POWERFUL: Father of former SEAL killed in Benghazi says whoever refused to send help murdered his son, but he forgives them

This is a powerful interview with Charlie Woods, father of former Navy SEAL who was killed in Benghazi, who says that those who refused to send ready and available help to his son murdered his son. But he’s not saying that out of malice and hatred. In fact he tells them directly on this phone call that he forgives them, but they need to stand up and change the direction of their lives.

I’ve transcribed a portion of the interview:

If in fact, those people in the White House were as courageous and had the moral strength that my son Ty had, immediately, within minutes of when they found there was a first attack they would have given permission and not denied permission for those C-130s to have gone up there. I don’t know much about weapons but it’s coming out right now that they actually had laser targets focused on the mortars that were being sent to kill my son and they refused to pull the trigger, they refused to send those C-130s.

I’m an attorney. This may not meet the legal test of murder but to me that is not only cowardice, but those people who made the decision and who knew about the decision and lied about it are murders of my son. That’s a very strong statement for me to make but for their benefit they need to clear their conscience, they need to stand up and change the direction of their lives. And I want to say right now you know who you are, I totally forgive you, but I hope years from now you change the direction of you lives.

Listen to the full interview below:

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84 thoughts on “POWERFUL: Father of former SEAL killed in Benghazi says whoever refused to send help murdered his son, but he forgives them

  1. Charlie Woods. Although I didn’t know your son Ty, I am reminded America is the Country it is today because of a few who made a difference, and who made the ultimate sacrifice in the process! Please remember, Ty will always be remembered for his willingness to come to the aid of fellow Americans when no-one else would!

    I Pray that God Bless you and your Family. Ty although no longer here on this earth is definitely in Heaven. There is no greater sacrifice than someone willing to lay their life down for their fellow man!

  2. This is the worst piece of journalism I have ever witnessed in my 43 years of life. Hannity politicizing this hero’s death in an election season, and for no other reason. Hannity is a compete coward. Do you really thing the WH would ignore doing anything if they could? This is treason by Fox news. Wake up Fox news viewers, Obama is not the second coming, he is a genuine person doing the best he can for the country he loves. We have a difference of opinion, that is all. Get your news from varied sources and you might understand that Hannity is a horrible American, an anti-american, a right wing republican only. Total asshole.

    1. Obama doing the best he can for this Country? WHAT? Worst journalism? How about no coverage from the MSM?

      In time you’ll find out it was Obama who denied reinforcements to these fine young men who risked and lost their lives coming to the aid of fellow Americans. Mark my words! It is comments like what you wrote that be-little Ty’s sacrifice.

      I do agree Hannity shouldn’t have gone so far to an extent. But the MSM shoved their heads in the sand to cover a President who doesn’t deserve the dedication you give him! America and especially the families of those lost in Libya need to know the truth! However I seriously doubt Obama will ever tell it! As usual, he’ll lay blame to someone else. Because we all know Obama isn’t to blame for anything!!

  3. He’s a bigger man than me.

    I hope God keeps and protects these families… and comforts them with peace and love.

  4. Obamaladen gave his Libyan terrorist buddies 20,000 ways to kill. Why would he allow these weapons into the hands of terrorists in the first place?

  5. the msm doesn’t want to talk about this. obama/liberals make the excuse of “you’re just politicizing a tragedy” to try to get the american people (and romney campaign) to SHUT UP and NOT ASK QUESTIONS TO OUR GOVERNMENT. they use that to try to guilt-trip us. that’s why not too many people are even talking about this.

    and as a result… how many americans have NO idea what’s going on about this? yet they know all about binders and big bird. if more people knew about all this, there would be a HUGE outrage and no way obama would stand a chance of getting re-elected.

    so we need to do what the msm isn’t doing. we need to be the ones to spread the word and inform others about this. share on fb, twitter, and blogs, and tell others to share too. if we all do this, eventually, this will reach even the low-info voters. if you don’t share info about this whole libya scandal, you’re just helping obama!

  6. God bless this man and his brave son.

    To intentionally leave men to die in combat is treason and should be prosecuted accordingly. No rationalization from Panetta or Clinton or Obama will nullify their despicable actions. There is no excuse. They failed in their duty and a just nation would see them convicted. That they will all walk is a given, because our congress in inept and none have the integrity or the ability to admit they have greviously failed not only the Ambassador and his detail, but all Americans. Everyone in Washington is to blame. All of this makes me profoundly sad for my country and angry beyond words.

  7. What happened to those at that consulate is disgraceful and should be unacceptable to every single person in this country. It should be reported – at the top of every news broadcast and on the front page of every newspaper – by every news organization. That most in the media are ignoring this is just as criminal as this administration allowing those brave men to die when they could have been saved. I am sickened by this.

  8. To be able to openly lie to the families of four dead Americans takes a very special brand of cruelty. And for Hillary Clinton to say that they were going to imprison the film maker of this bogus video, rather than saying that the full resources of the United States military will be used to kill those responsible for the attack, shows just how morally bankrupt this administration is. Shame on them. And to all you voters out there, just remember that this could have been your son, your father, your uncle, or your brother lying out in the dirt of that street in Benghazi. And to think that your own government wouldn’t lift a finger to help you is just plain evil.

  9. could it be any clearer? the higher-ups, knew that this attack was going on (in fact, they had hints even BEFORE it happened) and they gave orders NOT to send reinforcements. i don’t know who, but someone high up said, “do not fire/do not go.” i want to know who is responsible. well, i know that several people in the obama administration are responsible, including obama himself. THEY KNEW THIS WAS HAPPENING. THEY HAD A LIVE VIDEO FEED. THEY WATCHED AMERICANS DIE AND DID NOTHING.

    and then all this nonsense about the youtube video! WHO started that rumor?!

  10. I’m posting this letter because it was written about 2 hrs before I listened to this father’s interview. See it below:
    I am appalled at the way the MSM with the exception of Fox News are handling the Benghazi, Libya issue by refusing to talk about it in most cases and misleading the public in other cases. The reason they are avoiding it is because they know that if the majority of the people knew that Obama, Biden, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and national security people listened and watched video from drones overhead as our people were under attack for 7 hours and that they did not provide any military assistance to potentially save lives that this is a bombshell. THAT IS THE SCANDAL. Instead of focusing totally, exclusively and solely on this aspect of the story Fox is all over the place and the other network news and talk shows are avoiding this aspect completely. Fox is trying to understand why the administration would blame a video and they speculate about Obama’s policy regarding not wanting to label this a terrorist attack.
    The following scenario best explains the reason for this administration’s action. Once they made the decision that no help would be sent to these people under attack they realized that the American people would likely condemn them for their inaction. A spontaneous mob caused by a video made by some obscure person was the pawn to put the cover up for their inaction in place and send everyone down a rat hole of speculation so that they could get through the election. They knew that the MSM would not pursue the issue. Their strategy was put in jeopardy a little by the house committee hearing. Since congress was out of session they did not expect any hearing until after the election. Since they were all there when the INACTION DECISION was made that is the reason why no one contradicted the video story.
    Finally this bombshell would result in a landslide election of Republicans if handled properly by Karl Rove’s Crossroad, the RNC, and Mitt Romney’s campaign. The ad should simply say “THEY LISTENED WHILE OUR PEOPLE WERE UNDER ATTACK AS IT HAPPENED AND THEY DID NOT ATTEMPT TO SAVE THEM. WHO DO YOU TRUST NOW THAT YOU KNOW THIS INFORMATION?” That ad would be devastating and will get them the presidency and a majority in the house and senate.
    As the father said politics should not enter this tragedy but these incompetent people do not deserve reelection and neither do the democrats who willfully stood by in silence while they try to perpepuate this fraud upon the American people.

    1. The fact that Romney and RNC are ignoring this worries me.

      I cannot get out of mind the image of Obama watching four Americans being murdered, then going to bed, and the next day flying off to a fundraiser in Nevada. It absolutely curdles my blood. How cold and calculated.

      I personally think he let them die because he wanted the Libyans to like us and think we were being nice to them by not invading their airspace or something. I believe it was a conscious decision by this very evil man we now have for president. He not only meets, but exceeds, all that I thought he was. Why is this not treasonous?

  11. Charlie Woods is a fine man, a fine father, no wonder his son turned out to be such a hero.

    Frankly, I am in tears, the more I learn what he and his colleague did.

    This administration does not deserve to be served by such heroes.

    I hope they get hauled before a court, for murder.

      1. The Lord will allow us time to reach forgiveness. For me it will be when the guilty are at the gates of he!! and I know the Lord will understand why.

  12. I thought Megyn was going to cry and also Admiral Nash. Gen. Mcelheny (sp) looked like he was spitting nails.
    All of America must show their grief and ANGER!!!

    1. Let’s get Betrayus at that table too along with a handful of 20 year old Barky Boy water carriers.

    2. They already have lied to him. And have been lying to him ever since his body came off that plane in a flag-draped coffin.

  13. I guess the only good news is that the foul criminal, Obama, will be unable to say that any of the heroes of Benghazi looked enough like him to have been his son. The racist, murdering bastard!

  14. Mr. Woods is a gentleman and I don’t know if I could be as gracious as he if it were my own son. I cannot imagine the anguish felt by this family knowing the sane govt his son was serving stood by and did nothing to save him. My thoughts and prayers are with him and all of Ty’s loved ones.

    Anyone involved in this massacre from the president down needs to be tried, convicted and punished because this IS murder. There can be no excuse made which would warrant anything less than a guilty verdict. It is also treason and therefore must be dealt with accordingly.

    May everyone involved repent before the Lord and to the families of those slain on the night of 9/11/12 at Benghazi. As a Christian the Lord tells me to forgive and I will admit I am having difficulty but I will; not sure how right now but I will.

    1. Forgiving is the hardest thing.
      Praying for His help so we can learn to forgive is one way to do it.

      Charles Wood, I’m sure, needed the long weeks of prayer, before he made these calls he made today and yesterday.

        1. Virtual hugs to you, sjmom!

          I’m still praying that I may find forgiveness in my heart for these people who not just sat and watched good people die, but who refused them the help they asked for – repeatedly – when we now know it was available.

  15. Did those [email protected]$tards even ASK for your forgiveness ?
    So why are you going around forgiving them , not even knowing WHO they are ?
    You are just making it easier for them to kill my kids too .

  16. On my first day in the filed in RVN, we were sent on a training mission , outside the “wire” to test our weapons, learn how to rappel out of a helicopter, (1st CA AirMobile), learn what damage you could do with a half full,gasoline cans, a grenade, C4, etc. Four, combat experienced instructors led the training mission that thousand of previous 1st Cav soldiers had taken without incident.

    That night, the training mission was attacked by VC with small arms and mortars. 150 trainees, sitting in holes on a mountain top in the middle of the night with four, old hands in charge.

    That night I was introduced to “Puff, the Magic Dragon” which was posted, airborne, every night, just in case it was needed.

    When the fire from the mini-gun aboard that old C-47 converted gunship lit up the sky, raking the red Vietnamese earth in the barbed wire like a dragon’s breath, a cheer went up, probably never heard before in that part of VietNam.

    “F*** you, Charlie!,” a hundred and fifty-four Americans shouted.

    I don’t know how many of the 154 survived their year in the bush, but I know 150 young Americans and four senior soldiers were saved that night because someone at HQ had a plan. And executed it

    1. An the AC 130’s they did have access to is Puff. You could climb the rounds into the sky they are so thick. Great story, Brother.

      1. Slightly off topic, but this is one of my favorite videos ever. A few yrs. ago when I first saw it, I asked my dad if they really did this — they do! C130 is amazing. (I understand there are 4 versions)

  17. This is a better man than I am. I am afraid that I would handle things differently, I am afraid I am not that nice

    May God give him peace and comfort and may November 6 come and go with a new President Elect

  18. No one who knows what happened that day could ever vote for Obama. The problem is getting the word out. The lefty media will not report the facts. MY lib friends on FB ignore any posts I put up except pictures of my grandson. NBC, CBS and ABC are willing coconspirators in the destruction of our country! It makes me sick!!!

    1. And I hope the families of the fallen sue the alphabet soup networks for hiding the truth from Americans for their own financial gain. Interviewing the pResident brings in $$$ and look at Couric, now she has her own show.

    1. Because he is a true Christian, living his faith.
      Forgiveness is the hardest thing – but we are told to forgive and forgive, because if we don’t forgive, why should He forgive our trespasses?

      1. I get the Christian idea of forgiveness. But you forgive for yourself, so you won’t drag hatred around with you. Also, forgiveness is for things that are forgivable. Murder isn’t forgivable because the only person who has standing to forgive the murder is gone. He’s dead. Those who are left behind can forgive only the wrong that was done to them. I don’t think I’d do that until the murderer had paid with his own life. Then I’d forgive, but for myself not for the scumbag who committed the murder.

        To learn that someone murdered your son and then immediately launch into a show of forgiveness is more about sanctimonious self aggrandizement than true forgiveness. If a murderer is ever to be forgiven, well I’d leave that to G-d.

        1. I do understand what you mean, but I do have to disagree. Here’s why:

          remember the murder of those schoolchildren in an Amish village, a few years ago? Someone wrote a book about it (I can’t remember the title, and I gave it away), because he couldn’t understand why the Amish forgave the murderer, how they could do it.
          One of them said it very simply: “We forgive. and when we get up the next morning, we forgive again.”
          That means – forgiveness is something Christians need to practice, because it really does not come natural. I personally find it very hard, but with prayers and constantly ‘getting up in the morning and forgiving again’, it does work.
          I think that’s one reason why Ty Wood’s father took so long to speak out: he was working on this. He didn’t do it immediately, and his talk was not so much about forgiveness. He only talked about it because he wanted to make quite clear that he wants to know the truth, for justice’s sake, not for revenge.

          I know others whose son was murdered, and who forgave the murderers. It isn’t sanctimonious, they don’t carry their forgiveness around like a flag, but we feel uncomfortable when we hear them, because we know in our hearts that we are not (yet) such good Christians, that we haven’t worked hard enough nor prayed enough to be as good as they are.

  19. If the words of this grieving father do not move you deeply, then you have no heart beating in your chest!
    Yet another American HERO patrols the streets of Heaven because of a cowardly, incompatent and inept leadership. How many more of our sons and daughters will this administration kill on the alter of politics over security? I’ve never despised a president or administration so much as I do this president and his people.
    Mr. Woods called them murderers. I agree.

      1. It seems that todays news surrounding this attack has ignited great anger and passion in our fellow citizens, Mike.

        I was up to the pharmacy a short while ago picking up medicines for my heart. Outrage seems to be rampant in the citizens of my small town. From the very aged to the teenagers, the anger is palpable, so much so that you can not only feel it ,but see it and taste it on the air.

        This may well have been Obama and his admins last mistake.

        1. I hope so. It is time to get down in the mud with these criminals and root them out. I am so angry that I’m surprised I’ve managed to avoid for letter exclamations.

          1. Even I, Mike, am having trouble not using words to which I am unaccustomed and usually offended by. It’s time for treason trials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. And I’m locked and loaded and ready to go. I’m not the shot you are Mike but I’ll do my absolute best in defending this country.

    1. I agree, VG1 – murderers they are, and hearing how Ty and his colleague fought and died, while that scum (sorry, but they are!) stood by, watched, and denied them help, even told them to stand down and not help the people in the consulate, that truly has me in tears.

      Charlie Woods is a good man, and a great man, forgiving them. I am still too angry to do so.
      But one thing I know, like Charlie Woods does: they are with our Father in Heaven.
      I don’t know if that lot who stood by will even repent of their ugly deeds that day.

  20. Quote Patrol
    October 26, 2012

    Joe Biden’s Most Crass, Tasteless Gaffe Ever …

    ” Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?”

    — Vice President Joe Biden to Charles Woods, grieving father of slain Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, during a memorial service at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.


    And, to think some people here have the nerve to attack me for calling a faggot a butt pirate. This, ladies and gentlemen, is your VP.

    1. I never heard of this “gaffe” before – I can’t believe it

      This man is really an a$$hole

      Where is the MSM ?

      I can’t wait ’till they are GONE!

    2. Mike, please tell me that Joe Biden really didn’t say that, please. I cannot fathom how I would respond if someone had said that to me. I do know this, the Secret Service would have had to intervene because my reaction would have been instantaneous and I would have backhanded him.

      BTW, I use the term “prefer the procto pathway”

        1. After I open a bottle of wine.  What is unfolding is absolutely unbelievable and yet the MSM is crickets.  What would happen to us without TRS, Breitbart, Rush, Hannity, Daily Caller and others?

  21. I don’t give a damn if NObama sends in hundred drones now and blows the hell out of some village and claims victory! He is TOAST! If he wasn’t toast before, he is NOW!!!


    1. Luv you Wolfie. Once at Gitmo, bring on those nukes that Zo Nation wants to reduce. I’m sure we can accidentally drop one in transit.

  22. I watched this live a few minutes ago on Fox News (Kudos to Scoop for getting it up here so quickly!) and I was tearing up just listening to this poor father speak of the love he had for his son and the love his son had for this country and then I would boil with anger when I think about their betrayal.

    Almost too angry and frustrated to type anymore.. .I’m running out of words to describe my anger and horror and rage at this whole NObama regime.

    I pray for the souls of the fallen heroes. I pray for strength for their families. I pray God will DEAL with the “bad actors” in an appropriate manner that involves sulfur and brimstone!

    1. I don’t think there are enough words in any language to describe the angry most of America is feeling right now, voting this admin out isn’t enough, they need to answer for what they did and wouldn’t do. This is bigger than any party affiliation, this is an American Tragedy. I pray with you for the families and all fallen soldiers and our troops still in harms way.

      1. hello Tiffini, i hope the reply finds you well and good health. having been in the military and lost friends myself i understand how you feel. but any administration can’t be held fully responsible. hardcore dem speaking here so know that also. i’m not saying more should have been done but it’s not easy being at the top. example i didn’t agree with G W Bush on most things but when we all found out about the hum V’s over in Iraq not having suitable armor people got angry at President Bush. men lost their lives and many lost their limbs…..but that’s not bushes fault….what was he suppose to do inspect every vehicle before it left the states…NO….he has trusted in other people to do the right thing. i feel this situation no matter how tragic is the in the same boat.

    2. I had tears as well, wolfie.

      These two were heroes, real heroes, and the memory of their sacrifice will shine bright for longer than anybody will remember those shameful people who stood by while they fought and died.

    3. More new intel coming out. This brave young man did what he felt was right and disobeyed what he may have believed to be an illegal order and went to defend the 2 Americans in that consulate.

      My heart is absolutely breaking for this father. I could never forgive the people responsible for the murder of my son.

      Watch, Barky Boy will try and award metals to the famiies of the two fallen former Navy Seals right before the election.

    4. I did, as well. This administration is as guilty as if they pulled the triggers themselves. They did NOTHING to prevent this and, if I put on my tinfoil hat, may have been behind it.

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