PORTLAND DYSTOPIA: Yet another night of hate and violence as rioters throw CHUNKS OF CONCRETE at police

Portlandia may be the title of comedy show, but it’s going to become a synonym for dystopia very soon, as the absolute destruction and descent into lawless anarchy continues in the northwest liberal metropolis.

The police in the city reported overnight last night that not only were so-called protesters once more trying to blind officers with dangerous lasers (they’ve already blinded several) but they are throwing rocks and chunks of concrete at the peacekeepers.

Naturally, journalist Andy Ngo was all over it.

The Portland Police described in more detail some of what went down.

At 12:10 a.m., individuals in the crowd gathered outside of the Kelly Building began throwing or launching frozen or hardboiled eggs, rocks, and commercial grade fireworks at officers positioned in the parking lot. This ongoing criminal activity created an extremely dangerous situation.

Public address announcements were continually made directing the group to disperse to the east. At 1 a.m., both Oregon State Police and PPB officers began dispersing the crowd to the east.

Even the New York Times was forced to acknowledge, late and to little effect, that these aren’t especially good things that are happening in Oregon (and across the country, we would add.)

Things aren’t getting better there. And even a plea and ploy from their socialist mayor has done little to curb the rioters’ lust for destruction. This is from the front of the East Precinct just a few nights ago.

In fact, things could get even worse, if that’s possible. Imagine if this is the future mayor.

Not good.

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