POWER OUTAGE hits more than FORTY-FIVE THOUSAND residents in New York City

Extensive power outages have hit parts of Manhattan in New York City and more than 45,000 residents have lost electricity.

More from Fox News:

A transformer fire caused a large-scale power outage in parts of New York City Saturday evening, knocking out traffic lights, stalling elevators and limiting subway service.

As of 8:45 p.m. Saturday, Con Edison reported that more than 45,000 customers were without power in an area that included Midtown Manhattan and the Upper West Side. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority tweeted that there were outages at various underground stations and trains were bypassing stations impacted by the power failure and service into Manhattan from Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx would be limited.

The A, C, F, D, and M subways lines were down, New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson tweeted, adding that the utility had reported a “major disturbance” at a substation on West 49th Street. The New York City Fire Department said the fire started at West 64th Street and West End Avenue but did not say if that was the source of the outage.

There’s lots of social media posts about it:

Yeah, wait till the looting starts.

Here’s AOC responding:

Hey there’s a huge hurricane hitting Louisiana, but the news is obsessed with anything that inconveniences anyone in New York City, so here we are….

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93 thoughts on “POWER OUTAGE hits more than FORTY-FIVE THOUSAND residents in New York City

  1. Of course she hearts New York. This is her dream landscape. A major metropolis made green by going back to the stone age.

  2. Just a tiny sample of what a EMP could cause and our gov’t and power companies won’t spend the money to harden our grid. $2B would do it. Illegal immigration has cost us $245B this year so far. Anybody care about that?

  3. We conservative NYS residents are sickened to know that we have an admitted communist as the mayor of, NYC, a monumentally ignorant buffoon representing Queens, NY, a fascist for a governor, a marxist NYC senator that is joined at the hip with Nasty Pelosi, a disgraced former NY Attorney General that was forced out of office for physically abusing four women on top of having connections to the NXVUM sex slave/trafficking cult, but we also have a state senator who’s parents worked for the NXVUM sex slave/trafficking cult.

    They are, De’Blasio, AOC, Cuomo, Schumer, Schneiderman and Gillibrand.

  4. Part of the Green New Deal. Enjoy the brain child of the moron you elected, New York.

  5. Mayors go on CNN since there is no fact checking –

    “I have to tell you, blackouts have become rare in New York City. I’m hopeful again this is something that will be a limited duration, but no, we used to have a fair number of them. And lately, certainly in the six years I’ve been mayor, they’ve been rare in the scheme of things,” de Blasio told CNN anchor Ana Cabrera

    Anyone really think these used to be common prior to DeBozio coming to town? Looks like he just forgets what truth is these days. More importantly, what the frack has this mayor done to help with the utility company??? Please, point to a fact that he can take credit for. He needs something, anything at this point.

    What a joke New York has become.

  6. NYC could float away from the state and the vast majority of upstate, NYers would cheer.

    1. Thanks. You saved me from typing that same response. I’m old enough to remember and live through the November 9, 1965 mass power outage. I remember the date because it happened on one of my sister’s birthday.

      1. I was 12, I don’t think that I was paying much attention. It’s been repeated ad nauseum, though.

        1. If you weren’t affected then you most likely wouldn’t pay that much attention at the age of 12. I was 11 and living in a small upstate rural community when the lights went out. I had an expected indifferent attitude about it. It was neat at first then as time went by I began to understand the negative consequences of it.

          1. Right. You probably don’t remember the blizzard of ’67, because you weren’t in Chicago.

            1. Wrong. I do remember the blizzard of ‘67 because we also got hammered. I remember school being closed for two weeks. It’s pretty much a given that what ever weather events happen left of NYS, (Chicago, Detroit, etc.) ends up affecting us within two days.

                1. The prevailing winds do got west to east. There is also the fact that given our location and proximity to the Great Lakes. Upstate, NY averages 264 days a year with clouds in the sky. Central, NY is second in the nation for the least amount of sunshine. Seattle is #1. Just two winters ago the “Tug Hill” region of the upstate received seven feet of snow in twenty-four hours. That doesn’t even take into consideration drifting snow.

                2. Yes, I’m fully aware of that. We have stops in Dunkirk and Buffalo and I have gotten to experience storms all the way from Iowa. I grew up by Lake Michigan, but the lake effect there is dwarfed by Lake Erie.

                3. Since you live in Illinois you know what hard winters are like. The problem for upstate NY is we get the combined affects from Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario and even the Finger Lakes. From the NYS Thruway north that region depends on tourism in the winter. It is a mecca for snowmobilers.

                4. Yeah, I got stuck in Harborcreek last winter in one of them. Even that far east it gets pretty bad.

  7. Did they start killing each other (?), because as much as the media goes out of its way to tell New Yorkers how special they are, you’d expect the place to implode if they ever experienced a prolonged inconvenience.

  8. AOC tried to grind up a spoon in her garbage disposal. “No trabajo bien”. 😉
    The least of New York City’s problems.

  9. I don’t think Sooper’s comments that “the news is obsessed with anything that inconveniences New York City” and “Wait till the looting starts” are appropriate. How would he like to be stuck in one of those elevators right now?

    1. Oh no, it’s the appropriate police. This is a small scale version of what will happen to our whole country under one insane commie’s old green steal plan. Sooper is right, it is non-stop drama queen reporting over something that affects other parts of the country without the overblown coverage.

    2. His comments are not only appropriate, but they reflect the reality that exists in NYC under those circumstances.

      1. Except there was no looting, was there? Face it, as big cities go, New York is well behaved and has low crime. If you want to go to high crime cities, you might try the “red state” cities of Baton Rouge, Houston, Memphis, Nashville, Tulsa, New Orleans, or Indianapolis, all of which have violent crime rates more than double that of New York.

  10. Wow 45,000 lost power for a couple of hours in the summer in NYC. Was it covered anywhere on the national news?

    Not unusual where I live every winter for 100,000+ to lose power at times due to winter storms. Not usually covered for hours on the major networks.

    I give NYC an eye-roll on this one.

    1. Fox news wasted 4 straight hours on this, thus cutting into the only night’s programming that’s worth watching. Watter’s world cut short Judge Jeanine’s show completely missing and Gutfeld’s show also cut short.

  11. I sure wouldn’t want to be stuck in Manhattan during a blackout, especially in an elevator in a tall building or in a subway tunnel. Plus I heard it was very hot and muggy there today. Yuck.

    As a side note, I saw that one of the tweets above mentioned Carnegie Hall was affected, and Glenn Beck mentioned on his show yesterday that his daughter was performing there yesterday and today as part of a large choir.

    1. Remember Poptoy? I’m still in contact with him, I’ll ask him if everything is OK.

  12. I turned on Fox News {based in NYC} and they are covering the blackout. Everyone they interviewed seems to be taking it in stride. Hopefully Fire & Rescue gets everyone stuck in elevators out soon and there are no injuries or fatalities.

    1. Well, it was daylight hours when it happened and it was fairly isolated, so not the whole island of Manhattan. Would have been a different story if it were the whole Borough or larger.

      1. It was daylight when it began, but I don’t think it was over until after dark. And the traffic must have been a world class mess.

    1. If you think it’s appropriate to be happy about the problems of people you don’t know, someone should hit whoever brought you up smack in the face for doing a lousy job of training you to be a decent human being.

    1. Governor of NY said this will never happen again, but this is the second time he’s said that for the same thing!

  13. When we have power outages here in the Midwest with 100k or more folks off line, why doesn’t that make the headlines?
    I see AOC sensationalized it with Blackout.

    1. Had a terrible storm cell sweep though DFW a couple of days ago, gusts close to 80MPH in some areas, power out to major cities for hours, and we Texans managed just fine.

  14. The hurricane in Louisiana isn’t huge. It’s barely a hurricane. My sister said windy and that slow drizzly rain. The only way that’ll make big news is if some black people die on Trump’s watch. Besides, we know anything NYC, DC, or LA is more newsworthy than anywhere else because that’s where the “important” people are.

    1. Yeah, they usually don’t start caring about black folks until they start dying so they can get political points out of it.

    2. Oh for God’s sake! I’m really tired of these kinds of comments. We shouldn’t be playing the “My disaster is worse than your disaster game” right now. Just because this crisis isn’t the most serious one in the country right now doesn’t mean we ought to belittle it. There are people suffering, so how about if we just respect that?

      1. The problem is the drama queen media thinks LA and new york are the center of the universe. They go non stop drama queen coverage over what is really just a local story. You know just like they said about kermit gosnell murdering hundreds of infants and is probably the biggest mass murderer in American history. The media labeled that just a local story.

        1. It comes down to the MSM’s obsessive need for attention and thus money. Sensationalism sells papers and gets clicks.

      2. Oh for crying out loud. I didn’t say that. My goodness. Recognize some sarcasm. Yeesh!

        1. His comment was over the top virtue signalling. Your comment was totally correct. A blizzard could blanket the midwest and it is just a mention. New York can get a few inches of snow and national media reports on it for hours straight.

          1. That areas where the major media and elites reside get wall to wall coverage if someone sneezes is so true. I mentioned the hurricane being a nothing burger and somehow I’m saying “my” disaster is more important than “your” disaster. Neither is a disaster anyway.

  15. We NYers are better than you imagine. We’re not Chicagoans. No looting will happen. We’ve been through this before and nothing happened. We may have crappy government and politics but we know how to behave.

    1. I’ll take your word for it. I think there are those people in any city that will take advantage of a situation.

    2. New York was known for looting during blackouts. In the 70’s and 80’s there was major looting during blackouts. You can’t say nothing ever happened.

      1. 1970’s lol.
        Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about. Check your Fixadent! You know that was 50 years ago right?. What are you 80 years old?

        1. There you go again being better than imagined. Are you too stupid to know about this thing called reading and these things called books?

          1. There you go again, well, just being wrong again. Nothing happened. You went all in on something happening. An easy bet. You lost. Well I mean you’re a loser.

      2. Zero crimes as suspected. The only crime is you’re permitted to have an internet connection.

        1. DesireeOdey what you’ve just written is one of the most insanely idiotic things all of us at TRS have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this site is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    3. I wouldn’t say new yorkers know how to behave. The city is known for being rude. I will take small town American over new york anyday.

        1. I just saw on fox where a couple were told to leave their hotel room. So you leave your stuff to go outside in the dark? I was in a state park lodge when a transformer blew and all power but emergency lights were lost. We all stayed in our rooms and propped our doors open for light. The lodge didn’t tell us to leave.

        1. My comment says it is directed to ronbo. Your point? And really, you don’t strike me as being better than imagined.

          1. I hope you find the mental help you seriously need before you do harm to yourself and/or others.

      1. There is a definite and distinct difference between upstate, NY residents and NYC residents. Whenever I travel to NYC there is no mistaking that distinction exists. I have met a lot of wonderful people in the city, but there exists in them that quintessential NY attitude. I would think it’s the result of the tremendous population density of the region.

    4. I’m a life long upstate NYS resident and I will give credit to the good people of NYC. However, given the population density of NYC and the surrounding area there is no doubt that there are crimes that go undetected and unreported.

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