Pima County Sheriff now blames Rush

Sheriff Dupnik keeps digging and digging and loosing credibility every time he opens his mouth (h/t JammieWearingFool):

Earlier this evening Mark Levin was calling for Dupnik to step down because he’s not only damaging his own credibility but damaging the case against the shooter. At this point I think Dupnik is just milking this for fame and political ambition and needs to be removed if he doesn’t step down. There’s no way he can be considered objective after this.

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19 thoughts on “Pima County Sheriff now blames Rush

  1. Dupnik is plainly desperate to cover his own incompetence in previously dismissing concerns about the shooter that were brought to the attention of his department by concerned citizens. What a pathetic little weasel he is.

  2. Arizona you are in our prayers (El Paso, TX). Could you do us a favor though? Someone needs to go to Tucson and flush. Seems like someone took a huge Dupnik at the Sheriffs Dept. Is this guy mentally stable?

  3. For those that don’t know, Pima County, which contains left-wing tuscon (home of nut-job bearded marxist boycotter grijalva) is a de-facto ILLEGALS sanctuary area dominated by d-crat socialists, unlike the sanity that prevails in the rest of Arizona. dupnik is, of course, a lunatic-left d-crat socialist extremist who is so irresponsible he has consistently REFUSED to enforce ANY immigration laws, whether they be state or federal. His inflammatory bs rhetoric is exactly what one expects from the lunatic-left.

  4. Geez. This behavior from a sheriff is embarrassing to the State of Arizona. I agree that he needs to be either muzzled or removed from office. By joining in on the political rhetoric in this manner, he loses credibility and taints his office and the entire sheriff’s department as well. Apparently, he isn’t aware that when he speaks, he speaks for the entire department.

  5. The country could calm down and complain if he just stop doing interviews for a week. There was something in the way of useful information. All it did was ignite the national dialogue.

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    1. Lol no kidding, I keep hearing about the great civil days of yesteryear. I always wonder circa when? We’re improving we don’t have duals with pistols anymore.

  6. This guy is classic projection. He uses disinformation while decrying disinformation. He uses rhetoric to blame rhetoric.

    The country might be able to calm down and grieve if he’d just stop doing interviews for a week. He’s had nothing in the way of useful information. All he’s done is inflame the national dialogue.

    It’s startling to hear Diane Sawyer tone, call me shocked. She’s surprised by this idiot too. Did the MSM bubble pop for a moment there. Was she actually agreeing with Rush?

    1. Well said! But on Diane, she’ll come to her senses tomorrow, heave a sigh of relief that she didn’t come right out and say “I agree with Rush!”.

      1. You’re right I bet that moment will haunt her dreams tonight. Hopefully it makes her question her world view a little too.

        *Speculation Warning Ahead*

        I can’t help but feel this Sheriff is doing some CYA. He seems to insistent on doing dangerously dumb things on the air. After reading different places I’ve seen some speculation that they knew about Loughner from death threats to being kicked out of college and needing to pass a mental examination to re-enter. IDK the Sheriff’s actions just seem really strange to me.

    2. Once she gets disinvited to a party or five, and peruses the hate-mail from her own she’ll recapture the libby line and start to tow. I imagine that all happened within 1/2 hr of the show 🙂

      Here’s a little ditty…ahem, mi, mi, mi…”When it says Libby’s, Libby’s, Libby’s on the label, label, label”, simply wipe it, wipe it, wipe it, from your table, table, table…


  7. Tucson is a hole. Other than Oro Valley and the foothills Tucson is filled with skum. That is why the fool was elected.

      1. There ARE some good conservitives here. I lived here all my life except for the twenty years I was in the military. We are not scum. Unfortunately, Pima county is very liberal. I have some friends who are deputy sheriffs and they do not like Dupnik.

    1. Ouch. That was a tad out of line, don’t you think? Talk about condemning an entire population for the actions of one.

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