UPDATE: IT GETS WORSE…Piers Morgan wrongfully claimed Naval yard shooter bought AR-15 in Virginia…

UPDATE: CNN now reporting that AR-15 may have never been used in shooting.


Last night Piers Morgan claimed over and over that Aaron Alexis bought his AR-15 in Virgina:

But it turns out that isn’t true at all according to Newsbusters. In fact most of the guns he had with him he apparently got from the Naval yard when he got there:

Morgan continued with his questionable claims throughout the program including saying that the AR-15 was recently purchased in Virginia. That appears not to be the case, and instead that Alexis purchased the shotgun in Virginia.

NBCNews.com reports:

He packed an assault rifle and two other firearms during his lethal rampage — including a shotgun purchased just weeks ago at a Virginia gun shop, multiple law enforcement officials told NBC News.

The officials also said Alexis obtained the assault rifle used in the shooting from a gun safe on the naval base. There’s where he may have also obtained a handgun, according to authorities.

One official who spoke to NBC News, however, cautioned there are still outstanding questions about where and how Alexis acquired the weapons used in the massacre.

So it now appears Alexis got the AR-15 from a gun safe at the base.

If this proves to be true, will Morgan issue a correction?

Don’t hold your breath.

Not only that, but during Morgan’s show last night, CNN posted in their chyron that Alexis had legally purchased an “AR15 Shotgun”:

So not only did they get it all wrong to begin with, they also mislabeled it during the show. Great job CNN.

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