POINT. LAUGH: Now, even HAMAS is denouncing poor ol’ Ilhan Omar over her comments. Tough week!!

You gotta love this from the schadenfreude perspective. Normally, if Hamas denounced some Democrat I’d assume either the Democrat was Jewish, or Hamas was doing it to manipulate people into thinking the Dem might be slightly better than a total waste.

But not in this case. This time, Hamas actually and really does denounce Rep. Ilhan Omar. And for the SAME REASON that Jewish groups and others here in the United States have!! But from the opposite direction.

Because of her comparison! As the terror group says in their press release (sigh. terror press releases. what a world) they denounce her “for equating the ‘Palestinian resistance’ to the ‘crimes’ of Israel & US invasion in Afghanistan.”

What an age we live in.

Great comment here:

Maybe you’re just not good at this, Ms. Omar. You should find yourself a nice place to settle down. Somewhere far from the Great Satan, hmm? Doesn’t that sound nice?

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