PLAYED: Here’s what all the Democratic presidential candidates had to say about Jussie Smollet’s fake attack when it happened

Democratic presidential candidates were quick to weigh in on the attack that hit the news at the end of January, with some using vitriolic language to denounce it:

They all jumped in and denounced it, with both Booker and Harris calling it a ‘modern day lynching’.

Notably Julian Castro was the only one to give the conditional caveat “if the reports are true’. Bet he’s glad he did that now, heh.

I hate the vitriolic language, but I don’t necessarily blame them for pouncing on this with a statement. They are all running for president and they are all in the spotlight. If they didn’t release a statement condemning the attack, their potential voters would have been demanding they do.

The truth is they got played by Smollett. What’s ironic is that now both Gabbard and Booker aren’t commenting further because they want to wait for the investigation to play out. Yeah…

It’s just another lesson for everyone to ‘wait for the facts’ before jumping the gun.

In case you are wondering, I got this list of tweets from CNN. So if I left anyone out, blame them.

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