Poll: Who won the debate tonight?

I was hoping Santorum would have a better performance than he did. I felt that he got too technical, too defensive, and didn’t rise above the attacks like I was hoping. That said, he didn’t do a terrible job like some are suggesting and he really was attacked a lot. Overall I think he did fine, but just didn’t stand out of the crowd.

On the other hand I thought Newt did stand out of the crowd. He attacked Obama several times in a very effective way and took advantage of not being the center of attention. However, when he was the center of attention a few weeks ago, he did kinda like Santorum did tonight. So to be fair, he wasn’t attacked all that much tonight. But when he was, he was able to brush it off and make his own points.

Romney didn’t really rise above either, but I don’t think it hurt him that much. I think Newt doing well tonight, potentially taking votes away from Santorum will help him.

Ron Paul? Well, he’s just a shill for Romney at this point. He’s not attacking Romney for a reason folks. I already didn’t consider him a serious candidate, but it’s even worse now that he’s just doing Romney’s bidding.

So who do you think won?

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