Poltical Math: The 2012 National Debt Road Trip

Billions of dollars in deficit spending is difficult enough to wrap one’s mind around, let alone trillions. So Political Math has put together this video to help us grasp the concept, and to compare Obama’s record-obliterating deficit spending to that of his recent predecessors.

Hat tip: The Jawa Report.

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16 thoughts on “Poltical Math: The 2012 National Debt Road Trip

  1. The bottom line is, if we continue spending money like we are, we’ll be no better than the other bankrupt socialist European nations, especially countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Ireland. In short, we’ll be bust in a few years, especially if the economy keeps mushing along the way it is. We literally can’t afford another four years of Obama, unless we want to be as broke as Greece. Time for a change in November. Our nation depends on it.

  2. Shouldn’t it be that the Dems that controlled the House spent less than the current GOP controlled House? Can’t have it both ways!

    Yes, this video needs to go viral though. I’m just tired of people not dealing with reality. The HOUSE is what passed these budget breaking debt!

  3. If we were to be so absurdly generous as to give Obama a HUGE BREAK for the policies and spending faults of his predecessor Bush ,we must also discount G W Bush for his predecssor and not to mention Bush was paYING FOR THE WAR IN Iraq.and starting the war on terror for 9/11 ! I’m not a Bush fan but I`m just saying let`s be real here!

  4. The Soviets invaded Afghanistan in December of 1979/early 1980. The Soviet Union collapsed 10 Years later in 1990.

    The US invaded Afghanistan in 2002.

    Does History have a sense of irony?
    Is Afghanistan really the wasteland of empires?
    Do you think the Soviets saw the end of their country coming?

    What do you think America will look like after the dollar completely collapses?

      1. Agreed. Besides, last time I forgot to mention the investigation that needs to be launched on the O man hiding the nuclear powered Prius technology from the rest of the nation.

  5. I have been asked this question repeatedly and I am not sure. Who is in charge of the spending? What I mean does the House determine what is spent? I always thought appropriation spending was derived in the house. Or is it the Fed that is monitizing the debt and nobody is willing to tell the Fed STOP!

    1. Your last sentence is what’s going on. Along with the Fed controlling the spending and keeping it secret, they are also monetizing our debt. Look that up but be prepared to be scared to death.

  6. So Bush was worse than Clinton but not as bad as Obama. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    Now Romney proposes increasing Federal spending to 20% of GDP, not cutting it. I wonder how that is going to work out? I am thinking borrowing a whole lot more, taxing a whole lot more, or both.

    The day of reckoning is coming and it will not be the political elites, the banks or the entitlement class that will pay the price.

    1. It may be more profitable to quit work and go on welfare and foodstamps. Only problem with that plan is that I’m white.

  7. That’s the problem. The number is so overwhelming that people can’t wrap their minds around it and therefore, they don’t want to think about it and don’t want to hear about it because they can’t process it. That’s what Obama and the communist democrats count on. People’s apathy and passivity. It’s too bad that there are so many people out there who fit this description. If they think that what is happening with economic America won’t affect them – – – they are in for a big surprise. Obama is not helping America or Ameicans. He is dismantling America and our freedoms. No ordinary American will come out ahead in Obama’s America. And that is most all of us.

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