Pollster says he’s never seen a Republican with this high a percentage of the African American vote

Last night Hannity had on two pollsters to discuss the elections and both of them agreed that Trump is getting more of the black vote than previous Republican candidates:

You should watch the entire interview, but the portion about the African American vote comes in the latter half. The first pollster, Matt Towery with Insider Advantage, says he’s never seen a president with 15% of the African American vote this close to an election, which is the highest he’s ever seen.

The second pollster, Robert Cahaly with Trafalgar, says he’s seen even higher percentages of the African American vote going for Trump in North Carolina, Michigan (20%) and Florida (30%).

Cahaly then explains why he’s seeing this uptick so late in the election, saying that African Americans being polled in these states are telling his group that they heard for the first time Trump detail the things he’s done for the black community in the debate last week. They’ve never heard this before so they googled it, found out it was true, and now are voting for Trump!

Watch the video for much more…

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