: “The gay community — we have went from being bullied to becoming bullies.”

    I guess there not as many gays with independent enlightened common sense thought as Antoine.. just a lot of gay hypocrite bigots and bullies..

    1. There weren’t any!There was that tool in Arizona who harassed a Chic-Fil-A employee at the drive thru on behalf of gays,but no gays being harassed!

  38. Gay people are the most insecure people in the world. They have to act out in order to find some semblance of self worth, because they know deep down inside that they are sinners who do wrong. Sinners who are not conscious of their sin, but seek to justify it, often act out at those who know God, because God is impervious to their ridicule.

    1. They want to be accepted, but they don’t want to let us choose to accept. They want it forced on us.

      1. Naturally. That is how desperate many of them are. They also seek equality in society, which we must admit, they have not been given. I am not an advocate of using force to control society on a social level, and I believe in equal justice. Since we live in a society that controls people through taxation and regulation, I am forced to recognize that gays are discriminated against.

        We give them a cause to spread their message. We should go to private group sanctioned marriage. Government will never do this, because they have yet another special interest group to manipulate, and another way to keep people divided within their left/right paradigm.

        1. Of course the left doesn’t want gays to be removed from victim status. It removes them from being used as a weapon. Of course, looking at how the left treats the blacks the gays will remain in victim status even if they get everything they want.

          There are things that I cannot sign up to trying to be tolerant of gays. Marriage….no. Adopting kids….no way. I am willing to live and let live, but letting gays raise children is bad in my view. It teaches the wrong morals and removes the mother figure….a very important figure in a child’s life.

          1. I draw the line with the kids. The State taking kids from some and handing them over to gays is a crime on society, and the child.

    2. “There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins.” Ecclesiastes 7:20

  39. Dipstick lefties are so dumb. They can’t even tell the difference between Allah and Yaweh.
    They, like all lefties go for the soft target, because they know that the soft target won’t jump up and cut their throats like the adherents of the religion of pieces would do.

  40. Yelling, screaming, bullying a person just sitting there reading. And he does not even have the right religion. Well it is nice to see that not only is he ill mannered, and hateful, he is also ignorant.
    These are the people their mayor says represent Chicago values? God I’m glad I live in the south.

  41. “Tolerance from thee but not from me.”

    Gays are not stoned to death in Christian countries like they are in Islamic countries. Jesus said to love the sinner but hate the sin and those who are true Christians obey this command. Gays like this fail to understand that when Jesus died on the cross, a new covenant was established between Man and God on how sinners should be treated.

  42. What a pitiful show of disrespect and intolerance these vandals put on, not to mention the sexual flaunting toward this elderly gentle man was disgusting.

  43. The gaystapo hard at work. By the way God does not stone rape victims, it’s not in the bible.

    1. Actually it is in the bible. Deut. 22:23-25

      If a damsel that is a virgin be betrothed unto an husband, and a man find her in the city, and lie with her;

      Then ye shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones that they die; the damsel, because she cried not, being in the city; and the man, because he hath humbled his neighbour’s wife: so thou shalt put away evil from among you.

      But if a man find a betrothed damsel in the field, and the man force her, and lie with her: then the man only that lay with her shall die:

      What this is saying is if a woman is raped while in the city, and she dosnt cry for help it’s like giving consent. So she and the man are to be put to death. but if she is in the country, there may be no one to hear her cry for help so she can’t be put to death
      Please don’t judge a culture that existed 4000 years ago by today’s social standards.
      Also please remember that they didn’t have a police investagative force either. That culture and ours are such polar opposites that they can’t really be compaired at all.

  44. Who took and posted the video and did no one come to the man’s defense?
    I truly cannot watch these kind of videos. But, I hope it’s used for good puposes, such as getting the tormenters to face their just rewards.

  45. If all the gays had their own country, it wouldn’t last but one generation. It takes a man and a women to produce offspring. Do these people hate their own parents for believing in TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE ?.

  46. Insecure people come out when they know the behavior the engage in is shameful. If it is not then why get bent out of shape about it?

    1. It’s guilt, b/c we are all taught that the behavior is wrong. Though, I have tried to understand how or why and have been told many times that heterosexuality just never felt right to them. I don’t know why God would put a burden so large upon certain of us. I am trying to understand that aspect of the issue. But for some gay persons to be so blatently aggressive about this seems like a backlash to our not understanding and not showing forgivness for something that they themselves are feeling is a defect that they know not how to deal with and don’t know a solution to.

  47. Equal rights for all. What a concept huh? This is what happens when one group is given special rights and protections under that law.

    Who have we given special rights under the law? Well, blacks, women, hispanics, gays, transsexuals, muslims, Indians, illegal aliens, so far. What do they do with them? Beat anyone else left, over the head with them, and vote for more of the same.

    I call it national suicide.

    1. They don’t want equal rights for all. Their narcissism wants them to always be special.

      It has been my experience that people like that really can’t handle equal rights.

  48. the Bible is very clear about the subject of homosexuality…it condemns it…it’s not what i think, it’s what the Lord has written to us in His holy word…unfortunately, people like the young men in that video don’t want to listen to what we believe in…they only want to terrorize and torment those who believe differently than they…what’s sad is that they shout about tolerance but their actions shout bigotery and hatred…may the Lord open their hearts and see the truth of His word…may they turn from their sin and embrace the love and grace of Christ.

  49. Romney should put this in an ad and then say……….these are supporters of Obama.

    Of course we have no proof of that but Harry has laid the ground rules.

  50. So there’s your “hate group”. The one clown confessed to hating God. And they are all demonstrating hate toward that fellow. Wasn’t he Black? Maybe they’re racist as well as deiphobic.

  51. Now that is hate – how dare they target that gent?
    The one with the biggest mouth deserves the Adam Smith treatment for saying he hates the gent’s ‘hypocrisy’, and more, which is not fit to repeat. These people are arrogant, apparently because they think their attitudes are prevailing. Time to put the brakes on IMO. Time for a little majority rule.
    Repulsive and disgusting.

    1. We can all thank bo for the brakes being taken off and their embolden behavior.
      Once the most powerful man in the world gives his ok on any behavior you can expect it to increase. Too bad the moral fiber of bo is non-existent.

      1. It simply must be the reason so many believe that 2012 will be the last year. I suppose those inhabiting Sodom and Gomorrah were acting out in very much the same manner. Poof, gone forever.

  52. I could call them varied and sundry names but the behavior speaks for itself to anyone who is listening or watching. Though I am not surprised they will be when they breathe their last. One thing I can guarantee they won’t need snowshoes.

  53. I would like to see this guy show me in the Bible, where God stones rape victims. I’ve read it cover to cover more than a few times and I just have never seen it.

    These people as sad, hurt and blind. They need prayers. They are too pitiful to be angry with.

    1. cousin duck, the reason you did see in the Bible, was that you were reading the wrong translation. you needed to read the evil edition called the koran. be sure to use strips of bacon for book marks, in that edition

      1. I have read that one cousin, as I am a Christian apologetist and I need to know the beliefs of those of other cults. It’s hard to read and I had to wash long in bacon grease afterwards. 🙂

    2. Not gonna help, they’re in league with the devil. They enjoy it. Let them it’s their free will to do so. Showing them the evil in their ways can only go so far.

  54. Gays want others to respect them and their beliefs, but, whoa, if you believe in God, they’re going to make your life miserable. Great role models…..NOT! That behavior is why so many people aren’t sympathetic to the plight of gays.

    1. Actually, it’s because you have a closed mind only following the words of not God, but a translator. If God were real, why not smite us all like those in Sodom & Gomorrah?

      1. You might try reading and citing the New Testament (Christianity), instead of citing the Old Testament (Judaism), you’d come off as much less of an unlearned fool that way.

        As to having an “open mind”, you might give it a try sometime, frankly though it’s quite clear that you are not speaking of a truly open mind, what you are, in truth, saying is that unless a person has a “like mind” to yourself and your ilk they will not be considered as an “equal” to you. Quite the hypocrisy there. In order to have an “open mind” requires one to be open (there’s that word again) to the thoughts, ideas and the positions of mind of others, something you have clearly demonstrated you lack, as illustrated by the mindless, prepubescent twaddle you’re posting.

      2. An Addendum: If you were to actually read the Bible, you will find that the lists of crimes punishable by stoning (the common capital punishment of the era) are to be found in the Old Testament, also known as the Five Books of Moses, or more commonly known as the Torah.

        Stoning offenses listed in the Torah (AKA The Old Testament);

        Touching Mount Sinai while God was giving Moses the Ten Commandments (Exodus 19:13)
        An ox that gores someone to death should be stoned (Exodus 21:28)
        Breaking Sabbath (Numbers 15:32-36)
        Giving one’s “seed” (presumably one’s offspring) “to Molech” (Leviticus 20:2-5)
        Having a “familiar spirit” (or being a necromancer) or being a “wizard” (Lev. 20:27)
        Cursing God (Lev. 24:10-16)
        Engaging in idolatry (Deuteronomy 17:2-7) or seducing others to do so (Deut. 13:7-12)
        “Rebellion” against parents (Deut. 21,18-21)
        Getting married as though a virgin, when not a virgin (Deut. 22:13-21)
        Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman engaged to another man (both should be stoned, Deut. 22:23-24)

        If we look to the Mishna (Not found in the Bible);

        “To the following sinners stoning applies,

        one who has had relations with his mother
        with his father’s wife
        with his daughter-in-law
        with a human male
        or with cattle
        and the same is the case with a woman who uncovers herself before cattle
        with a blasphemer
        an idolater
        he who sacrifices one of his children to Molech
        one that occupies himself with familiar spirits
        a wizard
        one who violates Sabbath
        one who curses his father or mother
        one who has assaulted a betrothed damsel
        a seducer who has seduced men to worship idols
        and the one who misleads a whole town
        a witch (male or female)
        a stubborn and rebellious son”

        It should be noted that the Jewish people moved away from capital punishment quite early in their history, and stoning was rarely carried out as a sanctioned criminal punishment (I believe that there may be three examples of this use of stoning in the Bible). In the New Testament, Jesus is quoted as disapproving of stoning and of capital punishment in general and essentially advocating the position that this type of punishment is reserved unto God alone.

        In closing, I’m curious, can you even give a modern example of Christians stoning someone for a crime? I can provide many of “modern” Muslims carrying out such acts, as can several others here.

        1. Ken, i think his mind is too frozen by the words you speak at the beginning of all this.

          Those verse’s you listed have him confused, cause they aren’t in his Qur’an.

          Also, because the country was founded on Judeau Christian principles, he must thing we all believe in the stone-age way of life. Most of these guys have no clue what most of us believe, they just ass|u|me we are the way they are told we are.

  55. These libs would do better worrying less about the Christians and more about what Muslims will do to them, if they should ever get their hands on them.

    1. Homosexuals can only exist in countries that are basically Christian. Muslims execute them. Also Libs in general can only exist in countries that are Christian based, where sinners are tolerated to a certain extent.

      The homosexuals actions this week have not benefited them. Their Kiss In at Chick-fil-A was a bust.

      1. In everything… It is all I can say after watching this… In 100 years, Islam will be dominant in Europe… Liberalism will be in decline as this nation falls. So, the future world will not be a good place for homosexuals. We all know that kind of future is coming

    2. They are SO misinformed that they’ll never see what’s gonna hit them, coming. Somehow they have confused the sharia, with the Christian. Who has taught them the drivel that they believe? Harvard professors?

      1. Hmm, I wonder, what do you think is coming? You think we will be reprimanded for treating every person as equal?

    3. Exactly….they will boycott a restaurant because it’s owner is a Christian and surprisingly enough doesn’t support same-sex marriage. Shocker. Yet they don’t bother to boycott oil companies that purchase their oil from middle-eastern countries that stone people for being gay. Interesting.

  56. I won’t watch it.

    I can think of nothing more dangerous than to mock our Lord and savior. Jehovah will not take well to that at all.

    Gays want respect and equal rights but they sure don’t give ’em. Judgment is coming.

    Alright… let me end this way: Hate the sin and love the soul.

    1. They are hollow words dont let them effect you.
      This idiot has not power over the Lord. God could smash him like a fly.

      Its living proof of TRUE EVIL, learn from it REJECT it.

      1. Are you joking? I’m not gay, but really? “They hate God and they hate happy Christian couples.” Are you happy with your marriage? Whatever your answer is, homosexuals deserve a right to that same happiness or misery you experience. Animals have sex with same-sex partners all the time. Are you saying we should eradicate them as well?

        1. I keep hearing give gay’s their rights, but what about taking government out of marriage(aka, the marriage licensing in general), and let the church decide?

          And you are right on one thing, animals DO have sex with “same-sex partners”, but this is to show domination, who the king of the clan is. No one would eradicate the “gay animals”, they are doing what comes natural(nature defining who is king). They don’t reason, or have decision making skill such as the human mind, so they only do what nature prescribes they do, to keep the kingdom of that species alive. One has to be dominate to control the tribe.

          I ask, do you want O’bummer to dominate you, so you know he is king(president)?

          1. Barton is right regarding the animal behavior and he is also right in stating that we are not animals. We were created in the image of God. Animals were not. In fact, if one believes in Evolution, there is a real problem for gays, namely they would be selected out of existence in no time at all. The gay gene would not survive. But there is no gay gene. Being gay is a choice.

        2. Richard, “…homosexuals deserve a right to the same happiness or misery?”
          I don’t understand why you think they don’t have that right. They do, what they want is a special right exclusively for them.

        3. First off, animals aren’t people. Please give an example of animals who have sex with same-sex partners. Gays do seem to hate my God from what they say. That is their right to do so, but they will pay for it some day.
          By the way, yes, I am very happy in my marriage. Are you happy?

        4. Ive had dogs all my life. Alpha males will do such things to assert control. They will also fight and even kill to maintain dominance. But I’ve also seen males mate with their mothers, sisters, and even daughters. I’ve seen mothers and or fathers kill their young simply to get rid of them if they feel there are too many around. They get concerned there may not be enough food to support the pack. I’ve see. Dogs eat their own vomet. I suppose all that should be socially and legally acceptable too???

        5. Homosexuals have EXACTLY the same rights as I do. They can marry any woman they want and experience the same happiness/misery as the rest of us.

          They want to redefine a 3,000+ year institution – the bedrock of every society – so they can exert political pressure against religous institutions and destroy the Christian worship of God. If you don’t think that is what this is about why did they force the Catholic Church out of the adoption business in NJ?

          The anti-straight movement is about destroying our society.

        6. Animals do NOT Have homoseuxal sex together, NOt one animal allows anything in their anus. Even your dogs are humping air , never actual sex acts.
          “same-sex “”INTERACTIONS” are NOT homosexual sex.
          Two penguins males sitting on an egg is no a homosexual act, it’s each individual fullfilling their innate instinct for FATHERHOOD
          Ditto wiht black swans , mothterhood with the seagulls
          Unmated dolphin males swim naaked together because they dont have pants, not because they are gay
          “Same -sex interactions” in humans would be anyone who does anything with a person with the same gender. Going to a ballgame, even crusing chicks at the mall.
          Its always been a deception by homosexual authors , who write books of fiction

        7. If your point is that gays have a right to happiness, you’re right.

          If your goal is to spout something ignorant by comparing gays to animals, then that’s just goofy.

          Nobody said anything about eradication.

        8. Well, one thing your’e right about is comparing queers to animals. In most cases, there is a defined difference between civilized people and animals but in your example, it just seems to fit. That kind of falls in with, “animals lick each other’s a**’s so why can’t homos? Good point.

      2. They hate themselves… the few gays I’ve known are miserable.

        But you’re right… misery loves company.

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