Piers Morgan bullies John Lott, calls him a liar and refuses to let him explain his point

On Piers Morgan’s show tonight, John Lott made the point that everywhere guns have been banned murder rates have gone up. He said you can’t point to one place, including England, where murder rates haven’t gone up. But including ‘England’ set Piers off and he calls Lott a liar and never gives him the chance to even explain. Lott kept trying to explain, but Piers kept interrupting and finally asked him to show respect as they wanted to move on without giving Lott the chance to explain.


What is Piers afraid of? Why won’t he let John Lott explain his point?

I think Piers is afraid of the truth.

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112 thoughts on “Piers Morgan bullies John Lott, calls him a liar and refuses to let him explain his point

  1. Piers Morgan is a nasty bully whose ideas put Americans at risk. The way you stop a bad guy is with a good guy. I have no idea how you stop Piers Morgan from hurting Americans with his nonsense.

  2. What a despicable spectacle. Send Piers Morgan and Christiane Amanpour back to their homelands to lecture the law-abiding there.

  3. I think Piers Morgan’s journalistic tone reminds me of the emotional, loud, and argumentative style seen in the British Parliament – this degree of vitriol while discussing a topic is definitely not an American way of reporting and to me seems quite shocking, although in Britain it is possible that this would be quite acceptable?

  4. More than unstable…..he’s British. Way better than French from the standpoint of history of surrendering but a euro snot all the same. Think the last time we put up with his kind of obnoxious “royal” standing…..uh, we threw the British out and we’ve been better off ever since. By the way when any of the Euro Crap needs us to bail them out again we ought to think twice….

  5. Dear Mr. Morgan,

    Please Google “Battle of Athens” and you’ll understand why the Constitution upholds our rights of a well armed militia….

    It’s not all about hunting….
    By the way….That’s Athens, Tennessee

  6. Maybe, when off camera, Mr. Lott would raise his arm to scratch his head and his elbow “might” struck some arrogant snout? Unintentionally, of course 😉

  7. Piers Morgan is afraid of this: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2012/12/20/Gun-Violence-Explodes-In-England?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Gun crime has almost doubled since Labour came to power as a culture of extreme gang violence has taken hold.

    The latest Government figures show that the total number of firearm offences in England and Wales has increased from 5,209 in 1998/99 to 9,865 last year – a rise of 89 per cent.

    Last week, police in London revealed they had begun carrying out armed patrols on some streets.

    The move means officers armed with sub-machine guns are engaged in routine policing for the first time.

    What’s the matter Pouting Piers, facts don’t fit into your script????

    1. British people just resorted to using knives instead. Knife crime soared after guns were banned over there. I’d argue that the more important statistic to look at is the number of actual homicides, and if I recall the US is ranked 28th in the world, which isn’t so bad considering that there’s a major problem with gang warfare. Note that in Switzerland the citizens are required by law to own a gun, yet they don’t have lots of gun crime. Gang warfare is a very large reason for the 10k+ US gun death statistic that gets thrown around.

      1. Someone either on Scoop or Twitter had the states on gun deaths per population and we are WAY beneath the UK. Let me see if I can find it.  You have great points!  I wonder of the gun deaths in the US annually, how many are in states & cities where guns are restricted (Chicago, NYC, CT)

  8. US Firearm deaths (2009 – most recent info) 31,347

    ————– Abortions in US >> Over 1 Million annually
    (That’s 2,739 lives aborted DAILY)

    ********************* WAIT !- WHAT ? *************************

    1. Actually the study you referred to is incorrect and cannot be duplicated. John Lott is dealing solely with the numbers and they are correct.

        1. Yes, I have read both. Yet this is not the only study that John Lott, who is not a gun owner by the way, has done.
          I always wonder why when you see people trying to discredit someone such as John Lott, they have gun control connections.

  9. After Piers Morgan stated to his guest on Tuesday, Larry Pratt, that he was “an unbelievable stupid man” which is typical of progressives. Thus one wonders why John Lott would even appeared on his panel after Piers vitriolic meltdown.

    Piers Morgan is an elitist plutocrat. These folks want the government to control everything like health care and guns, but only when leftists control that government. Why conservatives bother to be interviewed by leftist blowhard clowns like Piers who host most shows on CNN and MSNBC is beyond me. These networks are run by progressives and their programming targets a leftist audience that doesn’t care about solutions offered by the right.

  10. The only way Piers Morgan can get an audience is if he says or does something outrageous (which appears to be every time he’s on the air). Then it gets spread around the internet like wildfire. This is what he wants. I think people should stop going on his show, for one thing, and people should stop listening to it, as well.

    I would never hear the name Piers Morgan, if it weren’t for Conservative sites like TRS, the Blaze, Beck’s emails, etc. It’s time to cut him off completely. That’s the only way they survive – with our viewing.

    I think, also, that it’s very telling that Lott is stuck in the audience like some average joe while Amanpour is a featured speaker on the stage. Dump these idiots. They’re not worth listening to.

    One last thing. I’m sick and tired of hearing “gun murder rates in America”. It’s high time we broke down the statistics across the country. We need to show them that liberal, gun-banning states have the higher gun murder rates while Conservative open-carry and conceal-carry states have far fewer gun murder rates. People like Piers are getting away with accusing the responsible gun owners of this country with the irresponsibility of the liberals who create horror zones like Chicago, Boston, and DC, the most liberal of all places.

  11. I wish Scoop would do like Rush (who banned MSNBC sound bites) and ban Piers and Shultz, they are both knuckle heads who’s ratings don’t amount to a hill of beans.

    Probably more people see them here than watch them on TV

  12. It might behoove Piers Morgan to discover the history of his native country and the pitfalls of gun legislation before preaching his seditious nonsense to the American people. Apparently, he needs a refresher course because we all know that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    In 1940, Great Britain was a nation virtually disarmed. The days of devotion to civilian markmanship, “volunteer rifle clubs” and the idea that there should be “a rifle in every cottage,” as proposed by the Prime Minister Marquis of Salisbury in 1900, had given way to restrictive gun control laws that required subjects to demonstrate “good reason” to merely obtain a handgun or rifle. So with Hitler’s legions poised to cross the English Channel, the British people were defended by an ill-equipped and defeated army and a “Home Guard” armed with little more than sporting shotguns and pikes.

    Help for the beleaguered nation came from both the American government and from the American people, the latter through the “American Committee for Defense of British Homes.” In late 1940, the committee sent an urgent appeal for Americans to send “Pistols – Rifles – Revolvers – Shotguns – Binoculars” because “British civilians, faced with the threat of invasion, desperately need arms for the defense of their homes.” Thousands of arms were collected and sent to England in addition the U.S. Government responded to Britain’s peril as well with passage of the Lend-Lease Act in March 1941. Almost immediately, quantities of “U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30, M1” were on their way across the Atlantic. Winston Churchill wrote in Their Finest Hour: “When the ships from America approached our shores with their priceless arms, special trains were waiting in all ports to receive their cargoes. The Home Guard in every county, in every village, sat up through the night to receive them”.

    Now, sadly, Britain is again a disarmed nation, where even Olympic athletes wanting to represent their country cannot own a handgun and where an act of self-defense can land a subject in jail. As with virtually all rifles and handguns, those likely few remaining guns sent to England in its time of desperate need have been confiscated and destroyed. Despite the very near enslavement of England being so close a mere six decades ago, the lesson of the false promises of gun control and personal disarmament were not learned.

    Now Piers…you may not like the second amendment of our Constitution but it is the law of our land, originally designed to free us from people who would enslave us with the brilliant continuum for us to remain a free people. Therefore, let me explain the reason for the second amendment, it is so simple even you can understand it. The real purpose of the Second Amendment is to guarantee the right of revolution. If the government ever becomes too oppressive, the American people will be able to rise up and overthrow it.

  13. I cannot stand these sanctimonious, moralizing, liberals.

    He just has these people on to yell at them. It sure makes him feel good with his armed guards at CNN HQ.

  14. The media (TV and gaming) are to a large extent to blame for the moral cultural decline that sickens minds and creates child killers, both in schools and homes. People become so addicted and changed by these addictive forms of media, they become inhumane monsters with no respect for human life.

    Porn and dark violent video games and music change the structure, function and chemistry of the human brain. http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/viewing-porn-leads-to-short-term-memory-loss-study


    1. The News media are guilty too…they spew lies and propaganda day after day and delight in creating moral and mental confusion and chaos.

  15. Why Lott is sitting in the middle of the crowd and everybody else is on the stage? They can’t even hear him.

      1. It was a ridiculous arrangement that he should not have accepted. He clearly was the point man and yet everybody else was on stage but HE was the one put away in the corner.

  16. piers keeps talking about gun control – yet he ignored the F+F issue. So i guess some gun stories are more equal then others.

  17. Does anyone really watch this tripe? Is it any wonder CNN’s ratings have plunged into nonexistence? Go home Piers!

  18. If he loves his “gunless” England so mush, send his ass home!

    We don’t want or need him. He’s a fruitcake!!!

  19. MorGoon is just upset that we like our Founders still have the ballz to stand up to an oppressive Entity even if its our own Goverment and as of yet haven’t been whipped into little knicker wearing pee boys like him and his Countries men have,,,he so appalled by our gun culture yet chooses to live on our shores and not in the UK,,as long as he remains in the USA knicker boy will just have to wince at the thought of our Countries citizens right to bear arms and hate every other Constitutional Freedom our Citizens enjoy and stand up to protect when needed, and not be run over by our Goverment , so either pack your bags or pull up your knickers sit down and STFU Peirce we got this..

  20. During the London riots, while the unarmed British police stood by and watched neighborhoods looted and torched, many of the local residents figured out that they had to defend their own property. Interestingly, many of the best organized of the vigilantes were recent immigrants, Sikhs and Turks, who obviously hadn’t gotten the passive-victim memo. They didn’t have guns, but Amazon’s sales of baseball bats to the UK skyrocketed during those weeks.

    I think I’d rather face a gun than an angry shop owner with a baseball bat.

  21. Lol… why would anyone bother talking to this nutjob bully? Boycott this buffoon.

    Piers has no business being on T.V.

  22. I don’t watch Piers Morgan, who is apparently an ill-mannered jerk, so I don’t have first-hand knowledge of this incident but if he had treated me like he reportedly treated Lott I would have smacked him in the mouth.

  23. Piers Morgan should go back to England. Clearly he does not like our 2nd Amendment so let him go home where he agrees with government policy.

    Liberals don’t deal in facts. They hold on to their utopian dream and they will not allow anything to contradict that.

  24. …as to the repealing of the 2nd amendment ,stay STRONG America stay STRONG ,

    DEATH TO EVIL of TYRANNY .”(period)

      1. That’ll work, Mike, if we can get Piers to go along. It seems to me that he would be much happier back home; he always looks so unhappy whenever he’s on the tellie. Going home would cheer him up tremendously, I believe.

  25. John Lott was on Piers Morgan’s show straight after the shootings also. He got pretty much the same treatment then too. Seems he didn’t learn his lesson enough.

    Piers doesn’t want th truth Lott. Leave him, so he can have his echo chamber show.

  26. Why do nerdy cowards like John Lott even appear on clown shows like Piers Morgan, Nancy Grace, Chris Matthews, etc. and allow themselves to be bullied? Why not just stay home & shut up, if they can’t push back?

    1. Lott, or anyone contrary to the host’s position, HAS TO show up, even if it means taking a beating. Failing to do so invites the host to say “We invited Mr. Lott to speak about his research, but Mr. Lott declined…” and would give the appearance that Lott wasn’t going to enter a fight because his arguments are too weak. I hope those watching last night who aren’t familliar with Lott’s work decide they want to learn more and do so.

      I planned on being dispassionate about my stance on guns in the wake of what happened last Friday, then I watched Morgan pull a Biden on Lott. Now I’m p#ssed.

  27. British liberal twit that can’t handle the truth, just like the American ones can’t handle it either! Disarmed law-abiding citizens are nothing more than easy prey for criminals. Criminals don’t care about the law, or they wouldn’t be criminals. I just don’t get how small the words must need to be for these fools to understand! If you want to solve the real problem and make the public safer, the way to go is to start really looking at mental healthcare and the lack of access for families of individuals who need it. Stop allowing hacks to pass out psychiatric drugs and start getting real md’s into doing real research. We know so much more about cancer that we understand about psychiatric disorders, yet the real danger is in psychiatry! We are content to let ill qualified social workers, and nurses hand out the meds, with no real way to make proper diagnosis. That is far more dangerous than a gun. The gun is merely the tool the mentally ill uses…they are capable of using any ordinary thing and making it a weapon. This is just political propaganda being pushed by an evil liberal regime when it comes to gun laws. They don’t want answers, they want more power over the people!

  28. Brits like Morgan will never admit that what they are doing in England isn’t really working. Sure, handgun deaths may be down, but if you read Mark Steyn’s book “After America,” he clearly notes that England has the highest murder rate, the highest rate of violent crime and assaults, the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases, and the highest rate of out-of-wedlock births in all of Europe. And they have a population that is roughly a third of ours. But people like Morgan will never even acknowledge this, let alone have a fair debate about it, so they become stupid and irrelevent. Best thing people can do is simply not watch him on TV, which, judging by CNN’s poor ratings, they are doing right now.

    1. Add the UK govt health system that admits it allows 130,000 people to die each year by withholding healthcare services.

      Leftism, by any name, always fails on economics and morals.

  29. Worked great in Germany in the 30’s Murder went down until everyone was disarmed and under the foot of the Nazis in power and then just a few murders after that….6 million Jews and an odd number of Catholics, Gypsies and a few other groups deemed inferior races. Worked like a charm as it always does.

    When the Scuzlims get that control everywhere else they’ve been allowed to fester thus far, they will enact the same procedures to stomp out other thoughts of religions.

    Yes, this guy, Morgan is an unstable moron unable to grasp what Mr. Lott was explaining but then what did we expect? If you’re going to say rational debate than you’re obviously touched on insanity.

  30. Connect the dots…

    Gun control = banning guns = violating the 2nd amendment
    outlawing guns = only outlaws will have guns
    only outlaws having guns = no fear of anyone shooting back at them
    = more gun violence

    … but don’t dare trying to confuse liberal extremists with logic or facts

    1. Of course not. Liberals who claim that no guns mean that a;; guns will be absent in a magical spell cast upon the populous including the criminals. Fairy dust and unicorns, the magical world of Liberalanus.

    2. “…only outlaws having guns = no fear of anyone shooting back at them…” , and the GOVERNMENT.

  31. The Piers Morgan show, and every other Leftist program gets no audience UNTIL conservative sites/radio programs write/talk about them. Solution? Stop covering them. I mean, how often can you read about the poor Repub getting gang raped on a Leftist show? I actually thought this piece was a repeat, but then realized it was almost an instant replay of Soledad O’Brien thrashing this helpless bastard the other day. Did Candy Crowley in the debates teach our side nothing? Enough, really.

  32. “Show some respect to other guests …” ooohhh Piers, what abut you showing some respect to a renowned specialist, instead of calling him a liar and not allowing him to speak?
    Why did you even have him on your programme – unless you needed yet another one to punch in the face, verbally, so that you can look big in your own mind?

    What Piers did here, and has been doing, is the typical communist strategy. The Chinese used this to perfection: piling in on one and verbally and then physically beating him to the ground.

    I hope you all are sending complaints to CNN, about the despicable manner Piers Morgan is treating his invited guests.

  33. The snotty Brit should be deported…since that won’t happen, I suggest the old snot remedy…hot tar and feathers.

    1. Piers is wrong on the issue, see my post and link below. The UK has armed up with sub-machine guns. Guess gun control didn’t work out so well for them…..

    1. Cut through the Breitbart article and just look at his tweet. I don’t see any sarcasm other than the “you moron.”

      In my best British English: “I dare say he is an arsehole.” (Not very good.)

      1. The impugned tweet reads:

        “Of course I am you moron > RT @coelkhntr I think you are somewhat gleeful that a tragedy happened to push your cause.”

        That is pretty straightforward. “You moron” is not sarcasm, but a rude insult.

        The sarcasm “issue” arose because Morgan claimed that Nolte was smearing him by reporting on his tweet, to which Nolte responded by pointing out that all he was doing was reporting his tweet. Morgan then claimed he was being sarcastic to which Nolte said he would let the readers decide. In turn, Breitbart has asked CNN whether it is appropriate for one of their hosts to be making these sorts of comments about the terrible tragedy at the Sandyhook School.

        1. Indeed. I suppose I lump sarcasm and insults together (it’s often hard to tell the difference online since tweets lack inflection), but you’re correct.

          If CNN says it’s appropriate then I’ll put a word in with my cable company to drop them (not that that’ll do any good, but hey, every protest counts for something, right?).

  34. I am sorry I am not giving this moron attention, what the hell does want in this country? Piers Morgan please fo back to your “lovely” country and stop trying to bring your socialist agenda here. (The “lovely” part was my english accent)

            1. Oh come on!! You can’t give up now! You’re on a roll!!! 😀
              lol. Shall we call it a draw maybe? Just don’t be surprised to see me throw in a couple of adjectives on your name every now and then. I promise they’ll always be good ones.

    1. Oy! We don’t want that turd back!

      Oh, and to clarify – violent crime has been steadily increasing in the UK since the 60s. Idiots like PM are just selectively blind to it. Back in the 60s a pair of gangsters called the Kray twins were the most notorious, feared underworld crime family and between them they wracked up a massive 2 (yep, two) murders. Today we have 14 year old kids wandering the streets of London’s ghetto estates with worse criminal records.

  35. What more would anyone expect from the cowards in the national media? This is why our nation is populated with mind numbed robots that can’t think for themselves.

    Attention! Ignoring The Problem Won’t Make It Go Away!

    1. You can bring that argument even deeper by saying that these are second tier leftist hacks that cannot even argue on a preteen level. Twice removed from the original hacks from the 50’s that thought this shyt up and it clearly shows little comprehension from what the original radicals envisioned which makes them look foolish to anyone with a functioning brain. There lies the problem, critical thinking is starkly absent from argument.

  36. He can’t handle the truth.

    None of them can. They’ve been so used to their own ideologies for so long, never knowing anyone in their small cliques of anyone with a differing opinion. It scares them to think they’re not all that and that millions of people believe in the complete opposite than they do.
    It’s got to be a bit frightening to them, because they only know the same people, with the same ideas, same goals, same thoughts.. lemmings.

    1. Ironically, they spin that and say the same about us — I think this clip is a good example of why they’re dead wrong. Piers doesn’t even give him a chance because he’s scared of hearing something that might not directly agree with what he thinks.

      1. I know it. It’s hilarious in a pathetic kind of way that they believe we’re the bigoted, small minded ones. Most of us have varieties of friends who are liberal, but I’d like to meet just one of these clowns and see how many conservative friends they have in their inner circle. I won’t hold my breath.

        1. Remember, though, you’re no longer allowed to use “I have a friend who is [x]” as an argument of any sort. From their point of view, all that means is that you use that friend as a token to say you aren’t bigoted.

          I think you’d be hard pressed to find one who does as being surrounded by people with opposing opinions isn’t good for them especially when they have far less factual ground to stand on. I hope that at some point in my life we have a truly neutral news network that reports fact rather than opinion so the average American can determine his/her own political opinions rather than having people like Piers force-feed them.

          1. lol on your first part. I forget little tidbits like those. It’s hard to think like a liberal sometimes 😉

            As for your second part… can you imagine?! What a concept! It’d be an amazing thing to behold! 🙂 Night TitaniumEaglefriend. You’ve given me something nice to think about for bedtime. Have a Blessed day tomorrow!

            1. Well, we (along with many others at TRS) are logical individuals so it’s a bit difficult to understand the logic-less free-for-all circus of the liberal mind.

              Have a great night, sleep well and have a wonderful day tomorrow.

          2. Morgan is incensed because he dared to think that nobody would ever defy his meme that guns pose a danger to society and he couldn’t have that especially on a televised debate. Never let a crisis go to waste and Piers thought he had the better argument lock stock and barrel, lol.

    1. Keep pushing this propaganda. The American people can only take so much. Violate the 2nd Amendment. Go ahead. I dare you. The citizens of this country will rise up in a fashion that has never been seen before. It’s gonna get nasty.

  37. Piers Morgan is unstable and needs a psychological evaluation. As a matter of fact, I think he might have firearms in his possession. Somebody investigate this man. At least deport him. Hey Piers, facts are powerful things. Too bad you don’t want to be bothered with them, you feeble-minded, left-wing hack.

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