Pope’s Global Warming summit to be led by LEFTIST who wants gov’t to TAKE OVER companies and confiscate PROFITS

The Pope has announced that he wants lefty weirdo Naomi Klein to lead his upcoming Global Warming Summit, and we know now what to expect given how she’s addressed the problem in the past:

Another point I would make, [about] carbon pricing, is that when we make the argument that this is a rogue sector, that their business plan is at odds with life on earth, we are creating an intellectual and political space where it becomes much easier to tax those profits, to increase royalties, and even to nationalize these companies. This is not just about the fact that we want to separate ourselves from these companies, it’s also that we have a right to those profits. If those profits are so illegitimate that Harvard shouldn’t be invested in them, they’re also so illegitimate that taxpayers have a right to them to pay for a transition away from fossil fuels, and to pay the bills for a crisis created by this sector. It’s not just about dissociating ourselves from their profits, but potentially getting a much larger piece of them.

Couple this with the fact that the Popester kicked out a guy who intended to challenge the Climate Change hysteria, and we’re looking at a pretty commie summit, I would say.

[h/t @JunkScience]

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