Politico already trying to use Hurricane Ian to hurt Governor DeSantis, but ends up with egg on their faces….

It appears that the media is rooting for Hurricane Ian to hit Florida and Governor DeSantis to somehow be unprepared for it or something.

Today Politico released an article taking a dig at DeSantis, claiming he’d never faced a hurricane, calling that ‘his toughest challenge’.

But that’s completely wrong, as Christina Pushaw was quick to find out:

Note that Politico still hasn’t deleted their tweet above, making the false claim.

Politico is also trying to frame DeSantis as doing a poor job:

Through Monday, DeSantis held three briefings at the Emergency Operations Center, a regular venue for governors managing storm responses. He has not, however, put himself out into the public as much as Scott, who oversaw statewide responses to four hurricanes during his eight years as governor.

As storms approached, Scott would hold media events across the state, donning his trademark Blue Navy baseball hat. He also became a fixture on national television, including most notably on the Weather Channel. Scott appeared on every morning network show on the same day in the lead-up to Hurricane Irma, a massive storm that prompted the largest evacuation in state history in 2017. On Monday morning, DeSantis’ emergency management director, Kevin Guthrie, was a guest on the Weather Channel, but DeSantis has not yet made an appearance on the channel during this weather event.

Pushaw hits back, saying he’s not only done breifings at the State Emergency Operations Center, but also in two major cities which happen to be where the storm is projected to hit. In other words, another false claim by Politico:

Pushaw continued, pointing out that the liberal media are rooting for the destruction of Florida:

You can bet that the garbage news media, especially in Florida, will dig up and skew anything they can on his hurricane response to hurt DeSantis in the November elections. In fact that’s what this article is all about, laying the predicate for such attacks to begin.

In related news, DeSantis was asked about his conversations with Biden and said he’s not personally talked to Biden about the hurricane and that he’d be happy to breif Biden if he’s interested. He also praised FEMA’s response to his state’s requests up to this point:

DeSantis could have easily turned this into a political attack on Biden, but he didn’t. He’s focused on saving people’s lives and isn’t trying to use this hurricane to score political points. Classy.

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