PLAYED: Here’s what all the Democratic presidential candidates had to say about Jussie Smollet’s fake attack when it happened

Democratic presidential candidates were quick to weigh in on the attack that hit the news at the end of January, with some using vitriolic language to denounce it:

They all jumped in and denounced it, with both Booker and Harris calling it a ‘modern day lynching’.

Notably Julian Castro was the only one to give the conditional caveat “if the reports are true’. Bet he’s glad he did that now, heh.

I hate the vitriolic language, but I don’t necessarily blame them for pouncing on this with a statement. They are all running for president and they are all in the spotlight. If they didn’t release a statement condemning the attack, their potential voters would have been demanding they do.

The truth is they got played by Smollett. What’s ironic is that now both Gabbard and Booker aren’t commenting further because they want to wait for the investigation to play out. Yeah…

It’s just another lesson for everyone to ‘wait for the facts’ before jumping the gun.

In case you are wondering, I got this list of tweets from CNN. So if I left anyone out, blame them.

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34 thoughts on “PLAYED: Here’s what all the Democratic presidential candidates had to say about Jussie Smollet’s fake attack when it happened

  1. Because of this false flag ,Trump supporters can’t go anywhere without fear of bodily harm. That is oppression and I demand reparations from the Black and Gay community. We are victims of the slaves ancestors.

  2. to pass our Anti-Lynching bill designating lynching as a federal hate crime

    Wait what? Like, that’s something Congress is focused on right now? I… I can’t even.

    What happened today to @JussieSmollett must never be tolerated in this country. We must stand up and demand that we no longer give this hate safe harbor

    I agree 100%. YOU TELL ‘EM JOE. YOU TELL wait Joe, Joe stop ogling the women and you tell… Joe. JOE.

    Also, I love irony.

    We must come together to eradicate all forms of bigotry and violence.

    Especially the fabricated kind, which itself is a bigotry and violence of its own – unfairly maligning those who did nothing wrong. I hear ya Bern. I HEAR YOU.

    We are all responsible for condemning this behavior and every person who enables or normalizes it.

    You’re absolutely right Kirsten! Let’s condemn the shit out of it. Glad you’re with me sister!

    Racism, homophobia, & all forms of bigotry & hate have no place in this country.

    Man, I never thought I would see Chief Warren defending the Trumpers. We truly live in a magical age.

    this horrible attack calls all Americans to stand against hatred and violence in all its forms. … We must stand up and condemn this hate, bigotry & violence wherever it rears its ugly head

    Yes Pete, Tulsi, we must unite in the hateful fabrications against innocent white, straight, right-leaning Americans. GLAD YOU’RE ON BOARD.

    If the reports of Jussie Smollett’s attack last night are true

    You are the ONLY ONE that prefixed your response like this, Julien. Good man.

  3. If notoriety and name recognition was what this basically UNKNOWN actor was after, well, I think li’l Jussie’s wish has come true.

  4. Y’know, these left-wing politicians are really playing head games with people who are minorities. They are deliberately telling them all kinds of scary falsehoods to make them paranoid and have a debilitating worldview. Ultimately, if told the lie often enough, they believe it. Someone constantly being exposed to this brainwashing could easily become mentally ill and/or violent. These politicians and other influential people are evil.

  5. Jussie is an attention seeking jerk. The democrat prez candidate are also attention seeking jerks. Who would want to vote for a moron who does not clearly see a situation, wait to gather FACTS not a narrative, and measure their response. That is the new progressive socialist democrat party. Wov

  6. The new narrative will be Trumps h8 MADE him make up the hoax. The media will absolve him of any wrongdoing…

  7. Maxine Waters used Jussie’s lie to incite more violence. Republican politicians are too afraid to call her out.

  8. Jussie never came up with a believable plot, which is why he’s an actor on a show none of us watch and not a writer.

  9. Yes, but what will they say when the obvious fake attack is announced as the result of the investigation? I’ll bet they still say nothing and never walk their statements back.

  10. For every reaction from the Dem clown car, they each now need to issue a mea culpa retraction.


    Irony is, any clown car member who does issue a thoughtful retraction goes to the top of the list as the only serious contender for this high office.

  11. Even NBC this morning is reporting as their top story that this whole incident was “probably” a hoax. However not a word about all those candidates above jumping to their conclusions before getting the facts.

    Sure doesn’t say much about the judgement of these candidates. Isn’t that an important consideration, NBC?

  12. Look how hard it was to show that this was a hoax. It took some national pressure and a lot of police cameras along with a particularly stupid staging by the perpetrators.

    If a racial hoax like this is so difficult to prove false, how hard is it to dismiss similarly false charges of racism?

  13. CPD wants to interview Smollett again. Someone said that the case is going to a grand jury, but there’s been nothing on the news about it.

  14. I heard somewhere that Castro has a cousin in the Chicago Police, which could be why he added the important qualifier “IF”. Cops knew from Day 1 that something was fishy here, and they would not be pursuing Smollett unless their case was air tight. This is why for the past week CPD kept issuing “corrections” after a leak came out. They don’t want anything to obstruct the case they were building against him.

  15. “I hate the vitriolic language, but I don’t necessarily blame them for pouncing on this with a statement. They are all running for president and they are all in the spotlight.”

    – That is why they should be more responsible instead of pouncing on something without having all the facts. Calling it a “lynching” when you don’t have all the facts, how did the Covington Catholic situation work our for them.

  16. Congress woman @RashidaTlaib said that the “right wing is killing and hurting our people” in response to Smollett alleged attack.

    She also called him “one of the most famous black and gay guys in America”, so that shows how little she knows. I doubt very much if most of America ever heard his name before he perpetrated this hate crime on himself.

  17. I want a “responsible reporter”, if you can find one, to now go back and get a statement from each of these democrats running for office. Ask them 1.) for a retraction and 2.) will they jump on a Russian missile scare to protect the country as fast as they defended this liar if elected and be correct in their decision.

  18. A couple of YouTubers (Black conservative-leaning men, BTW) pointed out the interesting coincidence that this alleged attack took place just as Kamala “Heels Up” Harris and Gropey Booker were trying to pass anti-lynching legislation. That passed unanimously in the Senate after this “attack”, btw, according to reports I saw.

    Umm … lynching is a widespread problem today?! Color me confused but when I see most crimes against Blacks in the news, it doesn’t involve being lynched and it’s usually Black-on-Black.

    And would you look at there! This guy gets attack with a rope around his neck and voila! “Look, lynching is still a big problem today! Pass our legislation (that no one probably knows what’s in it, given how reading isn’t fundamental in Congress when it comes to bills)!”

  19. This is another gop ad starring democrats that wrote itself. It should be played in a continuous loop before the 2020 race. (along with Obama, Hillary and Schumer’s support for border security)

  20. Now imagine if one of the Duck Dynasty stars claimed while Obama was president that 2 black men attacked him and called him cracker and yelled “yes we can/change we can believe in”.
    Immediately after, talk radio/Republicans/FOX condemned the hateful attack and made a huge ordeal out of it.
    Turns out it was all a hoax. Could you imagine the field day the mainstream media/leftists would have with this?

  21. I would like to introduce a bill. If you claim you have been fake lynched, this is a race crime and you should be charged with a federal offense.

  22. He is a celebrity so their hearts are broken. But when a baby is torn from the womb moments before birth and in actuality ripped apart limb by limb until he/she is completely removed and annihilated well, crickets.

  23. If trolling these idiots that haven’t learned a thing like Castro did (the “If”) paid money, I’d be a billionaire. They make it so easy. Never forget – libs lead with emotion and not facts. This is how you beat them every time.

  24. Jussie – the new Jared for Subway. You’ll love our subs so much, you will even enjoy it through a fake beating.

  25. I had plumb forgotten that Tulsi had tossed her hat in the ring. What a world that we live in when she’s one of the saner choices on the Dem ticket, what a world!

    Anyhoo, the tweets that expressed sympathy I can’t argue with, its human to feel sympathy for the victim of a crime and they probably believed him but the tools like Booker who decided to “not let a crisis go to waste” and politicize what they may or may not have believed a genuine criminal incident to further their own progressive agenda is a very different kettle of fish imo. Its one thing to condemn actual bigotry but quite another to insinuate or demand the can/should legislate people’s thoughts and feelings. A crime is a crime not matter the reason behind it, someone getting the crapola beaten out of them on the street for any reason is wrong and a straight white dude is no less victimized if he’s assaulted by a random @hole for no good reason than a gay black dude is he’s targeted by a bigot. I’ve never bought into the ‘hate crime’ canard, if something is wrong its wrong and justice should be doled out equally to all.

  26. Was Kamala Harris involved? He paid $4500 to the “attackers”.
    Smolletts was at her candacy anouncement.
    It happened 2 days before she and Booker introduced a “lynching bill”.
    They used this fake “lynching” immediately.

  27. Honestly hate crime sentencing should be done away with. Assault and murder are both already already illegal, but there’s a separate charge if the attacker is saying something under his breath during the attack? It’s not necessary to have two different charges for murder.

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