Portland City Commissioner LIES on official Twitter to cover up crime by RIOTERS despite VIDEO PROOF

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty doesn’t work for the best interests of her city. She is a tool of the BLM and Antifa mob, complicit in the destruction of her town. And she’s covering up their crimes by spreading disinformation

Hardesty believes herself a celebrity. She goes on air to bash cops, and even gave a TED Talk attacking first responders, and her jobs on the council include fire and rescue and 911. Here’s a post that’s typical of her content on Twitter.

The thread is about an apparently planned protest or gathering in Portland on Saturday, possibly involving Proud Boys and other groups. But that doesn’t stop her from bashing the police in her own city for their effort to protect the citizens and businesses that the city is actually made of and consists of.

Now that you have the flavor of her content, here’s what she said about Marquise Love, who as you know is a protester (rioter) arrested as one of several people who tried to murder a man in front of a whole crowd of people in the middle of a Portland city street. Love was arrested because he did the crime.

Here’s Hardesty:

She links to an out of date article that quotes the woman in the truck as saying of the band of marauders that “This little group was not a protesting group. They were just looking for a fight. They were trying to fight people driving by. They were just looking to fight somebody.”

That layperson’s take obviously refers to the fact that this pack of thugs weren’t in the large body who were carrying signs at that exact moment. As anyone following the news – a group you would think would include city commissioner Hardesty – knows, this is part of what the “protesters” (rioters) do every night. They send out roving bands to start fires, vandalize buildings, and most importantly, to attack and harm people who live in Portland. That’s part of it. The young lady in the truck probably doesn’t know this because they were just driving through when they were assaulted. But Hardesty knows, and so does that reporter. They just lie about it.

People aren’t letting her get away with it.

This one is the total proof of her lies.

She already knows. She’s a liar so she lied about it. It’s called disinformation and she’s doing it from her official Twitter account as a city official.

Here’s what she says, by the way, in her Facebook post.

The past 80+ days have laid bare the inequities and conflict deep in our city and across the country. People are angry and overwhelmed. We have seen too many Black people killed at the hands of police, and the nightly violence carried out by police at protesters challenging police violence only adds more pain and trauma. We are experiencing the tension and pushback that comes with challenging the status quo.

“Nightly violence carried out by police.” That’s what she really says. She also said as “a child of the Civil Rights movement” she will continue to “condemn the nightly police violence.” She claims she will call out “bad actors” among the protesters, but … yeah, no she won’t.

Jo Ann Hardesty. That’s her name. If you live there, remember that at the ballot box.

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