President Alzheimer is a laughingstock at G7. No, seriously. They LAUGH OUT LOUD at him on CAMERA.

When future history books write about the guy who was president for a few months before Kamala Harris took over, they may or may not remember his name. Which would be a fitting tribute since he may or may not remember it, either.

Biden’s performance at the G7 has been disastrous. You saw him say a lot of people don’t know about Covid, which is the kind of thing that would have had CNN holding townhalls to discuss 25th Amendmenting Trump. Or saying was a threat to the health of every person on earth.

But not Biden, he just keeps flitting around, facing no heat and no consequences. Other than destroying the international image of America. But hey he gave us some hard candy he had in his pocket so ease up!

The visibly doddering old feller is like a frail ghost of twilight years to come beside the other heads of state at the G7 summit, drifting under light breezes, forgetting everything he’s talking about, and what other have talked about, and generally sticking out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the world leaders.. And they are yukking it up.

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At least, they are when they can find him.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games with grandpa. Some stuff you’re supposed to be able to remember. Like, I don’t know, countries in your speech.

Great job, Democrats! You’ve installed a cartoon character to lead the world’s most important nation. Good work.

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