President “It wasn’t my fault” and his long line of excuses

The RNC’s latest ad highlights Obama’s history of excuses. Take a look:

Rather than acknowledge their failed policies, the Obama administration blames everything from ATMs to Tsunamis. And while Mr. Obama continues to blame President Bush, the Arab Spring, the Republicans et al, as the RNC points out, “excuses don’t pay the mortgage.”

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41 thoughts on “President “It wasn’t my fault” and his long line of excuses

  1. Obama’s theme song for his campaign should be, “An Innocent Man” by billy Joel. I am, an innocent man.. oh yes, I am.. an innocent man.. wo.. oh.. oh.. oh…

  2. I think that’s a good one and they need to keep pounding him all the time. Give specifics about jobs lost, the real unemployment rate, the dollar amount he spends ever year, fast and furious, the list is ENDLESS!!

  3. The only thing consistent about our narcissistic, spoiled, divisive, mean spirited toddler is his repetitive blaming of everyone else for his own idiocy and failures. He may present to the world the physical appearance of a man, but inside that body there is a diminutive brain that expresses the antics of a four year old child.

  4. Human beings usually outgrow this mindset at around five to six years old. Nothing scientific here, just my experience and observations.

  5. Loved the ad.

    perhaps obama didn’t do _____________ fill in the blank, it must have been the demon of Joseph Stalin that possessed him.

  6. Yes, the Obama administration’s MO is to itemize the problems we’re having in the “recession”. Americans don’t want a President who is going to get in front of the camera and read off the litany of crises. We want a President that expounds proven solutions and implements them. Would anyone hire a command general who just talks about hardships and how many casulties have been lost before he was hired or would you hire someone who can articulate a decisive plan on how to win the war?

  7. I saw this coming back in 2008. Will the same idiots that voted him in office still vote for him again?

    1. I remember sitting in my living room in Canada thinking how on earth could the people of the greastest country on earth vote for that smug, lying, corrupt man with no experience to run a country let alone a lemonade stand. People cannot make that mistake again.

      1. Look how long it too us here in Canada to vote out our lying, cheating, corrupt gang of Liberals……..

        1. Lol, don’t even get me started about that! I have always known Canada to be liberal as I was born when Trudeau was in office and you know what his policies did for the next 30 odd years.

          1. LOL……And his ghost lingers on with his son, Justin “Shiny Pony Trudeau.” Oh, well, our Conservative while not perfect, at least have a majority to keep the Liberals and Dippers in their place.

            1. I should amend that a bit, as I remember going to grade school saying the Lord’s prayer in the morning. I forgot about that until now!

      2. Problem is, there’s too much socialism. Too many people voting for handouts that the libs claim the Republicans are going to take away. Additionally, the libs always stir up a “race war” to remind blacks that whitey is out to get them and the libs want to help them.

        The libs are a freaking joke and a blight to this nation.

        1. Indeed, I can just imagine what his running of a lemonade stand would look like. He would charge those that look like they could afford it, a 10-35% tax and inform them that this tax would go in a jar marked ‘lemonade entitlement”. And when the ‘rich’ would express their outrage that they were forced to be charitible rather than given the free choice, Obama would utter the one word he finds the most repellent..Republican! Then give them a tongue-lashing about how they want to starve babies and kill puppies or something.

        2. there are plenty of clueless conservatives too or Romney wouldn’t be the presumptive nominee, a liberal one term Governor w a dismal record.

    2. They only have to worry about a few swing states. Those will be handled by ACORN and it’s affiliate organizations. Even if the votes aren’t there, they will find them and get them in. Remember, last election they handed out cigs, weed, and money to get people to vote. I think it’s going to be worse this time.

  8. This man is the biggest mess of a president(besides Carter) in decades. He needs to be booted out next November post-haste. I still can’t believe he is even polling as well as he is..he is a bad joke that is not even close to funny, more like it hurts to even look at him or hear his weak, pathetic excuses. Bye Bye Obama, don’t let the White House door hit you on the way out!

    1. I know, how can this man possibly have any support with the things he has done? Libs on welfare who want everything for free.

  9. One of the best ever. I am waiting for Romney to say in a speech along the way:

    “If I am fortunate enough to earn your vote and am elected President, let me make this promise and commitment to you…the American people. You deserve a leader that holds himself accountable to you. I am fully aware of the mess that the current administration has created. If I am President, I won’t have to complain that it was worse than I thought. Or that no one had any idea how bad it was. I know the damage the current president has done. Fortunately this is America. We will get out of this mess with the right leadership. One fundamental component of leadership is this. Leaders don’t make excuses. Leaders take responsibility. Leaders demand results. Leaders are accountable. I promise that I will never ever refer to the prior president and his policies as an excuse.”

  10. Only those who have their hands out for freebies or the politically naive could even begin to think this person in the White House deserves another term.

  11. Nicely done ad! Very competent editing and graphics work, good timing, clear message. It’s different and not heavy-handed. It really grabs your interest and sticks to the President’s own words and failed actions.

    All I really wanted to hear in this was “Shovel ready wasn’t quite as shovel ready as we’d hoped.”

  12. Just about everything he said on the campaign trail 4 years ago was a lie. Now he is repeating the same lies: “no excuses”, “the most transparent administration”, “we support the 2nd Amendment”, “I am a uniter, not a divider” and many other lies.

    The media ignores every lie. The GOP needs to keep ponding away at the hypocrisy message.

    1. For the 1st year or so of his administration, I tried to see common ground with him, and even found myself sticking up for him to give him a fair shake, though I disagreed with most of his policies.

      It quickly became clear that every time I had areas of agreement with him, he would turn around and do the very opposite of what he promised. Every time I felt I could respect his stance on a matter, he would turn and go another way. He made me look the fool in front of my Conservative friends many times for trying to treat him fairly.

      No more. He is revealed as a Marxist who wants to fundamentally change America. Sure, he loves America…just not the America of the Founders and the Constitution. He loves his brave new vision of America, the one his wife is finally proud of.

  13. “The two enemies of the people are criminals and the government,lets double down on the constitution so the second will not be legalized by the first.” Thomas Jefferson
    He must have known back then we would be in this situation now.

  14. We continue to underestimate this twisted, Afro-Centrist Nazi. This pimp is only the visible tip of a spear aimed at the heart of this nation for 100 years. With the cursed and damned conception of this foul creature, the spear is poised for thrust.

    This ad treats the viper like some poor performer, some politician who got caught with his hand down Susie’s blouse. The RNC might as well use this ad in Peoria for a Dog Catcher election. The pervert must be removed because he is a communist, because he will steal of corrupt every soul on the face of the earth.

    Don’t vote against Obama because he’s incompetent-ALL communists are incompetent. Don’t vote the Republican because Obama is a liar and a hypocrite-ALL communists are liars and hypocrites.

    There is an entire segment of society that must be purged or re-educated. Taking the pimp out will merely signal party time for the destitute, moronic followers. The elite already in high positions will simply revert to their old tricks.

    This usurpation and destruction of our society and Constitution has been orchestrated. Our enemies, the unions, the intellectuals at the universities, the teacher in public schools, child care center directors, social justice associations and the communists who came North across the river disguised as poor, working people must not be underestimated. Repairing the economy after the defeat of this bastard pimp will be the least of our problems.

    1. purged???-An abrupt or violent removal of a group of people from an organization or place-hmmmm…wrong word?

      Vote Obama out in November-we didn’t arrive at this place overnight and we won’t restore everything with one election but we need to begin by removing what is bad-and he is bad for this country!

      1. Cheryl-We are in the late-middle stages of a bloodless coup which will fundamentally transform this country.

        Today it looks like the UNITED STATES. In November it could look like Moscow of1917. Fundamental transformation. If something is fundamentally transformed it is not simply altered or improved. “Fundamental Transformation” does not equal “CHANGE.” Whoever told you that must have been lying.

        “FT” means, today you are a free person, watching TYV, rasing your kids and tomorrow you are hungry, barefoot and serving your master. Africans were “fundamentally transformed” when our friends the Muslims loaded them onto ships headed to the Americas.

        PURGE, as that word has has been applied to the METHOD USED BY COMMUNISTS COUNTRIES AFTER A COUP might be too strong a word to use here.

        Most certainly the communists are not yet using it. I believe it was the Bill Ayers group who speculated that 25 million people must DIE in the US following the revolution.

        Today I prefer the word PURGE to the word DIE, in this context. The enemy will understand.

        Someday when this is over, you and I should share a beer. Right now, being tentative, polite or politically correct is the farthest thing from my mind.

        ***k ’em. I AM BRIETBART

  15. GOP call it the way it is: Obama is a LIAR, Obama has been propped up his entire life, Obama has ties to radicals and Socialist as well as Commies, Obama as well as his wife have NEVER provided there education records or writings.
    GOP get aggressive and expose Obama and the Progressives, because everyday another softball will be thrown at the Presstitutes….race , birth control, Ryan, sad old man Buffet, food deserts, who knows what is next from Podesta and Axelrod, maybe it will be jock-itch in baseball.

  16. Great Ad.

    The liar-and-chief has many hats: blamer-and-chief, destroyer-and-chief, racist-and-chief… the list goes on. The economy isn’t really better after three years in office mr. president… pack your bags… your time grows short.

    We’ll open the door for you.

      1. Where I was raised in the deep south we said it like this, (and some folks have still never heard the expression): “Don’t let the door hitcha where the Good Lawd splitcha!”

  17. The excuses are bad enough but the RNC, or SOMEONE, needs to compile a list of all the stupid, ignorant, dumb things this president keeps saying. OK, there was one awhile ago with the 57 states and “corpseman”. But they have to update it regularly and NOT tie it to Sarah Palin or anybody else.

    I just read this at The Daily Caller:

    The real scandal in that story is this:

    “Obama also mislabeled the islands as “The Maldives,” partly because Argentina’s government says the Falkland Islands should be called the “Malvinas” islands.

    In fact, the Maldive Islands are in the Indian ocean, not in the South Atlantic. They are some 8,200 miles from the Falklands.”

    ARRRGGGGHHH! THIS guy is the “smartest president ever”???????

    1. Maybe he’s dislexic. Just what we need, a lying, teleprompter reading dislexic president. Could it get any worse???? With Obama – my guess . . . yes.

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