Poll: If Palin runs independent, would you vote for her?

There is a sentiment out there where people feel like Palin has left the door open to running as an independent. Even though I don’t see it, it’s gotten me curious to know how many of you want Palin to run as an independent. Of course, if she did run as an independent it would split the Republican vote and the chances of ending up with Obama in 2013 would be huge. It’s a very risky proposition.

Given all of that, would you still vote for her if she ran as an independent?

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344 thoughts on “Poll: If Palin runs independent, would you vote for her?

  1. She was our “manchurian candidate.” We needed her to infiltrate the Republican Party and run as a Republican. She would have taken the nomination had she run and everyone in America who doesn’t want Obama would have voted for her no matter what.

    The reality is, if she ran as an independent, those moderate wishy-washy Republicans will still vote for Romney and the rest of all the Democrats, brainwashed as they are, will all vote for Obama. Palin knows this, and she will not run as an indy.

  2. There’s a bunch of us (like, thousands & thousands, at least!) that have NOT ruled out a last-minute jump into the IA caucuses race – and she’d have a REAL chance there (her base is still VERY strong, acc. to insiders who’re watching this stuff). And we also think she has a REAL shot at the nomination! Romney may be “next in line” (ho-hum…), but he’s certainly NOT INEVITABLE!! Palin would give the GOP Convention a REAL shot in the arm – and that enthusiasm would only grow and be a REAL threat to Obama. But don’t count the Dirty Dems out – they’ll do everything short of assassination to destroy WHOMEVER the GOP puts up to challenge their rotten candidate!! The long knives are already out – and not just for Cain or Palin. Count on it.

  3. Sarah Palin is the flooding the electorate with information needed to knock the king off his thrown. It is a travesty that so many people are still not able to see past Obama’s rhetoric. And the Republicans refused to allow Sarah to participate in the conservative campaign to choose a candidate to face off with Obama. I don’t like to lose hope and become negative; but, I think we may be doomed to 4 more years of corruption, ruination and a criminal administration.

    1. I don’t know what to think at this stage of the game! I’d like Herman Cain to be a lot stronger, although he does understand the Conservative position well. And I think the sexual harrasment issue is full of lies – those women were out for a shakedown of the NRA – they knew full well how the system works! Besides, since the one woman “wants to maintain her privacy,” I’ll be that means any number of things – including that she was a white woman with more than her share of fear of/prejudice toward Cain. Who knows (or ever will know) the REAL truth of the matter. But it’s just one of the Left’s many slimeball pitches toward ALL the GOP candidates from now ’til November 2012 – including Dudley Do-Good Romney!! Anyway, Palin’s marginalization by her own Party hierarchy is almost criminal – certainly damnable, in my book!

  4. Palin runs independent guarantees the final destruction of this country with the re-election of the most radical president ever.

    1. did it ever occur to you that Obama alone is not able to destroy this country but that he has many mini-me Obamanites that are actually doing the work?

      He is the tip of the iceberg. We also need to get rid of all those in other elected positions.

      1. It sure as hell occured to me that nobama is only part of the problem. Just look at a good part of the GOP. They are all in bed together.

  5. Can we get a “No, because she’s a horrible choice” option? She lost the election for McCain… why anyone considered her a valid candidate for president is beyond logic. (But then, logic seems to be a bad word in today’s GOP)

    1. Yeah, she was such a drag on McCain that nobody came to his rallies after he selected her.

      Go back to your OWS tent, you dope. people at this website are not that stupid like you with your dope-fried brain.

  6. you may start asking yourself the question if the GOP is not becoming the third party in this lineup that should not participate to prevent the vote being split.

  7. Palin loves this country to much to risk splitting the vote and possibly having Obama re-elected. She’s no egomaniac. I also feel her family especially her husband influenced her decision not to run in the Republican primary so why would she run as an Independent. Common sense says this is just idle speculation. But hey! since when are we not allowed to speculate.

  8. All you people who support this “independent” talk don’t realize that by doing this would split the republican vote and would guarantee Obama would get reelected!

    I don’t understand how you can’t understand this.

  9. I fear for our country if the sentiments in the poll above are widely shared.

    Not even T Roosevelt could Bull Moose his way back into the White House.

    If you want another 4 years of of Obama, Run Sarah, Run.

  10. I love Governor Palin, however, any third party candidate will split the GOP vote and ensure a second term for the only president in my 67 years I cansider to be worse than Jimmy Carter.

  11. I don’t really understand the obsession with Palin. I was accepting of the idea of her for President at the start, but when she bailed her Governorship, my position changed. I hear her reasoning for quitting, not wanting all the legal burden on her state… But as President, there would me MUCH more pressure on her. She didn’t stand for and on truth. America needs a President whose words and actions are clear and open and no compromise on principal, even in appearance alone.

    1. That couldn’t happen to her as president. Do some more research, and you’ll understand better. She stands for truth X 1000 more than any other politician.

  12. Mark Levin was talking about Ron Paul running as third party candidate last night. It would reelect Obama, we cannot afford four more years of Obama and his ilk.

  13. I voted no, even though Palin has been my first choice ever since The One ascended to his god-king’s throne.

    Any third party candidate would split the vote and send Obama back to the White House. Anyone who is comfortable with that outcome because they had a chance to vote on “principle” needs to have their heads examined. Because on principle, every third candidate splits the vote and puts the person you don’t want back into office.

  14. Puhleeeeeze. It is not time. Do we really want , as conservatives are wanton to do, to snatch defeat from the mouth of victory. We need to apply reason and long term strategy to this election…not emotion. We all love Sarah…I love Sarah…but it is not time and if we want to keep the progressives on a path to eventual elimination (politically speaking) then Sarah needs to run, and will win, in 2020, then a Rubio or West in 2028, and then a West or Rubio in 2036.

    Gingrich/Cain 2012

  15. Obama deserves another re-election.

    At least his crazy base will run candidates they believe in, will fight for them, and work to excite independents over them.

    The Republicans on the other hand (the party I am leaving out of shame and embarrassment) is easily bullied.

    Clearly Sarah Palin was the best alternative to Obama. Any other candidate is merely settling for “anyone but Obama.”

    Palin had the best experience, the best record. She had the best policies. She is young. She is charismatic and knows how to excite a crowd.

    For some reason, the Republicans have become the party of “wuss.” We settle while the liberals get to have whomever they want?

    Heck yes I would support a third party EVEN IF it causes Obama a re-election. The underlying problem here is that Republicans have lost their manhood and need an adjustment.

    Apparently 4 years of Obama wasn’t enough.

      1. It won’t matter if we elect someone who gives us the same groundwork for the liberals to energetically run another extreme left-winger.

        Your “do or die” argument is precisely why we deserve the best, not an argument to settle.

      2. Are you implying that Mitt would be different than Obama? How can anyone know how Mitt would be. It depends on the political winds.

        1. I only know for sure one thing, obama is destructive. To re-elect him is a sure destruction, romney can be pressured into morphing into what we want. So yes, I think Romney would be better then BO

    1. Steve:
      I have been making this “bully” argument for awhile, and have met some resistance from conservatives. They instead want to “ignore” and think somehow magically (poof!) the Alinsky attacks will disappear.

      Until the conservative movement grows a spine and realizes that politics is not about “being nice” or “being better than the opposition” we will always be on the losing side. Plus, there’s alot of naivete going around as well.

  16. This poll is worthless… they linked it at a Palin zombie site who are running up the vote.

    Palin is not running as an independent… she said so herself because it would assure an Obama victory.

  17. Oh yeah, 1 prediction too, and you better brace for it. If Romney gets the nomination, you will see Sarah Palin campaign for him vigorously. She might even want his VP slot. Don’t forget who she campaigned with last time, I dare say Romney is a better conservative than McCain.

    1. WRONG: She learned with what she put up with from McCain’s boys and said she wouldn’t do it again. Running as Romney’s VP isn’t in the picture for her.

  18. I hear a lot how the Rep. establishment is pushing Romney down our throats now, I dont think so. In fact the establishment was desperate to get Tim Pawlenty, then Mitch Daniels, then Paul Ryan and then Chris Christie. Fact is they cant find an ideal candidate either, ironic.
    We conservatives haven’t had much luck either. Gingrich is flawed but a brainiac, Bachman is the real deal but doesnt reach the audience, Perry shot his big heartless toe off almost instantly, Santorum …zzzz…, and now Cain is default leader of the Conservatives but gosh he makes a lot of gaffs and his rookieness shows. The media intimidates him sometimes too.
    Alas, Sarah Palin was the absolute ideal candidate for us (i think), and she made sure to let us think that from the moment she quit as Gov. Now everything is a mess and her servant heart isn’t serving in the most critical contest of all. She won’t run 3rd party, but Ron Paul might and even that could be trouble.
    I’d rather live with Romney and prolong the apocalypse if you yahoos don’t mind. I really cant afford my gold and food storage. I do NOT want to see obama finish what he started. Romney is NOT the “same” as obama, that’s a little hyperbolic.

  19. This is scaring me. I voted No but maybe this is the best route, especially if we are getting Romney the RINO jammed down our throats and also when Boehner and the Congress can’t seem to do anything more that we voted for.

    I worry that the Ron Paul crowd is getting ready to split us just as Ross Perot did, when we lost, not saying that Bush was better though….so no big loss maybe.

    My hope is in prayer. Cain is looking good right now. I do not want a perfect candidate. Just someone reasonably conservative who can beat Obummer.

  20. I’m tired of these ineffective, pseudo conservative candidates. My plan is to work to get Tea Party conservatives in the House and Senate. Then if Palin decides to run, I will support her.

  21. True, our country needs her and what she would bring to the political table. Our country needs it desperately. However, third party is not the way to go. There is no huger (is that a word?) fan of Sarah Palin than myself and if she were to jump into the race a la GOP, I would not only vote for her but I would wrestle votes for her wherever I could. I truly believe she could be the answer to this charade of a campaign going on right now. BUT…. I will vote for the Republican nominee even though I will be holding my nose. Palin cannot win third party. Think Ross Perot. And her entering as a third party nominee would be an even bigger blow to a Republican win than her bowing out of the race. No. I love her, but I would not vote for her as a third party candidate. But, she won’t run. She is not someone that would give the election to the pretender, even though she won’t face him head on. But hey Sarah, our arms are open. Come fill them.

  22. 2009 – A multitude of conservative articles and comments stating that never again will we let the media pick the Republican presidential nominee. Never Again!!!

    2011 – A multitude of conservatives sit back and let the media choose to dismiss Sarah Palin, and then choose a nice moderate candidate, with good hair, that Obeyme and his media will trounce.

    Boggles the mind.

      1. Vet. Vet. Vet. All of them. Everyone of them. And Sarah too.
        The truth is on Sarah’s side.
        The truth is that Sarah is a commonsense, constitutional conservative – with great leadership capabilities, proven fortitude, and a servants heart.

        All the others, everyone of them, fall far short of that.

        If conservatives could look at all candidates, and see them all clearly, they would choose Sarah.

        And the restoration of our great country would begin.

        1. There is not going to be a choice to choose Palin. She said so very clearly in her interview with Mark Levin. As much as I hate that fact. She also said that if she ran for 3rd party she would be annointing Barack Obama for four more years. You must vote for the most conservative candidate available, not waste your vote and write in a candidate. I’m not sure, yet, who that candidate is but I sure wish the more conservative candidates could run political campaigns better.

  23. I don’t want to vote for her as an ‘Independent’ and give the election to O.

    I want to vote for her as the Republican nominee.

    None of the current candidates stand up to mild scrutiny. They are all weak relative to SP. We only know one person who can stand an all out ‘Palin Treatment.’ And that includes standing up to attacks from the Right too.

    Can anyone imagine Sarah Palin’s influence if she didn’t have to fight the Republican establishment too?

    And that is the person we need as president. No strings attached to the political elite, regardless of ‘R’ or ‘D’ or both or neither. With a servant’s heart, responsible to the constitution and to the people.

    So far, I see no other.

  24. Why is there simply not a “no” option. A proper poll (of which this would not be, as it’s hosted on a biased website as it is) should be “yes”, “no”, and “maybe”.

  25. What’s the difference between Romney and Obama?

    I don’t know either.
    There are too many variables to consider – like which way the wind is blowing.

    Big Government with an R or a D.

    Unless somebody convinces me they will stand up to the permanent political class and the cronyism, and actually do something more than cosmetic, I’m writing Sarah Palin’s name in.

  26. Notice how Palin is the topic and the post count explodes?

    I can’t imagine how she could justify running independant. She didn’t have the interest to run in the Republican primary, so what justification does she have? Mitt was too scarey for her? If she did that Obama would win without a doubt. Maybe she’d like to be Donald Trumps VP, yuck.
    I’m soured on Palin but I’ll make a deal, if Rush and Mark endorses her and a 3rd party I’ll vote her. Otherwise I’ll hold my nose and vote Mitt or Cain or whoever.
    As fas I’m concerned, Palin squandered the greatest chance I ever saw anybody have to become President.

    1. The Republican party is corrupt.
      I don’t even want to be a Republican any more.
      Restoring it from the inside was my first choice.
      Replacing it from the outside might be the only choice.

  27. There will likely be a third party candidate in 12. If Sarah ran as an independent she would be a 4th Party. Everything would be up for grabs and none of the old analysis applies. She was emphatic about unconventional. Are we supposed to believe she has retracted those comments?

  28. I voted yes because I’m a militant Palinista as RightScoop likes to call us. Heh!

    I don’t see this happening since Palin has said what a 3rd party run would accomplish.

    ABC News: Palin vowed not to run a third-party campaign, saying it would “guarantee Obama’s re-election and that’s the last thing our republic can afford.”

    It’s hard to even poll this question without setting up the general election scenario with the GOP nominee. Without putting in a name of who would be the GOP nominee makes it almost impossible to give anyone a true idea of what their options would be.

    Supporters of other candidates will not want this to happen just because they still believe their candidate will win the nomination.

    Even with Romney as the GOP nominee (which unfortunately I expect) it would hand the nomination to Obama. Obama is going to get 40% no matter what. That 40% are either diehard libs or voters that will vote for a Democrat so they can continue to suck on the government teat.

    I think a better question would be if Romney sweeps the first four states would you urge Palin to reconsider and jump in the GOP primary. Of course, even this option would depend on conservatives having realized that none of the other candidates left could recover from being knocked to the mat from an early knockout punch from Romney.

    Early victories for Romney and his fundraising ability would basically end the hopes of the current candidates. Also, I doubt even with a fresh entry in the primary with 46 states left remaining that Palin could overcome the the establishment push against her and the money and momentum that Romney would have at that point.

    Hopefully one of these other candidates can emerge as the anti-Romney candidate and unite conservatives and defeat Romney for the nomination and the whole point will be moot.

    Cain seems to be the hot candidate now and could really make a strong statement if he would start going after Romney. I need to see Cain’s ability to take on Romney before I will believe he could or would go after Obama effectively.

    Why hasn’t Cain hammered Romney on mandates and Romneycare? It would resonate with the base and assure them that Cain is serious about winning the nomination.

    Anyway, ask me this question again in a few months. A week in politics is like a year.

  29. She has effectively spun herself out of the the corrupt and ineffective Republican Party and is the redaction leader of the Tea Party. The question is whether the Tea Party or The Republican Party will exist after the 2012 election. They both will not. 12 more months of Boehner, and McConnell will end the Republican Party or America as we knew it.

  30. As an avid Palin supporter. I am shocked and appalled at the poll from this site. My biggest problem if she ran 3rd party is this. “Are you considering a run for president on a third party?” answer “no, because that would just assure barack Obama’s victory”. To answer that, then turn around and run anyway would be deceptive, and would lead to Barack Obama being elected. I can’t see Obama getting anything less then 40%…if Palin even gets 10% that makes it very possible Obama wins the election. If you could steal votes from obama as a third party, maybe it wouldn’t happen that way. I doubt that would happen seriously. If I’m wrong (and I’d vote for Palin over pretty much anyone who could ever run for president) then tell me why. I’m interested to see the answers. Why would it not be treacherous to run after making things so clear?

  31. I’d vote for her anyday, anytime, anywhere, were she to run as an independent against cain/romney/perry/gingrich etc and PSYCHObama. Frankly, the possibility of seeing the look on the faces of those shameless cowards who call themselves ‘liberals’/’progressives’ were Sarah Palin to enter the White House, would be way too much to pass up!!

    I don’t think she’s the perfect candidate but I’ve never seen so much hate and vitriol poured out on a conservative in modern Western politics as the left have done with SP.

    They hate her so much that the thought of their anguish at an SP 2012 victory makes my eyes twinkle with madness as my lips quiver out a slow grin and drool trickles down my bottom lip. If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, I must make his tormentor my wife! Now I can’t make Sarah my wife (darn you Todd Palin!) but if only she would run for POTUS…

  32. If the Republican nominee is Romney, Huntsman, Ron Paul!!! or Newt, I’ll write in Palin. So I’d say, yes to the question.

    I’m on the fence with Perry.

    If it’s Cain, I’d stick with him since he’s played it fair and kept in the race.

    If it’s Bachmann or Santorum, I’d have to think about it really hard, but my gut would be to write in Palin. Even though I like them both enough to accept them as President.

    1. I agree. If she runs with a VP, and even some of her chosen Cabinet people, THAT would be unconventional and could truly be a winning strategy.

  33. First, I must say that I truly wanted Palin to run in 2012 and I am very disappointed that she decided not to, but I remember 1992 & 1996 when Ross Perot ran as a third party candidate. Bill Clinton won the election both times because Perot split the conservative vote. If Ron Paul, Donald Trump OR Sarah Palin run third party, Obama will definitely be re-elected and he will succeed in completely destroying our country. God forbid!

  34. I support Sarah Palin and will support Palin until the day she dies. She was my first choice and will always be my first choice. However, she WOULD lose if she ran as an Independent. I don’t believe that Gov. Palin would do that. She knows it will re-elect Obama.

  35. A third party candidate has never won – it will spit the independents & mainstream GOP, giving a win to Obama. Remember Ross Perrot? Don’t under estimate the Chicago gangsta machine & ACORN community organizers. “The people who cast the vote decide nothing – the people who count the vote decide everything.” A quote by Lennin in the early Communist uprising….

    1. There has never been a candidate like Sarah Palin running third party either. Nor has there ever been such a huge groundswell against both parties before.

      The liberals will buy or cheat on every election. The only way to win an election is by such a landslide that they can’t overcome it with their fraud. Romney won’t do that for us.

    1. If the nominee is Romney, conservatives will stay home. The down-ticket tea party candidates for Senate and House will be defeated because no one is there to vote for them. We will lose the House and Senate again and have the same conditions we had in 2008.

  36. this concept is how we got clinton….perot split the republican vote.

    IF she runs and the vote is split we get obama, if she stays out, and romney is the ‘winner’ of the R party, the press will be doing their work against him, and the country has a last breath attempt…ASSUMING we get conservatives in both sides of Congress.

  37. I’m sorry RightScoop but ur polling results not making any since. Palin YES is polling over 60% but the comments here is 60% NO. GO Figure.

  38. huge Sarah Fan, but unfortunately too many establishment republicans would not cross party lines in her support, I think it would be a mistake for her to run independent and it would hurt her in future elections if she ever decides to run..I’ll support Newt this time, because he is the only candidate getting to the heart of what really ails America..Communism and the usurpation of power by the judicial branch.

      1. He supported global warming when it looked like the scientists agreed that was what was happening, and before we knew it was all fraudulent. Now they are saying we might be having global cooling!
        Not being a scientist, he believed them.
        Palin noticed some effects of global warming in Alaska…ice and glaciers were melting and flooding coastal villages. She did not believe at the time it was all man made, and certainly the submitted “solutions” were enough of a red flag to her. She was right, Newt was wrong. But now Newt also knows he was wrong.

  39. Herman Cain types are why the conservatives are not taken seriously and why the GOP always wins in the end.

    He is not even VP material let along POTUS. He would be another Obama as in he would bring Bush people in as where Obama is a Clinton person. We all know that Gov. Palin would bring the Magnificent Seven onboard for Energy. You probably won’t see one Bush personal in the Palin WH.

    When will we ever get it right. Should Palin be watching from the sidelines? Palin mistake was saying from the get go that she would not do third party. If she gave more liking to a third party theme than the GOP would have made sure she was in the race but as always plotting to take her out.

    Or maybe Mrs. Palin just doesn’t see herself as being the leader of the free world at this time. It is a demanding job and she does have two young children at home that need her and not because she is a woman but because of the evil people that live in this world.

  40. I honestly just can not take Palin seriously anymore. It’s the way she handle her not running campaign. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Before that episode earlier this month I would have said yes, she has my vote. I was a Palinista but after expressing my doubts about Palin at conservatives4palin.com those people digitally crucified me.

    1. Don’t let it get to you. They don’t want her political career to be over. But that’s what she chose and she made fools of all of us in the process. The real fools are those who still think she’s a credible candidate for anything.

          1. Why is that??? Cain is a Romney stooge. You know it and I know it. Maybe tomorrow he will tell us he is pro-choice again or maybe he is for trading terrorist for one POW again. The man sounds like he has a memory problem?? Think about it. I am for. I am not for. I am for. I am not for. What was I for yesterday??

      1. No, you are making a fool of yourself all by yourself. you are the one who said she wasn’t running because of what she was wearing…..funny, you were such a supporter of Sarah’s before, but the minute she decides not to run you say she is not credible. Jaynie, YOU are not credible and you do not impress me at all.

      2. Normally I don’t post here, but what you just wrote is horsesh*t. Palin was told that if she ran and won the nomination, the Establishment would torpedo her campaign the way they did with Barry Goldwater in 1964. Such a nomination would be a poisoned chalice. It’s not that the GOP wants Romney in the White House; they know he’s a loser. It’s that they want Jeb in 2016. Romney is just the front. Palin won’t run as a third party person becasue she doesn’t want to get the blame for the Establishment’s Viking Funeral.

        But she will be around to pick up the pieces.

    2. There was nothing wrong with the way she handled it. She could have went on TV like Fat boy and talked and talked about nothing.

  41. In 2010 we had Tea Party candidates running against RINOs and Democrats. (e.g. Marco Rubio (R). 50%. Kendrick Meek (D). 16%. Charlie Crist (I). 30%.) Who says a 3rd party is not already here? Might not be official, but when you have elections with 3 viable candidates, you have 3 parties essentially.

    So it is possible for Palin to run as an Independent and get the majority of the votes. But I am sure that would be an option she would weigh very very carefully. It will become abundantly clear how likely the gop nominee is to beat Obama after the primaries. That might be the time.

    This is a good discussion on the topic by Mr. L: http://mrltavern.blogspot.com/2011/10/is-usa-ready-for-3rd-party-it-depends.html

  42. First of all, I don’t think Sarah would do this to the Republican Party, secondly, I don’t believe she is the only “savior” of the country, thirdly, it would divide the conservative vote and help Obama’s reelection, fourthly, it would not guarantee her the nomination, let alone the presidency, and fifthly, many of us have a candidate in Herman Cain and are very enthusiastic about his being the Republican nominee and then President of the United States.

    1. I think she already has, to be honest. I’ve heard her say running 3rd party will just guarantee the election for Obama. But for some reason people don’t believe her or something.

      I’m not sure there’s anything else she can say that she hasn’t said to ‘nip this in the bud’.

      1. Sure there is. She can say “I will not run for President in 2012”.

        Not that hard. She didn’t do that. As I pointed out here that night, she did leave the door open to a 3rd party run.

        Do I think she’ll run as a 3rd party? I hope not. I think she’s just stringing along all the people she was stringing along before who don’t want to give up hope.

        Like I said, I hope she has enough character to issue a simple statement that will stop all this 3rd party talk. I’ll believe it when I see it. After what she pulled with the primaries I wouldn’t be surprised by anything Palin does.

        1. You are completely dishonest. She said in no uncertain terms she wouldn’t run a 3rd party race, as it would give Obama the win.

          Some hope she would reconsider, especially since Romney will likely be the nominee, and destroy the Republican Party anyhow. If he is the nominee it’s likely Obama will whip HIM like a rented mule. At this point a independent run by Sarah would make a lot of sense.

          That said, I think most people would rather support an effort to request that she reconsider her decision, and enter the race as Republican candidate. The nomination is still hers for the taking.

        2. She has NEVER said that she would run third party. How is she “stringing people along” when all she has said is “I am not running.” Only OTHER people are making her running outside of the GOP an issue, not her. How dare you put her character on trial if she doesn’t respond to hypothetical suggestions that OTHER people are talking about.

          Why not just say that you don’t like her or as a supporter of [fill in the blank] all this talk makes you nervous? You don’t have to conduct character tests on others because of your own insecurities.

    2. Please read the statement that she released when she announced her decision.

      Also listen to her interview with Mark Levin.

      She made it quite clear that a 3rd party run was not in the cards.

      But thank you for your concern.

      1. How did she make it clear? If she made it so clear, why are so many people for it? Are they all stupid?

    3. I took the post as a hypothetical scenario posed by this blog, not a validation of Sarah’s character.

      1. We’ll see how long she strings this out. Her fans over at C4P have been advocating a 3rd party run since the night she announced she wasn’t running for the Republican nomination.

  43. Please people…just do the math. She can’t win, even among the base. I love her but as a 3rd party she becomes Ross Perot and Obama is re-elected. She had her chance to get in the race and she didn’t do it. Stop all this emotion-based nonsense and use reason and logic. We have several conservatives running now that she obviously felt she couldn’t beat in the primary. Let it go and get behind a candidate that’s RUNNING! I’m supporting Cain and hoping for a Cain/Gingrich ticket.

      1. I’m going to go out a limb here now and say that I predict Obama wins re-election by 5 points. Maybe 7.

        The narrative is set. By the time election night rolls around all of the ground work being done now by OWS and the media will have become the norm. The economy will be improving, even if it isn’t it will be reported as if it is, and Republicans will be seen as they always are. The bad guys out for the rich. Income inequality is the new meme. The 99%.

        It’s working like a charm.

    1. I agree with everything except one part of this statement. She would have easily beaten the “conservatives” in the primary, but the vote would have been watered down, and Willard would have been left at the top. If Perry would have stayed out, I believe she would have jumped in. She waited too long.

  44. America is totally ready for a independent to run for POTUS. Actually America needs an indie POTUS because both parties are control by elites who look down on
    We the People. Sarah Palin has what it takes.

  45. Maybe the vote will split a way that “conventional thinkers” just don’t/won’t get. Maybe Mitt Romney gets the Ross Perot percentage, maybe Barack Obama gets the HW Bush percentage, and maybe Sarah Palin gets the Bill Clinton percentage?

    1. Percentage…

      What is the percentage of Romney/Perot, Obama/Bush and Palin/Clinton?

      Can you break it down into specifics?

      What would the political arena look like when the dust settled?


    2. I agree. It’s Romney and Obama who would split the liberal votes, Palin gets the TP vote, conservatives and maybe a few moderate libertarians. She is the one who will emerge victorious.

    3. You guys are dreaming. I like Palin and would have considered voting for her in the primary if she had chosen to run, but there’s no way she could win the general election in a 3-way race and this has been shown in poll after poll. When well over half the country views her unfavorably, where is the path to victory?

      With Palin in a race with Obama and Romney, Obama pulls all his current crop of sycophants and gets 42%. Romney gets the votes of partisan/establishment Republicans, a few centrists and the hold-your-nose-and-vote conservative types who think voting for a third-party candidate is a wasted vote and he ends up with about 38%. Palin carries about half of the people who view her favorably, losing the other half to Romney and comes away with under 20%, coming in second in Alaska, Mississippi and Utah but carrying zero states. We end up with 4 more years of Obama and by July 2014 we all get to spend our days standing in line with a wheelbarrow full of trillion dollar bills, waiting to see if there’s any stale bread and limp carrots left and hoping the $6 quadrillion we brought is enough to cover the cost after that day’s round of exponential inflation.

        1. I’d vote for her then, assuming she’s not in a primary against an incumbent conservative Republican President who has repealed Obamacare, reformed entitlements and the tax code, slashed spending and put the country back on the right track. But then, she wouldn’t be running in that situation, either.


    We need Sarah and we need to put an end to two party rule if we are ever going to restore America.

    1. Only because it’s not. In the history of our country, no third party has ever been viable. They were all well established and another majoy party died out before they ever won anything.

      If it dies out, the Democratic party will not be destroyed from the right. It would have to be destroyed from the left. And why would anyone who shares its interests want to destroy it when it has basically adopted all the principles of post cold-war Euro-Socialism already? They may end up adopting Stalinist Communism, but I think they’re here to stay.

      The Tea Party will be far more effective, and much quicker in reaching its goals if it works within the existing Republican party. It doesn’t need to be killed. It just needs its house cleaned. It’s off track in practice, but not in the principles it claims to uphold. It still stands for individual liberty, personal responsibility and true equality of opportunity. Too many of its elected officials have become corrupted by the status quo. The chore is to return the elected officials to adherence to those principles. The ’10 midterms helped, but we still have a long way to go. I recently read that Dick Lugar has a primary challenge from the right. It’s just another small step forward on a long journey but we can get there.

  47. Obama gets elected with Romney too and the GOP don’t seem to care. If the GOP really wanted to win they wouldn’t be pushing Romney. They would use their influence, full support and beg Palin to reconsider. Palin shouldn’t seek the GOP nomination, it is the GOP that should be seeking Palin. If the GOP would work with Palin we would surely win.

    As for the polling question, Palin has my vote regardless of party.

  48. A third party run would in all likelihood give us four more years of Zero. Holding up Perot’s run as an example (in an opposite light than others here) gave us “Slick Willy”, something anyone advocating an independent run would do well to consider. Average Republican voters will vote for whomever wins the nomination, that is just a plain reality. The time for an Independent or Third party candidate to start campaigning in order to have an honest shot at winning will be long past by the time a nominee is chosen. Any candidate that has run for the nomination and lost, that then goes third party, well the way the average voter will look at that is “sour grapes”, a candidate that just “jumps in” after the nomination will draw the votes of their ardent supporters, but not much more and will risk the very same outcome we got in 1992. The only way I could envision a independent run working out is if there were a similar split on the left and at this point there isn’t one.

    1. Dittos Ken – all of it…

      The “four more years of Zero” and Perot’s atrocious campaign that resulted in “Slick Wizard-of-Is Willy” Clinton winning the presidential wreath inspire a suggestion to do a “double think” and a wag of the right index finger and “no no” bad dog kind of warning to a 3rd party.

      I’m against a 3rd party, except for a national drastic situation of some sort initiated by the Zero administration that might require a 3rd party movement, a draft movement, a write in vote.

      Is there anything else.

      I’m not sure there is.

      It may be too late, except for a write in vote.

      Maybe a “sure thing” BIG Gov Romney win would be a short term respite to a “sure thing” Zero BIG Gov marxist entrenchment with Cass “Nudge” Sunstein and the other Obummer czars in the administration, and the marxists outside the administration who are supporting Zero financially and a “boots on the ground” army of “occupiers.”


    2. I’ve been trying to say the same thing on this thread, but my crappy writing skills prevent me from making an articulate argument. : )

    3. The Dems like to hold up Clinton as if he won his elections in Reaganesque landslides despite the fact that he won by a plurality – against utterly inept campaigns – both times. Carter also won by a plurality because of John Anderson. Until Obama, no Democrat had won at least 50.1% of the popular vote since LBJ in ’64. And, excepting the anomaly of Clinton, no Democrat has been re-elected since FDR. The American people in general are smart enough to see the detrimental effects of leftist policies and react accordingly when we get a chance to vote. There has never been a third-party candidate who has won a national election. The only purpose third-party candidates serve is to throw a monkey wrench into the works and subvert the will of the people.

      1. The GOP is subverting the will of the people by putting everything it has behind Romney instead of letting the primary process work itself out. Nothing new, just pointing out that the parties run the elections, not us.

        1. It’s that kind of thing that pushed me out of the Republican party almost 20 years ago. I was on my way out after GHWB stood with the UN and didn’t march to Baghdad and was gone before Bob Dole could say, “Bob Dole is running for President.” I dislike the idea of Romney as the nominee only slightly less than I disliked McCain as the nominee in ’08. But we’re not going to fix the problem from the outside. We need a new GOP establishment. It could take a while, but I can see a future where conservatives who adhere to Constitutional principles – rather than demographers and power-hungry compromisers – are the party insiders.

      2. Actually in 1980 when Anderson ran, Reagan won in a landslide. Carter carried 6 states and DC, while Reagan carried 44 states and Anderson, well I think you can do the math on that. Anderson garnered a mere 6% of the popular vote. Carter beat Ford in the 1976 election, Anderson did not run in ’76.

        1. I stand corrected. I was going from memory. Just looked it up and Carter did actually get 50.1% of the popular vote, too. Wrong twice in one post. I’m so ashamed.

          By the way, I was only 7 in ’76. So I’m going to cut myself some slack 😉

          1. No problem, 🙂 I just believe knowledge is to be shared, as they say “Knowledge is Power”. None of us (humans) knows it all, I certainly don’t. But I would be willing to wager that you, like myself has run into at least a couple that thought they did.

    4. Perot’s anti-Bush effect in 1992 is often over exaggerated. He did have 19% of the popular vote.

      Now, everyone assumes he took Republican votes away from Bush but exit polling confirmed that Perot votes were evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. Additionally, Perot took zero electoral votes.

      1. Yes, maybe. However Palin running as a third party or independent will be the “Perot effect” on steroids , considering that if Paul does not get the nomination there is a high probability that he may go third party as well. If Palin and Paul were to do so, Zero will waltz right into term number two and the party is over.

  49. 2 good videos – thanks for the reminder…

    What Palin says abut a 3rd party in 2010 and June 2011 is valid… if.

    If… there is a national movement.
    If… there is a leader articulating a coherent vision to the 3rd party army.
    If… there are paper pushers sending requests for donations and receiving donations.
    If… there are boots on the ground doing the grunt work.

    Those are only 4 “ifs” off the top of my head.

    However, Palin is also on record against the viability of a 3rd party candidate, I just don’t have the videos urls.

    Maybe you do.

    So, if there is nobody with national stature, Palin or whomever, asking for support for a 3rd party… there is no 3rd party to go to it seems.

    However, if.

    If “going rogue” means anything and if the Obummer administration does something drastic that makes it appear that “Lenin wanna-be” Obama wants to pick up the mantle of Lenin, THAT will definitely be the nano-second that the Tea Partiers inspirte by Sarah Palin and the good people of America will awaken, get up and expose their Mama Grizzly “GRRR” teeth and do something drastic to counter an overt takeover.

    The words “… do something drastic” means a 3rd party… OR a draft movement or maybe a write in vote.


    1. An independent run is quite different from a third party. I doubt she will run as a third party candidate, but she may do an independent run.

  50. If you want her, fight for primary ballot access and write her in on your state primary ballot. Otherwise we most definitely will wind up with Obama again. I believe she’s wise enough to know that’s not the ticket.

  51. I prefer she runs as a Republican so the vote is not split and Obama wins. BUT, if the only way she would run is as an Independent, then I would vote for her. ABSOLUTELY!!

  52. I do not want Sarah Palin to run as an independent. I do not believe she will run as an independent.

    Of course those are not the questions you polled.

    If Sarah Palin ran as independent, I would vote for her.

  53. No, no, no. Don’t you remember what happened with Ross Perot? We split the Republican vote and Clinton got in. Please, learn how elections are won. The country is split nearly even as for register voters on the left and right. It is the moderates/independents that now determine the outcome. These people are not loyal to any party. We must put in a candidate that the middle will vote in. Once in, fill the cabinet with staunch conservatives. The middle doesn’t vote extreme left or right. EVER. If Sarah is going to run, she needs to get her butt in here now.

  54. Absolutely! Sarah is the only one that can lead this country back to it’s greatness.
    She is the once -in-a-lifetime Leader..

  55. If Palin runs, I’ll support her. As far as I’m concerned, she is the only first tier candidate with all the rest being second tier. If she doesn’t run, well, things get dicey. I’m still studying the others, but none really stand out yet. Each has their strong points and weaknesses. Each can bring something to the table, but none of them bring anywhere near what Palin can. There is still plenty of time before November ’13 to see if any of them can leave the rest of the pack behind. If it is still true that cream rises to the top, with the exception of Palin, the rest are still stuck in the bottom of the milk can. Is it possible that there isn’t any cream left after Palin?

  56. My preference is that she meets with her family and then prays on it – we need her to run for the Presidency now – she is the only one with any credability related to dealing with crony capitalism and changing things for the better – She needs to get in Please pray on it – the country deserves to have a real choice this election

  57. OK, first. Why can’t Scoop get anyone to comment on this thread? Aaahahahaha!

    Can you imagine Romney even wanting an endorsement from Palin? I can’t. He’s too heavily invested in being the middle of the road guy. At least that’s how my grizzled eyes see it.

    I wonder if anyone other than Perry, Cain or Bachmann would want her endorsement?

      1. I was just considering adding his name to that short list too 🙂

        Also, you may be right when you said this:

        “She won’t endorse any of the candidates….none of them meet her criteria.
        She will just keep up the good fight of attacking Obama from all sides.”

    1. Santorum already asked.

      Ron Paul probably wouldn’t mind since it sure helped Rand.

      Any conservative would love her endorsement.

  58. Listen to these clips of Palin talking third party and under what conditions a third party might be viable.

    From October 2010, a couple of weeks before the election, starting at 4:45, Palin says “This is the last shot for the GOP, if they start straying from the principles of the GOP, then why not a third party?”


    From June 2011, Palin expresses disappointment that GOP leaders are not listening to the mandate from tea party freshman:

    Rightscoop, you might want to consider adding these clips of Palin talking third party to the post.

  59. When Ron Paul was on Special Report (earlier this week or last week, I cannot remember) he left the door open on possibly running as an Independent…not good, anyone running Independent re-elects BHO…bye, bye Republic!

  60. If Palin is going to endorse anyone but Romney or Perry, she needs to do it sooner rather than later. Right now, all the other candidates are on pretty mushy financial footing. A Palin endorsement could firm up that footing for one man (sorry Bachmann supporters) and potentially swing the nomination.

    1. Travis…you don’t know Palin very well.
      She won’t endorse any of the candidates….none of them meet her criteria.
      She will just keep up the good fight of attacking Obama from all sides.

  61. Palin has said herself she would not run as an independent because it would split the Republican vote and hand Obama the election. This is a nonsensical premise. Palin is no longer a political factor now. She is simply a private citizen, author, and celebrity. Her opinions no longer have any influence since she took her self out of the race. As the former vice-presidential nominee in 2008, she was in the prime position to be the next Republican nominee, but she wasted the opportunity. She will not be a factor in 2016 since there will be newer and fresher candidates then. Without Palin, the current field is a weak field and I am afraid Obama will retain a second term. Palin blew it and we conservatives will pay for it having to hold our noses to vote for Romney, who will not beat Obama unfortunately.

    1. Sure, blame it on Palin…everyone else does. If the GOP loses and Obama wins, no matter what Palin does, she will be blamed. This despite the fact that the GOP did everything they could to sabotage her run.

      1. Sounds like you’re still on the Palin addiction. I weaned myself off that train as soon as she said no. She strung everyone along, used SarahPac funds for her bus tours with her family and was simply a media hog in the end. Don’t you get it? She is no longer relevant. She has no standing and as soon as her contract is up with Fox they will drop her. She no longer is an influential voice because she gave it up when she turned down the run for President. Truly disappointing!

  62. I don’t understand the point of this poll. Palin has already said that she thinks the Tea Party needs to affect change within the existing political system and not as a third-party outsider. She’s smart enough to know that a third party would do nothing but wail in the wilderness and weaken the political power of the Republican party. Any of her supporters who think she still may run as an independent essentially believe she’ll yield all the ground she and the conservatives have taken – all for the sake of an ego trip – and hand President Obama a second term. It’s nonsensical.

    1. Clarification: Her intent all along has been to tear down the internal, good-ol’-boy power structure of the Republican party and strengthen it by returning the party to conservative principles – not to destroy it altogether.

    2. Well then Travis, the Tea Party better man up and grow a spine. Their days of being influential without a leader are over.
      They need to merge, develop a platform, merge their finances, select a leader and endorse a candidate.

      1. I disagree. The reason the Tea Party isn’t out there combating the Occupy (whatever) crowd and the Obama machine is that we have jobs and kids and homes, and we accept our responsibilities gladly. The power of the Tea Party is currently in voices of the people voting in the Republican primaries. It’s a little early to see it this year like we did during the midterms but it will be plenty visible in the spring.

        The road we’re on is an incremental process and jumping ahead too quickly could do more damage than good. As we rid the Republican party of some of its worst legislators and governors and replace them with Constitutional conservatives who get results – Scott Walker, Rick Snyder and Marco Rubio come to mind – people who have long been wedded to the idea of centralized government control or divided government for its own sake will begin to see the improvements and will more willingly come along for the ride. If we try to stake too big a claim all at once, many of those lifelong Democrats who are dissatisfied with the status quo but still believe in their party’s platform will dismiss the movement out of hand and remove it from any future consideration.

        Reforming government to adhere to Constitutional principles is a huge job, but it can be done if we start by picking the battles we can win and then backing up our small victories with big results. Bigger victories will come. They’re just down the road a bit.

  63. It would not be in the best interest for any “republican” to run in a third party. By doing this would insure Obama’s reelection. I would love to see Sarah endorse Herman Cain and push for his support. This would change the polls quickly and make a lot of people take a serious look at him.

    There seems to be too many people sitting on the fence and waiting to endorse someone. It’s time to put the politics aside and let people know where you stand.

    1. I dare suggest that if Dr. Paul plays spoiler and runs at an Independent, than “Game On!” she should absolutely jump in! He has already suggested that he is willing to do it this time.

  64. Palin has effectively spun herself out of the corrupt and ineffective party system and if needed can credibly run as an independent conservative.

      1. Not everybody reads every article on every site and I’d hate for newbies to miss my post. Thanks for the advice though but I choose not to follow it. I hope you don’t want to burn the post rather than just breezing by it.

  65. I hope Palin has some vision and see the potential of a Cain presidency.


    It’s a multifaceted solution addressing many issues at once in its simplicity. I can remember another man with a bold plan that was simple “We win they lose!” and went about putting the policies in place to do just that. Herman Cain has that same sort of bold plan to solve big problems and end class warfare envy politicking as we know it.

    9-9-9 encourages working poor to save which is typically the reason working poor are still WP after a decade of working. See immigrants who come with nothing and barely speak the language and live the American Dream through hard work, savings and make it.

    The 9-9-9 plan encourages job growth, lowers cost for the employer which has direct correlation to pricing -good for the consumer. Also, gives people more money on their paychecks to spend/save.

    If One gets $200.00 EXTRA a on their paycheck each week and the same bag of groceries One paid $200.00 for under 70,000 pages of tax code – One pays an extra $18.00 but still has $182.00 to put into savings that week or offset other taxable goods they might purchase that week. Many will see much more on their chacks that $200.00 and even the working poor will have more funds available each week.

    When people are putting their money into savings accounts then banks don’t need TARP bailouts the Federal Reserve printing money to supply them therefore devaluing savings accounts of the elderly and hurting the poor with inflation.

    When perpetual working poor are saving they won’t be perpetual working poor and they won’t need government forcing banks to change time tested loan standards or F&F distorting the housing market creating bubbles.

    9-9-9 takes away the catalyst for most if not all the divisive bickering ie envy politicking and class ware rhetoric as it treats everybody fairly, the same. The rich spend more because they can so they will pay their fair share.

    9-9-9 allows Michael Moore or the frugal Warren Buffet to stimulate the economy and pay more taxes until their hearts content. True patriots! Moore can film a documentary of him and Buffet going around the country spending their money until they’re blue in the face paying taxes. Moore can call his documentary “Warren and Me.”

    When we pass 9-9-9 pols will not be able to raise taxes because it will be easier for the opposition to explain how that “directly affects your life” to the consumer/voter. You’ll have a lot more people voting when you try raising their taxes. Good luck with that tax loving Democrats or even the “read my lips crowd” within the GOP establishment.

    Herman Cain one simple plan addressing many problems directly at the roots and SOLVING THEM. Romney 59 of them just tweaking around the edges.

    Millionaires like Romney and billionaires will be getting a tax break too and instead of hiding their money in the loopholes of 70,000 pages of tax code, they will spend it and pay plenty of taxes. Why? How? – Because the so called “rich” spend more money by default.

    Cain’s plan sends the taxes to the government through the economy which means free markets will decide the winners and losers – not the government! Cain’s plan ends envy politicking and class warfare forever!

      1. I just did a search for Lawrence O’Donnell and found this.


        In the interview you posted, Cain is not telling the truth about the 15.3%

        The FICA is 7.65.

        On an income of 10,000 dollars there is a standard deduction of 5800.00 and exemption of 3700.00. That leaves them with a taxable income of 500.00 dollars. Their tax liability would be 50.00 dollars. There would be a FICA of 765.00. 765.00 and 50.00 would total 815.00.

        The EITC would be 278.00.

        Under Cain’s plan when he said the people would save money under his plan,the person would have a tax liability including FICA of 537.00 as opposed to 900.00 under his plan plus the 9 % consumption tax.

        Obviously Cain discovered his plan would cost the lower income more because he changed it to 909 plan.

        I did the math for different levels of poverty and had it verified by a tax accountant.

        This was what I posted on this site the day after he asked for an Amen.

        A family of 4 at poverty level Married filing jointly 2 children under the present system.

        Gross income $22,350
        Qualified plan contributions 0
        Adjusted gross income = $22,350
        Standard/Itemized deductions $11,600
        Personal exemptions – $14,800
        Taxable income = $0
        Tax liability before credits $0
        Child tax credits – $0
        Estimated tax liability = $0
        FICA 1709.75
        Earned income tax credit 4984.00

        With standard deductions and exemptions,they already pay no income tax.

        They would have to pay FICA of 1709.75.

        They would lose the EITC which would be a refund check of 4984.00

        After you deduct the FICA of 1709.75 from the refund check of 4984.00 they will still have 3275.00

        Cain made a terrible plan even worse and he doesn’t even know it.

        Sorry to the people that had to read this again.

        Earned Income Tax Credit calculator.


        2011 Federal Income Tax Estimator


        Do the math yourself.

        The 2011 HHS Poverty Guidelines


        1. In the interview you posted, Cain is not telling the truth about the 15.3%
          The FICA is 7.65.

          The 15.3 is the employers and employees contributions. When cost are cheaper for the employer they can figure out ways to make their service or product cheaper and when companies are competing for our dollars it’s always good for the consumer.

          And yes people do get paid to work by the government with the EIT etc… Do you think that adds to the deficit and national debt? The fact is working poor will have more money on their paychecks every week and the 9% sales tax encourages them to save more instead of buying things like X-Boxes etc…. And when the working poor are saving they won’t be perpetual working poor. When everyone is saving more banks won’t need bailouts, or Bernanke printing money. When people are saving more the gubment won’t need to distort housing markets with F&F and relaxed loan standards.

          Cain’s 9-9-9 bowls down a variety of problems and solves them directly at the root of the problem.

          1. Self-employed folks like myself pay the full 15.3. This country has millions of self-employed folks.

            1. In August, 14.5 million people were self-employed out of a total 140 million in the work force. That’s only about 10.35 %.

          2. “The 15.3 is the employers and employees contributions. When cost are cheaper for the employer they can figure out ways to make their service or product cheaper and when companies are competing for our dollars it’s always good for the consumer.”

            I know Cain was including the employers share.

            You can spin Cain’s untruth anyway you want, but it’s still a lie.

            On Meet The Press Cain said “you can’t predict the behavior ” ,yet you are trying to predict the behavior of businesses.

            There are so many holes in what Cain is trying to peddle as the facts and you people buy it without investigating.

          3. ” The fact is working poor will have more money on their paychecks every week and the 9% sales tax encourages them to save more instead of buying things like X-Boxes etc…. ”
            I just gave you the facts that under Cain’s plan the working poor will have less money under Cain’s plan and all the calculators where you can do the calculations yourself,but you choose to parrot what Cain says instead of thinking for yourself.

            Of course the EITC will add to the deficit and national debt and I have never approved of it while i was still working or now that I’m retired.

            That doesn’t change the fact that Cain’s 909 plan is worse for most of the people at or below the poverty level while he was trying to pass it off as a benefit for these people.

          4. I think talk about another method of taxing is a diversion from the real problem that still has not been addressed: Spending, and the over-reach of government shown by that over-spending. We have to address that first, otherwise, the government will just add another big tax to what already exists to support their over-reach.

        2. You keep posting this, but it’s flawed in its assumption that the economy is static. You can throw all your old math out the window because it is based on our current, broken tax code. New tax code = new math.

          The current, high corporate tax rate isn’t actually paid by corporations if they are able to pass the cost on to consumers. Most times, the corporate tax is added at multiple levels along the production and supply chain before the product reaches the consumer. With that tax rate being cut to 9%, the end cost to the consumer would be much lower – at least 25% but perhaps as much as 50%. So, even if your math calculations are correct, Mr. and Mrs. Poverty Level Income will still come out ahead because they will be spending much less to buy food, fuel, clothing and everything else they need.

          1. You are the one assuming that the companies will pass the savings to the customer. My calculations are correct and yours are based on the Cainese language, the language of wishful thinking. I’ll keep posting this until it sinks into the thick skulls of the people that believe the assumptions you just made, based on numbers you pulled out of your hiney.

            1. Me thinks your calculations are based on your retirement your Roths and paying an extra 9% sales tax. Don’t worry I’m sure congress will address that and give you a senior discount card or something.

              1. My calculations are based on facts. What is it that you can’t understand about Cain claiming he addressed the problem for people at the poverty level when the truth is his 909 plan is much worse for them. BTW, it affects families with children the most. Someone in your household should be able to operate a calculator.

                Maybe for you honesty is not a prerequisite for the office of the presidency, but it’s the most important thing to me, so go on with your fantasy math.

                Let’s hear your defense of Cain on prebates. In May he said every family deserves to get a prebate @ 1:17 of this video.


                Then 10/16/11 he wrote an article for Northstar Writers Group

                9 responses to 9 false attacks on the 9-9-9 plan


                Claim 4: The plan should have included a pre-bate to offset the sales tax.

                Response: The last thing we need is to establish another federal entitlement, which the proposed pre-bate would quickly become.

                Which Cain is right?

            2. It’s called the free market. When a company can maintain profits at a lower expense and gain advantage over its competitors by offering a lower price for its product, it would be foolish NOT to do so. It only takes one. All the others will then either fall in line or fall out of competition. The “facts” you use are based on the assumption that corporations are so greedy they will collude and refuse to compete. I think you’re wrong because the business model will be forced to change.

              As an example, I give you Jetblue Airways. This evil, greedy corporation has built its business by going into under-served, overpriced markets and offering a superior product for a reasonable price. Several years ago, before they entered the Richmond to Boston market, the legacy carriers were barely breaking even selling tickets for $800 round-trip. Jetblue moved in and made a profit selling tickets for $39 each way because they had a better business model. Now you can routinely get the flight for $300 round-trip because the other airlines in the market have to either compete or go away.

              The same will be true of grocery stores, gas stations, clothing stores, etc. under a simplified tax code. The money the corporations save in tax and compliance absolutely WILL be passed on to the end consumer by any business that wants to remain competitive and stay in business. Throw your old math on the compost heap. The democracy of capitalism will prevail.

  66. Having watched “The Undefeated”, plus the confirmation of 25,000 emails that she walks the talk, she absolutely is the most accomplished conservative that we can trust 110% to advance the conservative agenda as president or tea party activist. Romney was my guy in 2008, but we have all learned a lot more about him since then. Palin would definitely get my vote as an independent. Imagine a Palin/Gingrich or Palin/Cain ticket running against Romney/Pawlenty or Romney/anyone. Palin will be very active in the primaries campaigning for conservatives to win their primaries. Assuming she again has a 67% success rate, or higher. I would expect the people she supported in both 2010 and 2012 to support her in the general election next fall, even if she runs as an independent, conservative republican.

    1. She can’t win the moderates/independents. They are ones who decide elections now given how divided the country is.

      1. Palin has proven to have tremendous appeal to “true” moderates and independents. A huge part of her platform is honest/ethical government and independence from special interests, party bosses and power brokers. Moderates and independents often have a hard time making a choice between a moderate republican candidate and a democrat because there is not enough of a difference between the two. The M/I group should be first in line to support Palin!

  67. Yes, for three reasons:

    1. The ONLY way Palin would do this is that she see’s a path to win. She would only jump in to win.

    Palin’s political instincts throughout her career have stymied her opponents. Listen to Alaskans and campaign staff who have run against her, including Obama’s 2008 communications director, Anita Dunn, who worked for Tony Knowles, a former 2-term governor who lost to Palin in 2006. “Don’t underestimate her.”

    So if Palin thought the environment was right, then I would trust her judgment.

    2. Other independent candidates, such as Perot and Anderson, were Lone Wolves. Meaning they were the only candidate on their ticket.

    Palin worked hard in 2010 to get Tea Party conservatives in place. And that election was the most successful for the GOP since the Depression nationwide. Palin will work again in 2012 to get even more Tea Party conservatives in the House, take back the Senate, and win even more governorships and state legislatures.

    So IF she runs herself in 2012, she would have dozens if not hundreds of other like-minded public servants who are already in office or on their way to being in office.

    Sarah Palin is not a Lone Wolf.

    Remember, Ross Perot STILL got 20% of the vote in 1992 even AFTER he left the race and then jumped back in.

    3. People need to understand how well she worked with Democrats in Alaska. And how much of an appeal she has to working class Democrats, PUMAs, and independents.

    Much of Alaska is Independent, including her husband and son, and yet she had a 90% approval rating AFTER 2 years in office and much legislation passed and budget cutting accomplished.

    1. You are wrong sir,
      Ron Paul, Huntsman and Johnson as the GOP Nominee will not win more than 15 states.
      Newt, Bachman, Cain and Santorum, will need a miracle to beat O
      Newt will certainly destroy O in debates, but that is if the debates are on the issues. What do you think O is going to do with $1B?
      Romney is the closest to beat O and that would be with a V6 engine from the Repubic machine, their 4 cylinder engine will not go the whole distance.

    2. Wow…..I wouldn’t underestimate Obama and his corrupt cronies if I were you.
      There are many people who will stay home if Romney is the nominee.

  68. Interesting thought. A year ago, I would have said no way. I have always been against 3rd party, as it always ends bad for the Republicans. However, it they continue to shove guys like Romney down our throats, disparage the TEA Party, and not live up to the 2010 mandate…well then they don’t deserve my loyalty, and I would indeed support her. Things have changed that much.

      1. Sarah Palin gave voice to that too just a few months ago. On Hannity, she said: “You know what, a year ago I would have said please don’t even consider third party…. I think conditions have changed in this last year…. Well, too many in the GOP are still resistant and resisting that movement of this new crop of common sense conservatives and if they’re not careful in the GOP there will be a third party rise up just like back in the day when the Whigs finally went away and Republicans rose up. That is what the GOP should be fearing today…. not that I want to see that… but just the machine that runs the GOP has to be very careful.”

        When Hannity asked if this would not result in a split anti-Obama vote, Palin acknowledged this would be the case, then added that “if they (the GOP) don’t want to see a third party run they better get their stuff together….” She added: “There are quite a few issues that the GOP had better get their stuff together on…”

        Hannity realized the import of what she seemed to be saying and insisted on coming back to it after other issues had been discussed. He began again with Trump: “If Donald Trump was running third party would you consider supporting him?”

        Palin allowed she still had “hope” that the GOP would stand strong. Then Hannity asked her directly if she herself would consider a run as a third party candidate if she didn’t like the GOP candidates.

        “I don’t foresee that right now.”


        “Right now.”

  69. Yes, but she won’t run and split the ticket. She know’s whats at stake in the election and she’s a patriot first.My guess is that she will hold her endorsement till after a few primaries. I think she is the only person who can mend the rift between the establishment and conservatives, but not by running third party.

    1. Oh, by “mending the rift”, you mean by compromising with the gop establishment who have shown no support for Palin OR the Tea Party? I don’t think so.

      1. She endorsed several establishment nominees in the last election including McCain. Even with the trashing she has received from establishment scum, she knows whats at stake in this country, Obama needs to be defeated. I know you love her, as do I, but I think she will do what ever it takes to take out 0.

        1. While we have our own personal feelings (often negative) of Senator McCain, I at least have to give her the credit of being “loyal”. After the stunning victories in 2010, none of the endorsed candidates showed courage/loyalty in light of the Arizona/Giffords ordeal.

          1. Absolutely true, but I think she will be pragmatic with her endorsement(s). She even held back support of several Tea Party candidates here in Colorado, and they turned out to have huge warts that got them defeated in the election.
            Sometimes we Palinistas put our hopes and thoughts into her thinking and wishing that our thoughts were the same as hers. Which of coarse is harmful to our movement IMHO.

  70. Never in my lifetime, and I’m 72 years old, have I ever had so much respect for a political person as I do for Sarah Palin! On every last little item that is so vital to saving this precious country, SHE GETS IT!!! As disappointed as I am that she decided not to run, I certainly respect her decision and will always hold that great patriotic woman in the highest regard.

  71. Conservatives need to come together behind one candidate, not split our votes and chance reelection of Obama. Cain is the man. Maybe Sarah can run next time.

    1. Cain, who has no public admin experience, doesn’t want to audit the Fed, worked for a Fed bank, was a DC lobbyist, keeps changing his statements, wants to outsource foreign policy decisions to the State Department until he gets up to speed on foreign affairs?

      That Cain?

      What do you know about Cain other than 9 9 9, which I guess is 9 9 0 now, or something?

      Look, Cain’s a good man. He’s a patriot. He’s a man of faith. He’s a self-made man. He’s a family man.

      I admire him as a human being. I admire his accomplishments.

      That doesn’t mean he has the aptitude, knowledge, or skills to be the leader of the free world.

      I admire a lot of people who I still don’t think should be president of the United States.

    2. I’ll maybe think about giving Mr Cain my vote if he ever decides to “get back to me” about foreign policy/Afghanistan.

    3. Sarah wouldn’t be interested in the presidency just for the sake of the title. Unlike everyone else who is running, this political career isn’t for her ego, it was to make a difference when she felt she could. She apparently doesn’t feel that she can win against BOTH the GOP establishment and the Democrats, so maybe she feels the best thing she can do is just work to take congress and state positions back.
      But, then, we’ll see what Bannon’s bombshell is all about in December. Things could change. For all we know, she isn’t out for good anyway.
      Her stated goal is to take Obama out. She’ll watch along with us and decide what she has to do as time goes along to help kick Obama out.

      Write-ins for the primaries, BTW, is another possibility for those of us who want her in. Here is a summary of what each state’s requirements are for write-ins for the primaries:
      A write-in would not get her elected in the general, but it could lead to a brokered convention and a win if the first ballot did not lead to a majority for one candidate.
      Eisenhower’s name was entered in the Iowa primary as a write-in and he won. At that point, he decided to run. So write-ins have worked in the past.

  72. Question: why should I care what Sarah has to say anymore?

    She served half a term as governor, gives speeches I love hearing, was on a losing ticket in the #2 spot, got her fans all spun up and excited for her, then chose not to run.

    So…what does she have to offer at this point? I love her rhetoric and would love to see her run, but her decision not to run has put her into a position of being nothing but a political pundit on Fox and a glorified cheerleader for the TEA Party.

    What else is she bringing to the table at this point? I love her enthusiasm, her patriotism, was willing to overlook the shortcomings in her resume’, and now what is she actually doing? Yes, I’m feeling a little bitter. It’s like Braveheart “Well, we didn’t get all dressed up for nothing.” Apparently, we did.

    1. Well, for one thing… In 2010 Sarah Palin endorsed and campaigned for some 77 non-incumbent Conservative (TEA Party) candidates and 75% of them won, if she was not THE best endorser in 2010, she was one of the best.. How much money and publicity do you think those new, unknown Conservatives would have had, running against the GOP Establishment Machine, had she not campaigned for them… In 2012 she will be sought out as one of the favored people to endorse any candidate and will be instrumental in Conservatives taking back the Senate and adding numbers to the House…

      1. Well, everybody’s replies here seem to be that SP is great as an endorser, fundraiser, and spokesperson. It’s something, but I just don’t see her going 3rd party.

        If she’s an endorser, then who? Romney? Cain?

    2. She still has a strong following, and will continue endorsing strong candidates for congress, senate, and governorships. Your rant sounds like sour grapes.
      Move on already.

      1. Yeah, I feel burned and let down. And I have moved on…to Herman Cain. But I’d have much rather had the chance to vote for Sarah. I was so excited about that, and now I’m very disappointed.

        Third party isn’t even on the radar, IMHO, she knows it’s a vote split.

        1. steprock…the votes are “already split”. By the time the convention rolls around, and especially with Newt now rising in the polls…..the delegates will all be split.

          1. Bah! As if! I have a suspicion that those jokers in the GOP have all decided on Mitt already. We’ve seen some articles to support this paranoia…er…opinion on this site too. Why bother with primaries? Our GOP overlords already know it’s Mitt.

  73. Romney for President with Cain as VP to me is the perfect combination to get America back on track, businesses growing and stopping the government spending and creating government jobs which only cause the tax payers more $$$ and -0- revenue.

  74. Romney for President with Cain as VP to me is the perfect ticket to get America moving again, creating jobs and stopping the big government mentality.

  75. Sarah Palin is the only 100% TRUE conservative on my radar. I think that she could win. If Perot got as many votes as he did, Sarah could double that amount and beat Obama. Romney is a phoney and a professional candidate.

    1. Especially since Perot actually dropped out of the race when he was leading … and then got back in.

      That said to a LOT of people that he didn’t really want to win.

      Plus, he was a Lone Wolf. Who would he work with in DC?

      Palin helped elect dozens of Tea Party candidates, who are now in DC; she’s going to work for dozens more in 2012. IF she got in and won, she would have folks to work with in DC.

      IF Palin got in it would be because she saw a way to win. She would NOT get in if she didn’t see a path to victory based on the environment at the time.

      A LOT can change in six months time.

      2012 will be an unconventional election.

      Because these are unconventional times.

      I’m waiting to see the bombshell that Bannon and Breitbart are working on.

      Crony capitalism hasn’t even BEGUN to be explored yet – on both sides of the aisle.

      Including Romney, Perry, and possibly even Cain, who was a DC lobbyist for a time.

  76. Won’t happen, but it would only work if say Romney won the nomination and she outpolled him, like 28 to 22, with Obama at 45. People could credibility say that Romney should drop out since he is the spoiler since he is polling in third place. Pressure mounts, and he drops out and then the anti Obama vote unites and she wins. Not impossible, but unlikely.

  77. If she runs, I vote for her because that is who I want to be President. What is so hard to understand? If she doesn’t run then I want her to do exactly what she said. Support Congressional and local candidates. What did the GOP do for her Presidential chances? They picked their guy, which was, “anyone but Palin”. Screw them. They will be lucky if she doesn’t campaign against them!



    1. Sorry, I don’t listen to shouting.

      And the presidency is not the place for on-the-job training.

      Herman Cain knows NOTHING about public administration.

      And yet he DOES know about lobbying and the Federal Reserve, and he doesn’t have ANY problem with either … he’s been involved with both.

      No thanks.

      1. Just about every president during my lifetime has known a lot about public administration. We’re almost $15 trillion in debt now, on the verge of socialism and mired in a tax code and regulatory mess that is strangling us. How has that been working out for us?

        He lobbied to help the industry that he worked in. His takeaway has been to become an avid supporter of the FairTax – the most anti-lobbyist reform that has ever been conceived.

        He worked at the Fed but had absolutely no say in monetary policy. He supports returning to the gold standard.

        He’s had 45 successful years of REAL on-the-job training.

        1. The private sector is NOT the public sector.

          To advance 9 9 9 in his company, he issues a memo to his managers and says “Make it so.”

          In the public sector, he’s got to get that memo through Congress.

          What experience can we point to that he knows how to do that?

          Without compromising?

          He originally recognized the problem of radical Islamists in this country. Then he met with them and totally backtracked.

          It absolutely matters that one have experience in the public sector.

          Yes, it’s also vital to have private sector experience.

          I don’t know anyone who’s disputing that Cain brings valuable private sector experience.

          But this is the Presideny of the United States.

          Let him be a Governor. Or even a Mayor. Who handles the public’s money responsibly. Then we’d know.

          The Presidency isn’t the office to say “we have to elect him to see what kind of public manager he’ll be.”

          That’s too much like Pelosi’s “we have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.”


          IF, in the general election it comes down to Cain versus Obama, yes, I would vote for Cain.

          But this is not the general election.

          The primary voting hasn’t even started yet.

          I’m not voting for Cain at this point.

            1. Do you mean supporting our friends such as Israel? Peace through strength?

              The only candidate with FP experience is Gingrich. Gingrich could very likely be number two on the ticket. The Secretary of State would likely be someone like John Bolton or Joe Lieberman.

          1. Cain will have an entirely novel approach to passing legislation. He will be a real leader and explain to the American people why his proposals will be good for the country. He will let them tell their representatives that they want the reforms that he is asking for. It is basically the opposite of how Obamacare was shoved down our throats. I’m certain that it is an approach that Sarah Palin would love.

            If Sarah endorsed Herman tomorrow, what would your reaction be?

            1. I’d be surprised and figure she had her reasons.

              But I don’t have to vote until April 24, so it would make no difference to me in that regard.

              1. Her reasons will be that he’s:
                1. A born leader
                2. An amazing communicator
                3. A true American Conservative
                4. A problem solver
                5. Not controlled by the establishment
                6. A man of faith
                7. Going Rogue too

  79. All other things remaining equal, NO!

    I believe she is going to do the same thing she did in 2009. OR there is something else afoot that will be revealed later. The “B” brothers, Mr. Breitbart and Mr. Bannon seem to be on to something that they are not divulging yet.

    Thanks for asking. TRS.


    1. Exactly what I am waiting for…to see what Bannon and Breitbart have up their sleeves to change the election outlook:
      Bannon said: ““I’ve got something that I’m working on that I think is going to be even more controversial than this film,” he said. “If everything goes according to plan, I intend to drop this exactly 30 days before the Iowa caucus. It’s definitely timed for 2012.” He pauses, before adding, “There are forces brewing right beneath the surface, that I try to show in these films, that are going to have a tectonic plate shift in the culture of American politics. I think the paradigm is shifting, and it’s going to shift dramatically.”

      Forces brewing…tectonic plate shift in the CULTURE of American politics, the paradigm is going to shift DRAMATICALLY! That sounds like a game changer to me! I believe Sarah knows what it is they are planning, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her run afterwards. Time will tell.

      1. It was shortly after Mrs. Palin made her announcement just 24 days ago that I heard about Mr. Bannon’s announcement and that Mr. Breitbart has something cooking. It occurred to me then, with no outside verification that there was / is a triangulation here. The impression I got, although not attached to anything most people would call “reality,”* was that one or another of the “B” brothers ‘got to her,’ and THAT is one reason (other than the prayer and guidance – or part of the guidance) she made the decision she did.

        *I am proud to operate in what some would call an alternate plane. LOL

        Ecclesiastes 3. “There is a time for every purpose.” Correlating our actions with the rest of the universe goes a long long way to success. I think that is what the brothers “B” and Mrs Palin are doing.


  80. This is ridiculous, she wouldn’t run as an independent because, as she has stated, it would reelected Obama. Her ego isn’t so big that she would want to be known as the person who gave him another 4 years. She also said that now wasn’t her time. So it isn’t her time to run for the Republican nomination, but as an independent? I am the biggest supporter and I think she could have won the Rep nom and then mopped the floor with BO, but this just doesn’t make sense.

    1. What if Palin get more vote than the GOP candidate. Wouldn’t it be that the GOP candidate that was acting as the spoiler and not Palin?

      1. No, because the Rep candidate was nominated by the Rep party and Palin would be taking a leap of faith.

  81. I listened to Ron Paul the other night on Special Report(FNC), he doesn’t rule out a third party run if he doesn’t get the nomination either. The most surefire way to guarantee Obama 4 more years is to split the vote. Please, please, please don’t talk such foolishness! The country will cease to exist under 4 more years with “Bambi”! No Third Parties! Puhlease!!!!

    1. Right. A third party run would be a third pirate run.

      Of course, if you ran as a third pirate you could say things like “Arrrrr, look at me booty”!

      1. I sense Ye might be makin fun o’me handle! Fer yer information only! It stands for Bos’nmate, USN! Hardly a pirate, but I’d be glad to keel haul ya, jest fer the fun of it!

        1. Not at all brudder!

          Pirate was a play on the word party.

          I would ‘ve said the same thing even if your handle was Landlubber.
          However, I did replace the word “you” with the word “she”, for clarification.

          Now get right! 🙂

    2. No, there’s a worse scenario than Obama getting reelected and that would be a RINO Republican that would not reverse anything, not improve the economy, not bring back jobs, etc… Republicans would be blamed, Conservatives would lose all credibility and in 2016 we’d get another Democrat back in the White House to continue Obama’s agenda.. This election is not about the typical game of R vs D.. We need a real Conservative elected, one that will Restore America and once and for all prove Liberalism is wrong for America so we never go this way again…

      1. At the risk of sounding paranoid, I would even, grudgingly, accept a Rino, do nothing in place of Obama. Obama is on course to convert us into a communist country. When he finishes, Venezuela will be a paradise by comparison.

        1. In 2012, Conservatives are sure to add numbers to the House and regain control of the Senate, Obama would be powerless to do anything.. So, it would actually be safer to have Obama in office than a RINO Republican that would only destroy the Credibility of the Republican party for future elections… One needs to think beyond 2012 to see the dangers of electing a RINO.. Unless it’s all about the Win, to ruin your own party to spite Obama, that’s pride talking rather than well thought out priorities of Restoring America…

          1. We would strengthen the House and take back the Senate in 2012 IF conservatives showed up to vote at all.
            With Romney at the head of the ticket, a lot of people are staying home again. Well, there goes the House and Senate too, then.

        2. If obama pushes us any further, you’ll start seeing rioting in the streets and civil disobedience. If he does anymore line-stepping with a new House and Senate, he’ll be impeached.

  82. Sarah Palin would not run as independent unless she viewed the Repubican nominee as being as harmful to America as Obama.. And I would vote for her… It would be better to reelect Obama with a Republican control House and Senate, than to elect a RINO Republican that would destroy the credibility of Conservatives and the Republican Party and, worse yet, help to usher in another Democrat in 2016 because ALL Republicans would be blamed for the Failures of a RINO president…

    1. My thoughts exactly. I could never pull the lever for O, but if it comes down to him vs. Romney, I wouldn’t vote for either.

        1. Trust me, I don’t disagree, and there isn’t a person on this planet that hates what Obama has done to my country than me. However, I think there is an awful lot to be said for Bill Steward’s logic. Let’s just do everything we can to make sure that we don’t get to that point – hence my posts about Sarah endorsing Herman Cain.

        2. Actually that’s not correct. I was one of those Conservatives out there at fundraisers, giving money to McCain, writing letters to people, etc.

          He actually didn’t do too bad considering people turning against Bush and blaming the meltdown on him and obama’s media blitz. Considering he never really campaigned or debated obama.

          I held my nose and voted for him. That was the last time I ever do that. I will never settle again.

            1. Pick Cain or Perry, get behind them and one of the two will beat Romney and either would beat obama. If we allow the establishment to tell us how to vote, we get Romney and he further waters down the GOP.

        3. Absolutley correct. I don’t understand it, no I sure don’t. Never have, never will.
          I will vote for Romney, a can of tuna (which is prefered) or whatever runs against bo.

          1. Go for it, and when you wake up day 1 or year 3, of a Romney administration and nothing gets done, blame yourself. This country needs FUNDAMENTAL reform and a return to Constitutional principals and Romney will not do them.

            Don’t believe me? Look and listen to Boehner, McConnell, the idiot Senators from Maine, etc. THAT is the heart of Romney.

            1. I believe it, I believe you. I also believe that four more years of bo and his thugs will doom America for good.
              With Romney (may God favor us with a better candidate) at least the train wreck will get slowed down….perhaps in time to elect someone who really does believe in conservatisim. In the meantime, I’m glad we’re both on the same side! 🙂

              1. I am in no way wanting Romney as our nominee, that being said I think he could make a good president. He is a flip flopper, meaning he will be conservative if we make him. He doesn’t have strong political beliefs, so if he thinks being conservative will get him re-elected he will govern as a conservative.

        4. I rather we take one step back to move two step forward. Electing a socialist GOP president will only harm our cause

          1. Let’s be sure a conservative is elected in 2012. ALONG WITH a more conservative House and Senate.


  83. Dont be ridiculous. She had better endorse someone soon I have no idea why she plays these games dragging people along like she did.

    One of the Georgia boys Newt or Cain

    1. Not familiar with your sign language but agree 100% this would be paving the way for a second term for Obama.

        1. I just figured your first response was so emphatic the English language was insufficient. If there were to be a 3rd., 4th., or 5th. party, I would rather see the liberals take that route.

  84. Herman Cain is her ideological equivalent and is at a critical point in winning the Republican nomination. If she does not get behind him ASAP, I will lose my respect for her.

    1. If you really respect her now, it would be because of her good judgement that she’s shown throughout her political life.. If you lose respect for her just because she doesn’t jump when you think she should, you never really respected her, you’ve only like her decisions that have coincidentally lined up with your opinions thus far…

        1. Depends on the “endorsement.” If she decides, like most of the pundits claim, to back whoever the nominee is, then that’s an endorsement.

          It’s not a “I really like Romney” endorsement. It would mean nothing as far as her credit with the Tea Party mainstream.

        2. She has already told us that she is for anyone but Obama (ABO), so if Romney is the GOP candidate she will back him…IF she does not get in as a independent, which unfortunately, I do not believe she will be doing. We CANNOT allow Obama to appoint any more far left wing Supreme Court justices! They serve FOR LIFE and have more ability to change the course of our history than even Congress or the president, no matter which party is in country in DC.

      1. Her political life? She was a mayor of a small town in AK, left it $25 Mil in the red, quit as governor due to many dirty deals and the fact that she was probably going to face criminal charges. She couldn’t name 3 Supreme Court cases, never mind 3 she disagreed with. The woman is a flake and

        1. So, you don’t let facts get in the way of a good (albeit false) narrative, do you, Johnny? No “dirty deals” on Palin’s record in AK, idiot – just a clean, hardworking slate of action & legislation (with acknowledged support from both sides of the aisle, as a matter of fact!). So, can YOU name 3 SCOTUS decisions with which you disagreed? I took a year of Constitutional Law at my Ivy League college – but that was many years ago – so I’ve forgotten more than I care to admit! But of late there have been a few decisions that have surprised/frustrated me; but, guess what? I couldn’t actually put a NAME to the case!! I know what it was about, but I can’t recall the appellate even now! So, go stew in your own libtard juices, troll!! AS for Palin EVER facing “criminal charges” – in your (wet) dreams, johnny!! You’re barking up the VERY wrong tree on that count as well!

        2. Wow, you truly have no idea what you are talking about, do you! Hon, you really need to quit reading those far left conspiracy websites…you are losing it!

    2. If she gets behind anyone other than who she believes is the best candidate she is a fool. I doubt Sarah would lose sleep over your loss of respect for her should she choose to back someone other than Cain.

      1. Frankly, I don’t care if she loses sleep or not. Herman Cain is leading or close to leading in every national poll. He is far ahead in all the Tea Party polls. If she doesn’t help him get over the goal line, then yes, I will lose respect for her, and trust me, I have a lot of respect for her and that is why I’m quite certain that she will endorse him.

        If Bachmann, or Santorum were polling like Herman, I would expect her to endorse them.

        1. So you only respect people who do what you think they should do.

          Got it.

          So as long as Sarah Palin is your puppet and does what you expect her to do, then you respect her.

          Got it.

          I’m glad Sarah Palin doesn’t make decisions that way.

          That’s why I respect her.

          1. If she sits back and let’s Romney run away with the nomination, yes, I will lose respect for her. I’m quite certain that I won’t be the only one.

            Like her, Herman Cain is the only candidate that the Republican establishment hates. They are probably his biggest obstacle to the white house – even more than Obama and his $ billion. The same establishment people that hate her also hate Cain (Rove, Krauthammer, O’Reilly, etc.). That alone should make him the clear choice for her.

            1. Then why did Cain hire Jeb Bush’s people in Florida?

              The Bushes are as RINO as you can get.

              I don’t think you’re vetting Cain at all.

              You have not responded to the facts about Cain that I have presented.

              You seem to be wedded to the status quo, the current paradigm.

              These are unconventional times. President Obama is fomenting revolution with these Occupy Wall Street agitators. The RINOs are ignoring the danger.

              2012 will be a pivotal time for our country.

              Neither Romney or Cain have any kind of track record to handle the shaking up that’s needed politically, the paradigm-shifting that needs to take place.

              Just because Cain has never served in office does NOT mean he does not have MANY political cronies.

              Check out his long ties to Mitt Romney. Check out his lobbying career. Check out his time at a Federal Reserve Bank. And now he’s hiring Jeb Bush people in Florida.

              All this jockeying of the primaries that the Party Machine has done to ensure Romney the nomination just may turn back and bite them.

              These states are losing delegates for their shenanigans PLUS the early states award their delegates proportionally.

              So it’s not a guarantee that Romney will get the # of delegates he needs.

              After April 1, states start giving their delegates in a winner takes all format.

              We might be heading toward a brokered convention.

              You’re clinging to the old model of elections.

              That has led us to where we are today.

              The process needs to be shaken up.

              If we want to change the way politicians do business in DC, we need to change the way they get to DC.

              1. Do you seriously think that Herman Cain is a Rino? If so, why has he become the Tea Party favorite? Are they Rinos too? He’s as unconventional as you get. I agree that the Bush’s are RINO’s but just possibly he’s hiring Jeb Bush’s people because their good at getting people elected. Trust me, I’ve vetted him and he’s been saying and writing the right things for years – long before the Tea Party even existed.

                Clinging to the old model of elections? What the hell are you talking about? Cain is breaking all the rules and the establishment hates it. Just listen to O’Reilly, Krauthammer and Rove.

                1. bob…..there are hundreds of different Tea Party factions. Just which one is it that considers Mr Cain their “favorite”?

                2. Oh, I don’t know, how about every single one that has had a straw poll lately? Google “Tea Party Straw Poll” if you don’t believe me – it looks like you Googled “Herman Cain Tea Party Straw Poll” doesn’t it?.

                3. And another thing. There may be hundreds of factions of the Tea Party but there are common threads across ALL of them. Limited government, fiscal responsibility and lower taxes (more liberty). Everything else is just noise.

                  I saw Herman Cain speak to a Tea Party in April 2011. It was like the Frank Luntz focus group. Of 500 people that walked in, only a handful even knew who Herman Cain was. After hearing him speak from the heart, more than 90% walked out as Herman Cain supporters.

                  Did you do the Google thing?

                4. He’s hiring Bush people because they own Florida, a state that he’s got to win to have a real shot at beating Obama.

                5. Cain a RINO, no. Inexperience yes! He has never came up against sharks like these ploiticos before in the private sector, not to this level that is. Sarah Palin has and lived to tell about it and still has her morals & ethics in tact. Cain may not survive their type of hard ball with his in tact.

                6. Those politicos have never come up against an American electorate that is backed into a corner that have a real leader that can channel their anger into REAL change. Trust me, Cain has faced a bigger challenge than a few loser libs. Sharks my ass – they’re guppies! He’ll have great people around him and tens of millions of people behind him who are dying to get their country back.

              2. A few weeks ago, Sarah Palin said about Herman Cain, and this is an exact quote from her written statement: “I’m one of his biggest fans and i would never dismiss him or speak negatively about him.”

                If she is one of his biggest fans and he is leading in the polls, I’m thinking that endorsing him is not out of the question. Call me crazy.

                My guess is that you are a Paultard and you are just posing as a Sarah Palin supporter. I’m signing off.

                1. I apologize if you’re not a Paultard. I would just hate to be rolled by one. I can’t stand them. They’re like a bad rash that you can’t get rid of (not that I’ve ever had one). Let’s agree to disagree on Herman. I agree with Sarah and I’m one of Herman’s biggest fans also. Let’s see what she does. If she endorses him, you’re welcome to get on the train.

              3. I agree that hiring jeb Bush’s people in FL is a huge red flag….or at least highlight’s Cains lack of experience in politics…these political families/peeps may seem nice on the surface…trying to help Cain out and all but watch your back because they will stab you when you aren’t looking. That’s what Romney’s peeps did in 2008 when McCain hired them after he took Sarah as his VP…they were out to destroy her from withinbecause they wanted there Mitt to be the VP. And if my instincts are right, they, along with the Bush’s have something to do with Sarah not seeking the GOP nomination.

        2. Dude – the horse race hasn’t even begun. Polls mean nothing. The only thing that matters are the caucuses and the primaries.

          1. Sure, let’s just split the conservative vote six ways and let Romney win the caucuses and the early states and we’ll have our nominee shoved down our throats before we even have a chance to vote – again.

            Please don’t call me dude.

        3. I don’t think she will endorse anyone during the primary. I think that she is sitting back and observing what is going on seeing how everything is playing out, if she doesn’t like what she sees then she will get in as an independent but if someone emerges from the primary that is suitable she will get behind that individual for the general. You see the general election is a year away and ALOT can happen in that time, not just within our own country but in the world. Someone in her position can not be too hasty with her endorsements…for instance if the middle east becomes increasing more unstable (which it seems like the direction it is going in) then Hermain Cain who has 0 experience with foriegn policy would be a wrong choice. Just 1 mistake on his part could mean deadly consiquences for the USA. In the world we now live in we cannot take a chance like that. The current POTUS was under qualified and look at the damaged he has done is just 3 years, we can’t take another chance like that.

      2. I like it when basement pundits (with all respect) call someone else a fool for a decision. Obama promised to close Gitmo in the first 100 days of his admin, he got in and saw that things were more than he knew from outside, so you are not in bad company. Pls think twice b4 you call Sarah a fool for any reason.
        1. What if she really wants to support someone that can win?
        2. What if she knows something about Cain that we dont?
        3. What if she knows that something is about to happen thatwould shake things up?

        1. I do apologize because it is obvious my comment was way over your head. Nothing in your comment has anything to do with what I said.

    3. Sarah Palin will NOT endorse ANYONE at this moment. She may give kudos to some for some things she is hearing from them, just like she did Newt for the last debate in that he didn’t get caught up in the bickering that some were doing. That does not mean that it was an endorsement.

      We shall see how Cain and Newt do in their debate together that is coming up.

      Why endorse anyone at this point?

      You just want what you want and you want it NOW! Waaaah!

      1. You’re right, she should definitely play it safe and wait until Mittens has the nomination all sewn up before endorsing anyone. He’s only been campaigning for years now and has a cajillion dollars in the bank. He’ll be easy to beat at the last minute. That’s a great plan. Why didn’t I think of it? Waaaah!

      1. Only with her fan base. Outside of that, there are too many people who are anti or neutral. She’d just split the vote.

        Not that any of this matters. If she had wanted to run, she would have done so. She’s apparently happy being a Fox News pundit.

        1. Perhaps the vote needs to be split. The Republican Party, after getting a historic win in 2010 from the Tea Party, learned nothing and has proven itself irredeemable.

          Palin may be but a shoot off of the one party vine, but new growth always starts small.

            1. Even if it means don’t vote for Mitt? Even if that means Obama wins?

              I’ve expressed my feelings in favor of this idea, though I always follow up with my doubts about actually doing something that dangerous.

              1. Let’s just pray that it never comes down to Mitt vs. 0. While we’re praying, we have to do everything we can to make sure we don’t have to make that call. Obama would be a quick and painful death while Romney would be a slightly slower but still painful death of our country. Pick your poison.

                That is exactly why it is so important for the Tea Party unite under its most electable candidate. There probably is a little time left to see if Perry bounces back or if Newt or Santorum surge, but those don’t seem likely. Bachmann is a patriot but she seems done. Otherwise, right now, it’s Herman Cain.

                Thinking a couple moves ahead, maybe 0 winning would be better in the long run – if we make it that long. My daughters are 8 and 10 and I’m scared to death for them.

                1. “Let’s just pray that it never comes down to Mitt vs. 0.”

                  It will. It’s already been preordained by the Ruling Class and the GOP Elite, which doesn’t really want to run against Obama for fear of being called “Raaaaacist!” (Yes, there are five a’s in Raaaaacist!).

                  The Cocktail Party GOP is the 21st century version of the Black Sox of 1919, who threw the World Series. This time, they are throwing easily the most winnable election in 50 years to avoid taking on a (half) black man. I’ve read anonymous GOP insiders already talking about 2016 candidates. Top of that list? Gov. Fatass from NJ. More RINO Epic FAIL.

                2. You may be right but I don’t think so. The same pissed off people that handed the dems their asses in 2010 may just do the same to the Ruling Class and GOP Elite in 2012.

                  Obama AND the Rino’s have rattled this big old dog’s cage.

                3. Your darned right. I don’t care who the Republican nominee is I’m voting for them and anyone who runs against Boehner and any of the other Rino’s also gets my vote. It may take awhile but we will rid ourselves of the blight in our government from both sides.

              2. (Hit like by mistake. But you’re a good commenter, so what the heck!)

                I just meant to add that independents owe the Republicans nothing. I suspect most Republicans are feeling similarly. At this point it makes no difference to me which statist is in the office. Either way we get to keep Obamacare, which ends the American Moment.

                I won’t vote for that.

          1. I agree. Republicans will win the Senate and increase numbers in the house, and the same leadership will be in control of the R party. If any old guard Republican wins the White house, there will be no balance of/nor check on the power of the federal level of government. The back of the GOP leadership is not yet broken, and they’ve used the TEA party to regain power. I would be pleased if SP would run as an independent (not 3rd party) as a transitional check on the inevitable abuses of single party rule. The TEA party/conservatives will regain control of the GOP only with a great amount of effort and several election cycles.

            SP is the only candidate who can pull of an independent run, and is the only one I trust to protect us from GOP domination in this transition term. Cain was a top advisor to Dole/Kemp in 1996, so I don’t think we’ll get any protection there. He’s a mathematician that figured out GAAP rules don’t apply to financing through the federal reserve lending system, and calculated a way to leverage his position in GFther’s Pizza into ownership of the corperation. We don’t need a leveraged buyout of our financial problems.

            1. “Republicans will win the Senate and increase numbers in the house, and the same leadership will be in control of the R party.”

              The GOP Elite is looking at this as a rerun of the 1996 election, figuring that a lame-duck Obama with a GOP controlled Congress will go the way Clinton’s second term went.

              They couldn’t be more wrong. Obama has already shown the tendency to govern like a dictator. Democrats still control the Senate and the SCOAMF won’t work with Congress. Just issues His fiats. Obama without having to face the electorate will be Katy-bar-the-door in His goal of fundamentally changing America, to the point that we will never be able to get it back.

              Don’t forget: if nothing else, ObamaCare will never be repealed as long as the SCOAMF is in office.

          2. I think what she did is very clever. By staying out of the race (at this stage), she has shed a light on the inner workings of the GOP. As if McCain was not a bad example enough, they are pushing in another RINO “It’s-His-Turn” Romney against the will of the Conservatives. So yes, if they press him in against our will, Sarah should run as Independent!! And she will win in a landslide!!

          1. I believe she made it known that it was quite obvious that elite party officials would never let her in the inner circles. She was so outside of their thinking and corruption that they would never be able to control her. Realizing that, she has done a marvelous job of reaching towards the American people. She instinctively knows that the American people are so upset with the party’s stance that they (elites) are desparate to cut deals with any of our current party candidates including their staff. If she is going to make a run, she has to step out as an independent.

            What is going to be so delicious to watch is how they will react to her when she does!!!

      2. Yes! We need to run the GOP & O out of D.C. forever. It’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to be heard loudly an clearly that it’s no more politics as usual. WE THE PEOPLE are in charge of things if we can push for a third party. WE CAN WIN this battle! There are enough of us. We out number them and the LSM!!!

    1. The key is not voting for Romney in the primary. Let Newt, Cain Perry & Romney split the delegates up so no one gets more than 700. Thus it goes to a second ballot in Tampa. Enter SARAH with knock-out speech wins without a primary vote

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