Pigford lawyer says clients got away with murder

I haven’t been blogging this story but it’s clear that Pigford fraud is, just like climate gate, something that the MSM wants to ignore. I’ve seen various Steve King interviews and floor speeches in recent past that have only drawn ridicule from the MSM as he has tried to expose the fraud. But this interview from Lee Stranahan at Big Journalism shows a key lawyer, Othello Cross, who not only admits to knowing around 250 people who file fraudulent claims, but explains how easy it is to file a fraudulent claim resulting in a $50,000 check.

You’re about to watch this clip for the first time, but the USDA watched it over a week ago — I sent it to them for comment about 10 days ago:

After a number of phone calls to the USDA, I was given the response that Secretary Vilsack now acknowledges around ten cases of fraud, up from his original statement that there are only three known cases. If I were inclined to spin the government’s response, I’d praise the USDA for finding 300% more fraud cases in just a few days, but the reality is that the USDA can watch a video where a pro-Pigford claimant lawyer says in no uncertain terms that he knows about hundreds of cases of fraud — over ten million dollars worth at bare minimum — and still will only acknowledge ten cases.

This claim supports what Steve King has been trying to bring out in the open. Thanks to Big Journalism for staying on the case. Perhaps next year when Republicans run the House, they can hold hearings on this matter and expose the government fraud that no one wants to talk about.


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