Presidementia Biden is just a FRONT MAN says Tulsi. The power behind Ministry of Truth is CLEAR.

Tulsi Gabbard is preaching. Someone has to. She is telling the ACTUAL truth about the MINISTRY of truth. The new DHS “disinformation” office is the most tellingly dictatorial move by the left so far, but it’s just the groundwork.

It’s not hard to understand. The left has openly stated that they have to control what people see, hear, read, and think. Big Tech is phase one. It softened everyone to the idea, gave the Stormtroopers time to write their opeds about how awesome it is, and let corporations know they aren’t the boss anymore, the left is. Phase two is giving that power to the government, by giving the government power over big tech. It’s all the same elites anyway.

And the man who promised to fundamentally transform society is the one pulling the strings. Tulsi Gabbard blasted it on Twitter. Which you can still do — for now.

In fact Tulsi has been giving the Ministry of Truth hell for days.

Will Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter go through? If it does, will it be a battle that turns the war? Or will it be the last stand against a future that can no longer be avoided?

We’ll see…


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