Powerful – NY Senator: We haven’t saved any lives tonight except the political life of a Gov. who wants to be president

Wow. This is from NY Senator Greg Ball who was in the New York Senate last night when they voted in sweeping gun-control. He gave a solemn speech pointing out that all the legislation did is make criminals out of law-abiding citizens. He said it doesn’t save lives – except the political life of a governor who wants to be president.

Powerful. Watch:

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91 thoughts on “Powerful – NY Senator: We haven’t saved any lives tonight except the political life of a Gov. who wants to be president

  1. Right on Senator Ball! You are a true patriot. Thank you for standing strong on our second amendment!

  2. Coumo’s “ya dont need 10 bullets to shoot a deeeeeer!!!” speech is in the catagory of Howard Dean’s demented scream……Coumo will never be president; trying to out-liberal Obama is not going to work for a white annoying New Yorker with a Brooklyn accent.

  3. Is there any evidence that democrats are patriots? They take umbrage at any comparison of their party with traitors, subversives, etc., but they are leading an all-out assault on the Constitution. In fact, progressive democrats have relegated the Declaration to irrelevant history, and the Constitution to a hindrance to “progress.”

  4. Once again, here is proof that elections have consequence. Be honest. How did your representative vote on this bill ? Do you even know ? Wake up before it is too late and we have lost this Republic.

  5. New York has turned into Poland of the 1930’s and the people are the inhabitants of the new Warsaw Ghetto.

  6. Beware the unintended consequences of this idiotic move to control guns. It won’t work bad guys always get guns. Seems dooflus Como wants to use this legislation as a stepping stone to jump start his run for the golden ring in 2016.

    1. Lets not get ahead of ourselves.

      While I believe he was great saying that, I want to know more about him before we start trying to draft him for President.

  7. “We haven’t saved any lives tonite, except for one – the political life of a governor, who wants to be president,” said NY State Senator Greg Ball. “We have taken an entire category of firearms that are in the homes of law-abiding, taxpaying citizens … we are turning these law-abiding citizens into criminals. … I voted no. I only wish I could’ve done it twice!”

    Yes, the old, ‘Criminalize guns, and only the criminals will have guns’ argument.

    Sadly, it’s true. I wonder how many of these statehouse idiots will realize the blood they will have on their hands…

    In the meantime, GREG BALL FOR PRESIDENT!

  8. This anti-2nd amendment stance will really hurt Cuomo for a Pres run (Hannity thinks so too), especially after the crime becomes worse than current

    Cuomo was already un-electable as Pres, because he was one of the key people who caused the conditions (forcing banks to loosen lending standards) that led to the recession. Surprisingly that hardly [or slightly] came out in the NY race, but will in a national race.

  9. Sen Ball is spot on. This is liberals bowing down to Obama but ia’m sure Obama’s defense he will bow back as soon as he get’s the chance.

  10. That ticking time bomb isn’t being taken care of because it’s not very lucrative to have to spend your time in a mental hospital actually taking care of the mentally ill when you can drug normal men, women and children and rake in millions. When the ticking time bomb goes off it’s good for business because then just like Newtown you can once again forward Mental Health Screening.

    I guarantee after they screen your children you will be next.


  11. Disgusting slobs called politicians. This man has honor. How many rounds do those protecting that coke head Governor have in their chamber? Cuomo is a sleaze. There’s nothing likeable about him.

    1. you can bet there is more that 7 mini uze’s will hold a 32 round mag i believe and there sig 9 mm i think hold’s about 15 or around there some may have glock’s not sure what new york state police have

  12. Just the thought of Cuomo being POTUS makes my stomach turn upside down. UGHHH

    Greg Ball is awesome!

  13. This NY liberal want to be POTUS? You can’t be serious. Other than a big mouth, what’s he ever done? (Yes, I know; we have that NOW, don’t we?)

  14. well, i voted against cuomo senior. This one is a demagogue. He is trying to turn NY into England or Australia. ( and Thanks for that video from Australia.) Too bad Andrew Cuomo is not good for comedy material.
    Every effort should be made to make sure his name is MUD, and will never be elected to ANYTHING ever again. And since he resorts to the demagogue – any political stunt that makes him UNelectable is a good thing.
    Can the drones out there spell demagogue ? Maybe they think they were voting for Mussolini. In fact, I think the whole mess in Albany needs to be exposed.

  15. Wow, just something positive, this guy amazing. He should run for congress, I suspect that that he might just come into a national figure!

  16. His first mistake was to say, “It’s good to be in the State of New York”. I think it’s good to leave the State of New York. Anybody that stays and wants to keep their Constitutional rights is going to have to be committed to it. Is anyone willing to stand and say, “No, you will not take my guns and ammo. You will have to arrest me”?

    It is a scary scenario. But, as Glenn Beck says, we have two choices. Civil revolution that makes us look like the wackos they want us to look like or peaceful disobedience, where we stand as one and say, no it’s not constitutional and we need to take it to court.

    New York is the first of probably many States that will do this. The President may well come out with Executive Orders that deny us our 2nd Amendment rights. If civil unrest is what it takes, then we must do that. But before that, will we be ready to stand on our convictions against the threat of being arrested and convicted as felons (subsequently losing our right to bear arms and the right to vote)?

    We each need to look inside ourselves and decide. I already have. I’m an American citizen and I have the Constitutional right to bear arms. It shall not be infringed. Come and arrest me.

    1. “..the right to vote.”

      After this election and the process of counting them relegated to a company in Spain controlled by George Soros I’m not sure our votes count anymore. Sure we still have the right to go through the motions but….

  17. the mental health system is broken here in Va too….I suffer from severe depression and at one time, a doctor thought that I might be bi-polar….the only sure way to know is to see how I react to different powerful medications (mood stabilizers, anti-psychotics, anti-seizure meds)…..I was 24 at the time (I’m 30 now) and have to go on and off these meds when they weren’t producing the desired effects had begun to take its toll on me…..one night when I was in a very dark place, I took myself to the psychiatric hospital because I was afraid of what I might do to myself if I spent the rest of the night alone…..had no idea what I thought they could do, just knew that my life could very well depend on being there……after hours of waits, I was placed in a room on the addiction/alcoholic floor because there was no room in the psych wing…..it was late and I was able to sleep pretty easily after the benzodiazapines the doc gave me for anxiety…..I woke up the next morning on my own and started to wander down the hall looking for a nurse or doctor (nobody had woken me up) I knew that it was time to take my anti-depressant but I was refused and told that I would be taking a different one and no one could give it to me til later…..it didn’t take long to figure out that they had lost track of me in the system and I had to seek out a nurse and explain why I was there so she could take me to the psych wing (where I was simply dropped off, not even sent to talk to anyone or told what I was supposed to do) I found an empty room and cried for hours trying to figure out how this was of any help to me….during that time, I learned that my doctor had stopped at the hospital to see me and they couldn’t find me and turned him away……I was just a number, lost in the system, and denied the chance to speak with my doctor….I demanded to be released and checked myself out of the hospital while the docs and nurses were puzzled as to why I would do that…..never once was I ever a danger to anyone but myself, however, what if I was a violent person with homicidal thoughts?? I can only pray that no one like that slips through the cracks like I did.

    1. That must have been a horrible experience for you. I so hope your depression is better. I have a son who suffers from severe anxiety and depression. It breaks my heart and there is little I can do for him. The best to and for you.

        1. Thanks so much. He is 43 years old and it’s hard to get him to listen much less try something, but ya never know. From past experience I say I cannot help him.

  18. I’m a New Yorker, I’m a Republican. I don’t see any reasen why we, New Yorker’s, should vote in Republicans to the state sanate. After all, there is no difference between the sanate republicans and their liberal counterparts.

    – Sanate Republicans allowed Gay marriage to become law

    – Sanate Republicans voted for higher taxes on the so called ‘rich’.

    – And now THEY, (not the democratic assembly) took the intuitive and voted in favor of tougher gun control.

    —————————What the hell is wrong with these guy’s?!———————————-

  19. It just got real quiet around here…………………….Lord God in Heaven…PLEASE help us all

  20. He’s right. And not only that, he should have mentioned that there is a “little” thing called the Second Amendment. I hope there is a legal challenge to this law in New York State. It will be interesting to see how that plays out, even in a liberal state like that.

  21. He’s spot on. And yet they still passed this piece of trash legislation, effectively making NY the most dangerous state in the union. Morons.

    I expect a migration of law-abiding citizens to leave that rotten, liberal oasis for criminals as the full effect of this ridiculous law is realized. To my brothers and sisters who frequent this blog, my sincerest condolences. NY has lost much of what made it great.

    NY’s Cuomo and Bloomberg deserve the “Moron of the Year” award for being this blatantly stupid.

    1. Collectively, the people of NY deserve the Moron of the year award for voting them in. Let’s give credit where credit is due!

  22. It sucks to live in NY. High taxes and now this. As a NJ resident, I will look elsewhere when it is time to retire.

  23. Watch your back, Senator. The left are comprised of very, very mentally ill people.
    Ask Mr. Breitbart…oh wait, can’t do that anymore.

      1. Right. Doesn’t pay to walk your neighborhood, by yourself, at midnight….yup…sure doesn’t….never know when a heart attack at age 43…..

  24. Cuomo must be certain America will stay on Obuma’s and his fellow Pols in Congress’ anti-Constitution course if he expects this action to help him ever get elected POTUS. Even Obuma in 2008 had to hire liars, whether real hunters or just pretenders, to do commercials saying Obuma would never take your guns away.

  25. This is the kind of nads needed on every born American. Sad thing is the 47% of them are gutless, holding they’re hand out puppetised scared wea cowards. Always expecting something for virtually nothing. Sadder yet it that this brave souls career is no at an end. he wont last through the session. But he is dead on what he says!

    1. Actually I used to live in New York, I know that area very well and his district is a conservative one, so no he is not dead.

    1. I watched that this morning. I hope it’s more then just a “heck of a debate” he’s able to pursue if the would be king does what he says concerning any EO.

      1. It was short and sweet and to the point. Sounded like something a founder would have said. Rand and Newt know how make every word count. It’s a gift and wonderful to watch. We could use a few hundred more just like them.

  26. Powerful speech by the senator and wisely stated. New York, like my home state of New Jersey has had many leave due to taxes and after the passage of this law I would imagine many more law abiding citizens will look to live elsewhere.

    1. That’s a tragedy… but it’s also reality. I used to live in the lovely state of N.J., near Wrightstown. But when we first entered the state in Camden… I nearly pulled the car around.

      1. I don’t believe those New York politicians care. If they lose revenue from taxes, they will just whine to Zero who will give their state some of our money. The same can be said for California, even after Governor Moonbeam thinks he is doing his state such a great deed in both cutting government spending and increasing taxes, when all along cutting spending and lowering taxes would have done a lot more for California. Oh well, leftist authoritarians just don’t possess synaptic connections of any sort. They probably never will.

  27. Spot on, Senator Ball, thank you for having the spine to say it, and for voting against the liberal’s insane, useless law.

    1. Joyce Malcolm’s book “guns and violence” describes how they did it in England. What is going on in NY is EXACTLY the same script, right down to the 11pm vote.

  28. Absolutely hit the nail on the head. Why do we have no one at the national level, on our side, that can speak like that? We are criminalizing law abiding citizens for political purposes.

  29. Bravo, senator Greg Ball! A voice of reason in the wilderness. The left’s mania about gun laws solving mental health problems is a fool’s errand at best, does nothing to alleviate the percieved problem of violence in every place that declares itself solely under the protection of entities and persons other than themselves. No self reliance for that crew, no no! They would allow themselves to be stranded upon their own roofs in a flood, waiting for rescue, and waiting, and waiting. HMMMMM!

    1. The clowns in Albany are too stupid to be Leftists. They are just stampeded and led around like cows.

      1. Stampeded is right, IMO! Look, look- at the shiny object! Don’t think, just vote for the shiny object! Just like congress, they are not reading and reflecting on the meaning of what is being voted upon, but being railroaded down that primrose path, to evil!

  30. I like Sen. Ball – (He’s got a pair for sure)

    He is correct

    The special education system in NY is a total mess –

    My wife was a SE Teacher in NY and she had some stories and it is getting worse every day
    That being said –

    Cuomo is a self-serving POS like his Father

    The criminals will have 14 rounds and the citizen will have 7

    I guess the citizen must now carry two guns instead of 1


    The BIG PROBLEM in New York is the LIBERAL JUDGES who let the
    dirtbags run free – not the guns

    1. The fact is a POS like Cuomo won’t admit that cowardly politicians and liberal punk judges have killed more people in New York than any licensed gun owners.

    2. Very moving words from a man who seems to truly care about the people of his state and about our country’s Constitution. Governor Coma should be proud that upon signing the gun ban bill into law, he will have criminalized a great number of people in his state…all in the name of “saving lives”, when in all actuality, the opposite will continue to occur. I’m sure he is so very proud. He will most likely get a congratulatory call from Zero himself.

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