President of NARAL: Choosing abortion is religious liberty

Lila Rose was asked on Crossfire tonight why she believes a woman should be forced to carry her baby to term in the case of rape (question heavily loaded by leftist host) and Lila responded with a great answer about why she believes that baby’s life should be protected and why having an abortion doesn’t ‘unrape’ a woman. You should watch the clip just to hear her answer.

Toward the end the President of NARAL, Ilyse Hogue, chimes in and condescendingly says that her choice to have an abortion is what religious liberty is all about:

Isn’t it great that we live in a country where Lila Rose could decide that she would choose to carry her rapist pregnancy to term, but her version of morality doesn’t actually dictate what I can choose to do in that moment. And that’s what religious liberty is about. It’s about you getting to chose what would be right for you in that circumstance but I don’t get to tell you what to do and you don’t get to tell me what to do.


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152 thoughts on “President of NARAL: Choosing abortion is religious liberty

  1. Moral relavitism once again. When are you people going to decloak and/or wake up. Geez, carry a baby in your womb and feel it kick is all one has to do to understand it. Speak to it and the baby moves within. How hard is that to believe. STUPID STUPID STUPID lady on this show. I can’t believe the stupidity. You know that demons control a person when they are so stupid and it’s so very obvious that they are stupid as they aren’t very cunning at hidding their stupidity due to pride and arrogance. Again, pure stupidity but it is so blarringly obvious…not to mention Sam NOT SALLY is arrogant enought to dress like a man on national television convinced that we accept her as a man liking and sleeping with other women! She is a women who who gets a rise out of sleeping with other woman. Sally/Sam whoever you are find truth not lust nor sexual desire but truth.

  2. My usual reply to this question is: “Do you hold that abortion should be legal only in the case of rape? If not then why are you bringing it up since it constitutes 2% or less of abortions performed?”
    To their insistence I reply “If you can tell me that you support abortion only in the case of rape, then I am able to answer your question based on your reasons for doing so. If you don’t then my answer is inconsequential to the topic at hand.”
    The irony is that those who support abortion only in the case of rape do not ask this question, at least not that I have ever heard.

    1. 60 years ago these same Dems were calling for segregation. 100 years ago they were condemning Irish and Italians Catholics. 150 years ago they were for slavery… the trend!!!!

      1. Um. That your time intervals go up by at least 50% in each sentence? Extrapolating….extrapolating…I’m guessing you would say that 200 years ago, they were against powdered wigs. Am I right?

  3. Pregnancy by rape creates two victims by one aggressor. Abortion kills one of the victims often allowing the rapist to further victimize the other.

  4. There are thousands of childless couple out there who would love to adopt but have to wait 10 years for an infant. Why isn’t anyone bringing this up? Those babies could have an excellent chance of a good loving upbringing and life.

  5. Lila Rose has infiltrated and filmed Planned Parenthood outlets and exposed their lies and willingness to do abortions on underage girls.

  6. What’s real funny is they say Abortions are only 3% of their income. Biggest HOax on America are these guys. Devil works that way though.

  7. One of those women said that 70% of people agree concerning aborting a baby conceived due to rape. What if 70% of people agreed that it was ok to euthanize a child because it was mentally deficient? Would that make it ok? What if 70% of the people decided that robbing a bank is ok? Should we do it? Murder is wrong! Period.

    1. Babies with Downe’s Syndrome are being aborted in astounding numbers. One reason the ‘feminists’ hate Sarah Palin is her refusal to abort her Downe’s baby.

  8. How many of those 55 million babies that are deceased where the result of rape? Anybody? Still not an excuse to me, but just curious!

    1. From survey’s I’ve seen, about .5% (less than 1%) of abortions are due to rape/incest.
      And, you’re right. It’s no excuse to kill an innocent human being.

  9. If the moronic lefties are now claiming abortion as an exercise in religious freedom than we must get government out of the business of paying for abortions. That would be a clear case of the government supporting one particular religion over another and that is clearly a violation of the 1st Amendment. Never interfere with an enemy on their way to self-defeat!

  10. As stated below in the comments, Ilyse Hogue is absolutely right regarding her religious “right” to murder the unborn. She serves Satan and Satan requires the blood of the innocent.

  11. Wow, so it is now deemed “extreme” to be against the termination of the life of a third trimester baby!!!! Really? “Extreme?” I suppose it will soon be extreme if we were to be against the termination of the lives of one year olds who have cerebral palsy….being done as some form of “mercy killing”. Extreme? Extreme to value innocent human life? Really? And it’s not extreme to support one’s “choice” to kill their baby living in the womb at 36 weeks along!!!??? Man, how much uglier can it possibly get?

  12. Rush is right…as usual. Abortion is as much of a pagan religious ceremony (though admittedly without them thinking of it as such…at least I hope they aren’t consciously thinking of it this way) as anything. It’s human sacrifice. It’s child murder.

    If you look in the Old Testament, why did God judge the Canaanites and drive them out ahead of the Israelites? One of the big reasons was that they were sacrificing their children to a false god called Molech. Abortion is no different, though on a much more vast scale.

    If this country is destroyed at some point, I would not be surprised. God has a way of judging people who turn away from Him. And America is certainly doing that with this genocide of unborn children going on every day.

    It’s horrific.

  13. I believe Rush said this, so I won’t take credit for it. Abortion is their sacrament. So her calling it “religious” liberty makes perfect sense.

  14. 55 million lives extinguished over 41 years equals about 1,341,463 per year or about 3, 675 a DAY for 41 years!

    The left wing media and politicians holler and scream about ONE
    school shooting in which there may be a few victims. Blame the gun,
    blame society! Blame everything but the shooter!

    But on the mass genocide… The quiet genocide… They are so quiet that you risk being deafened by the silence! 🙁

  15. Liberality has become a religion. A religion that is schizophrenically saying there is no god, casting yourself as a god, and saying “nature” is a god, simultaneously. It mandates that if you love your god/non-god, you should be willing to ritually murder your own children on the altar of this new, golden calf. It says that your sins – and the sins of unbelievers – are causing damage to the god/non-god, in the form of AGW/Climate Change. This religion even has prophets, such as Barack Obama, who is on par with Muhammad, himself.

    1. Lila Rose is a truly beautiful and courageous woman – inside and out!

      Because she is full of the grace of the Lord and pure, holy boldness.

  16. Pro abortion people and their talking points make me shake my head. It is not “reproductive health”, “pro choice”, “women’s health choice” or any other sanitized, invented definition. Those are politically correct logic pretzels that are used to make people feel better about themselves and to make it more palatable for society.

    If you choose to do it, I’m not going to pass judgment on you. That’s not my place, or anyone elses. Just call it what it is. Every mammal species on the planet does it in some form or another. Civilization is what is supposed to separate us from the animal kingdom. Ironic that humans do it more than any other species on the planet.

    It’s called Prolicide, killing one’s own young. In the womb, it’s Feticide. For partial birth, it’s called Infanticide. Calling it what it is isn’t conducting a “war on women” or any other such nonsense. Ignoring the definitions is a war on the truth.

    Over 50 million babies destroyed since Roe, with excessively high numbers in the black community. Some would call that voluntary genocide. Margaret Sanger’s ideology won without having to coerce anyone.

  17. Hey, Beeotch, be sure to mention this idea to the Lord when you visit with him after your death. I’m sure He’ll be very impressed with how easily you dismiss the life of an unborn child. There will be a very special place prepared for you in the “other place”.

  18. ” Rapist is given more rights than the woman? ” Good one Sally, sounded like you were trying to make a talking point fit when there was no justification for inserting it.

  19. Ever defending the woman’s (and man’s) right to screw around and kill their accidental offspring.

    Let them choose to get tubal ligations and vasectomies. That is their true right.

    There is no right to kill babies.

  20. Who else besides me, picked up of the fact of how beautiful that woman is who supports life and freedom for the unborn child, and how wretched and foul the two murder supporting vultures are who debated her?

  21. Yes it is a religious decision to those who have appointed themselves as god. The moral people whom remain opposed to this infanticide see it as murder and sinful. What about the rights of the natural person, whom if left to be full term? are they not human? Are their rights not violated. There is a judge, where there is no appeal, who looks into the heart of man and see’s their sins, and who through the blood of our Lord and Savior, will forgive those who trust and believe in Him. To the unbeliever, and idolater, The wrath and fire. Repent America and be healed. 55 million souls cry out to heaven as testimony against you.

  22. Abortion IS a religious decision? In what world? In what universe? What religion would sanction the murder of innocents?

    Oh wait! NOW I get it! In the “religion” of marxism, death is sanctioned as a proper tool of the totalitarian utopian state. Why, it’s perfectly alright to murder babies inside the womb, or even ‘partially’ outside it. And heck, they have no problem with allowing the deaths of the sick and lame and old farts who can not or WILL NOT serve the state!
    What we tend to forget in the face of the myriad problems we face every day is that the left’s spokespeople speak FOR the totalitarian view at EVERY opportunity. Just make sure that you never forget that in almost all of their speaking points, DEATH seems to be a central theme, and that their utopian ‘government’ is the entity who gets to decide who lives and who dies.

    1. Ah yes. If they acknowledge that their ideologies of Socialism, communism, and Marxism are, in reality, just worldy forms of religion they would have to remove it from government sponsorship, and we all know the only thing the left respects about the Constitution is the part that isn’t even in it; the separation of church and state.

  23. I can’t tolerate these liberal, murdering fools. Evil. And just like satan, trying to tie ‘religion’ to this is twisted and a vulgar contortion and interpretation of God’s Word.

  24. I’m shocked that the elitist baby killers would ‘lower’ themselves to debate Lila Rose on national television.

    It is funny how Ilyse Hogue had to jump in and try to shut Lila with the old worn out talking points that she didn’t have to support.

    Lila did a great job and made a lot of sense. Of course, truth was on her side.

    If you want to make a conservative mad, lie to him/her.
    If you want to make a liberal mad, tell it the truth.

  25. I’m not aware that these lesbians and feminists are protesting en mass that men and women teachers sexual abuse of kids is on the rise. I’m not aware of their protests that with recidivism rates of rapists, leftist judges give lenient sentences. They are however willing to kill the baby?

  26. Compassion, nurturing, motherhood have been bred out of existence by these feminists and lesbians. I didn’t hear their outrage when Clinton abused women or Bloomberg told them what the can and can’t eat.
    These women accuse men of being barbarians and fighting wars, yet they themselves approve of the murder of a defenseless child, in or out of the womb.

  27. God gave us religious freedom in the form of free will, you choose to accept his saving grace or you choose to ignore it by distorting the meaning. You can twist it up like a pretzel if you like, this is your right but it will always come down to accepting the free grift offered or not.

  28. This practice is NOT new folks. God gives life and it is considered a blessing from him. What man has done is pervert God’s will and we see this in our history of mankind with the sacrifice of children to their false god of Baal under the Babylonian empire. It was so perverse God utterly destroyed Babylon. This sacrifice is no different to day, instead we sacrifice our children to the god of self. We hold no value to children and place greater value on the lives of animals. It is perverse. I heard a stat that 1.2 million babies were murdered while only 10 thousand died due to guns yet they seek to control guns and not abortion. We are so messed up and I pray God will forgive us. Godless leaders are pushing us towards a godless society often reffered to as Communism.

  29. Cohnhead is on CNN?? She was painful to watch and listen to when she came on Fox. A real channel changer.

  30. We have a generation that turned their backs on God and has legislated murder to justify their evil choices. Every thing they have done is with the sole purpose of justifying the unjustifiable and evil practice of participating in amoral behavior and shows that they have no idea what it means to be responsible. They create “victims” from predators and in their wake they leave nothing but destruction. Ms. Rose did an excellent job of taking the air out of the rape argument! There is no way the 55 million babies have been murdered as the result of rape…but that doesn’t feed the narrative of the idiots that support this travesty.

  31. NARAL and Planned Parenthood treat pregnant women as “health problems” when actually pregnancy isn’t a disease. Saying women are “forced to carry to term” is like saying women should be forced to get abortions. That would be the other side of that same coin.

  32. The comments covered the topic well, so I’ll just add to what Rush has said: Like the NAGS, NARAL is another group where ugly, resentful women go to get attention and influence.

  33. …the majority of Americans… – THAT’S why the US of A is called a Republic and not a Democracy.

  34. “Article 1. The purpose of the American Baby Code shall be to provide for a better distribution of babies… and to protect society against the propagation and increase of the unfit.
    Article 4. No woman shall have the legal right to bear a child, and no man shall have the right to become a father, without a permit…
    Article 6. No permit for parenthood shall be valid for more than one birth.”

    [From Margaret Sanger’s “Plan for Peace” from Birth Control Review (April 1932, pp. 107-108)]

    Freedom of choice? Really?!

    1. The link didn’t work. I’d like to have something in my favorites about john holdren. What a vicious, miserable sub human he must be…seems the con man has a knack for finding the scum of the earth and putting them in his gestapo…er, administration.

        1. I knew about the sub human, singer…seems he never did get “socialized” towards humanity. Maybe he should volunteer for what he “advocates”…put his money where his vile mouth is, so to speak.

            1. You’re so right. I can’t seem to find a heart in any democrat, no matter their wailing about economic justice and other such claptrap.
              When someone supports the murder of babies, it’s not a stretch to know they have no heart.

  35. They thought they were going to gang up on Lila Rose ….then she turned the tables on them. Did you see the stunned look on Hogue’s face when Lila Rose said you can’t undo a rape by adding more violence…she never saw that answer coming.

    I beg to differ with Hogue…if the government is going to be in the abortion business using taxpayers money…we have every right to protest and say NO!

  36. I saw this segment when it aired. Lila completely shut down both lib women when she was addressing the topic of birth control. She pointed out the many harmful side effects that are never discussed by feminists. And then she added, “Why should we treat our fertility like an illness?!” Watch the video and check out the looks on the two femiNazis faces. Priceless! She destroyed them, and they both knew it!

  37. NARAL supports the Obamacare birth control mandate.

    Religious liberty for me but not for thee.

    NARAL believes it is a gross overreach of religious people to refuse to offer a specific service, even though they are operating in a free market where potential employees are free to turn down employment if a specific form of payment is not provided (certain forms of birth control in the Hobby Lobby case).

    However, the forcible killing of another human being must be protected against policies with religious support. I can not understand how she possibly thinks this is a rational argument. Applying her logic to slavery, murder, or other atrocities reveals her arguments hollow core. “My conscience is clear, therefore it shouldn’t be illegal”, would disallow the prosecution of sociopaths.

    Essentially, the NARAL/Planned Parenthood types are simply oblivious to the moral foundations of the pro-life movement.

  38. I find it ironic that when it’s an issue liberals care about they’re suddenly against govt use of force. Apply the same logic to:

    Welfare state
    Min wage laws
    Anti-discrimination laws
    Regulations/Compliance laws
    ….the entire bureaucratic existence

    And their defense falls apart.

    1. And they are suddenly anti-choice when it comes to…
      -Gun ownership.
      -Right to work laws.
      -School choice.
      -Eating unhealthy foods or drinking extra large sodas.
      -Driving SUVs or any other vehicle that leaves a “carbon footprint.”
      -Using incandescent bulbs (which are now outlawed)
      -Choosing your own health care (if you like your health care plan, you can keep it…as long as the ruling elites approve of your choice, that is)
      And so on….

  39. Only if Republican politicians were as eloquent and confident in their public defence of the unborn.

    Lila Rose is the MLK of the struggle for the unborns’ civil rights.

  40. P.S. what you heard NARAL spokeswoman posit is pseudo intellectualism. The origin of all laws and the concept of justice is rooted in religion. The moral relativist populism you have been taught is incorrect and why society is unraveling.

  41. Dirty little secret is many women do carry that baby to term and often keep them.
    And it is pure evil to push abortion under the guise of religion. Shun them.

  42. Ilyse is dead wrong in her assumption that this is an example of Religious Liberty. I think 99.9 % of us agree with that. That being said the not talked about issue here is “When does life begin?” Heartbeat at 13 weeks..check….is it life…..? and more examples could be mentioned….however I do think the most true answer comes from one of the founders of N.A.R.A.L. itself back in about 1969. His name is Dr. Bernard Nathanson and he can be found on ( You Tube ) and he actually gives you this answer and so much more. So go and take a look and hear it for yourself. Ilyse should see this herself but as far as I am concerned she can go straight to HELL. Abortion is murder..Plain ans Simple.

    1. Dr. Nathanson exposed the lies of this diabolical legalized murder of children many years ago. It hasn’t quelled the tide of murder, sadly. But, he was a champion of the truth and the child once he realized what he had done.

      1. Thank YOU, I am Happy to know that more than just me knows about Dr. Nathanson who came clean and told the Truth about what really went on…..I pray more and more people watch that one wonderful video where he tell the 100% TRUTH. Ilyse should watch it…not that it would do any good for her kind.

  43. So, you have the religious liberty to choose to have an abortion, but you do not have the religious liberty to choose not to pay for some skank’s birth control.

    1. That’s the ironic ridiculousness of Enlightenment “liberty.”
      Error is stood shoulder-to-shoulder with truth.

      We wouldn’t print a mathematics book with 2+2=4, and 2+2=6 right next to each other. That’s precisely what we do with “religious liberty.” There is an absolute truth, and error has no rights.

    5% of rape victims of conception age get pregnant
    14,611 rapes 2011

    730 women in the U.S. per year have to go through the horror of getting pregnant ON TOP OF BEING RAPED!

    But the cult of Death pretends and creates the perception that it is almost every Abortion that is because of Rape.

    This is where the focus MUST be. Not on the moral dilemma that some women have to endure.
    Over 765K abortions were performed in 2010 in the U.S.

    What About those 765,651 abortions. Can we talk to the murderers about THAT NUMBER? Instead of the bait and switch of the poor souls who become pregnant because of rape?

  45. In fact, I think I’m going to wipe out my entire neighborhood…I can choose whether I want to have living neighbors, right?

    1. Just claim moral relativism as your religion, it makes the argument real easy for you and extremely difficult for the opposition.

  46. If I went out and killed my 6 month old, would it be religious liberty? After all, I decided not to be a parent. I can’t tell others that they’re wrong to be parents, and they can’t tell me I’m wrong to kill mine because I don’t want to have kids…right?

    1. There are people of influence who agree with a woman being able to murder her six month old child should she decided being a parent wasn’t right for her after all.
      See Peter Singer of Princeton and another wretched barbarian, Barbara boxer.

  47. I’d say in technicalities that the naral witch is right about it being religious as abortion is nothing less than a blood sacrifice. I’ve studied paganism and the occult a long time, so I can say that with certainty. The problem, though, is that we do not accept sacrificial deaths in a civilized society. Especially where it concerns those who cannot defend themselves. On the plus side, naral admits that the younger generation is vastly more pro-life than the roe v wade generation, which is why the naral boss is stepping down. I heard that on the Sandy Rios show. Very encouraging.

    1. Just now on the Kelly file, a reporter who was at the pro life march in DC said it was packed w teenagers and young people.

      1. I had heard it was going to be that way. I’m SO glad it was! It gives me a lot of hope for the world. In the end, countries will rise and fall, but the most important thing is that principled morality stay strong. It’s probably a good sign for a future for America as well, though. ^_^

        1. I’ve been pleased with this move toward choosing life as well.
          When I think of it, these teens probably have their own ultrasound pictures at say 20 weeks and know without a doubt they were human beings even then.
          It would be impossible for them to believe the hogwash they hear about “clumps of cells” etc.

    2. That’s what I continue to say: Liberals insist that we want to return to the 1950’s, but in fact they are the ones who want to return to the ancient “50’s” when ritual child sacrifice, prostitute temple worship, and sodomizing children were regular practices in pagan cultures.

  48. Yes, it is “religious liberty” for the Left. Abortion is their religion and scared cow.

    It’s not a shock for an abortion “advocate” to use religious terms and imagery to describe something they are so obsessed with. It’s what saved Bill Clinton with the feminists when the Lewinsky scandal broke.

  49. Why was that creepy guy the moderator instead of a woman?

    The naral advocate, why doesn’t she just admit they believe in human sacrifice, since killing babies is part of her ‘religious’ beliefs.

    These worshipers of evil will one day be rewarded for their loyalty to their religion.

    This was barbaric.

    1. It is a sacrifice. Years of research of paganism allows me to say that with certainty. Unfortunately, we probably have a big price to pay down the road for the 60+ million children lost on that alter. May God show mercy to those of us opposing it.

      1. How’d you manage to get through researching that stuff? I looked into paganism and the occult once and it creeped me the heck out.

        1. All I can say is that I was young and trying to decide what I believe. Truth be told, I know God was with me, protecting me, while I studied all that stuff. I believe it was so I could discern when something goes above and beyond “run-of-the-mill” human cruelty- as abortion does- and be able to speak up when I see it. It makes for an interesting testimony, that’s for sure.

    1. Nope. though she may be that in her relationship with her significant other.
      I’m pretty sure it was Sally Kohn.

      1. I’ve seen her previously in years past but the nature has indeed been cruel to her, looking real rough.

    1. We should stop calling them “pro-abortion”. More like “pro-murder”. Why sugarcoat it anymore? They are really just people who enjoy murder.

      We used to lock people like this in prison because they posed a threat to civil society, but now we give them TV shows and Cabinet positions.

      1. SPOT ON!!!
        I agree 100%! I can’t remember that I ever sugar coated the barbaric murder of innocent children at the hands of their murdering mothers, but there may have been a day or two when I went easy on the cold blooded baby murderers. Maybe.

        1. I blame the abortionists as much if not more than the mothers, because they are lying manipulators. Some of these ladies are desperate and scared. Then after the murderers at the mill lie to them about how easy the procedure will be and then essentially violate them, these poor women get to live with the continued trauma of murder for years. Many turn to alcohol and promiscuity to quell the guilt. No one ever talks about that because it’s an inconvenient truth.

          The only winners in an abortion are the murderers who wield the knife.

  50. How did the host get that a rapist had more rights than the woman who was raped simply because Rose thought the child shouldn’t be murdered? Wow.

    …”And that’s what religious liberty is about. It’s about you getting
    to choose what would be right for you in that circumstance but I don’t
    get to tell you what to do and you don’t get to tell me what to do”…

    What? That’s what religious liberty is? I didn’t know that. I suppose, however, that the Little Sisters of the Poor would be happy to know you agree with them that they shouldn’t have to pay for others’ abortions because you don’t get to tell them what to do.

    1. You’re aware that liberalism requires a serious stretch in logical terminology. You have to be totally ignorant of facts, learn to ignore and to twist them so that they fit your meme.

  51. “And that’s what religious liberty is about.”

    So, now murder is considered a religious exercise in the minds of liberal-marxists??

    “but her version of morality doesn’t actually dictate what I can choose to do in that moment.”

    Um, “her version of morality” actually does dictate what you can do. Her “version of morality” says that murder is a sin in the eyes of God and that an unrepentant murderer will not inherit the kingdom of God.

    But ironically, this admission is more of a revelation into the spirit of murder that possesses this woman.

    She is, in effect, saying that she will defy the moral law of God even going so far as to glory in the murder of a baby.

    If doubts still remain in your mind about whether liberalism is the ideology of murderers, here’s exhibit A.

    This reminds me of what the Soviet Marxists said to the late Richard Wurmbrand, founder of Voice of the Martyrs, an organization that seeks to aid persecuted Christians worldwide. He recounted the following of an experience he had while being brutally tortured by his Soviet era marxist captors in a Romanian prison:

    “The cruelty of atheism is hard to believe. When a man has no faith in the reward of good or the punishment of evil, there is no reason to be human. There is no restraint from the depths of evil that is in man. The Communist torturers often said, ‘There is no God, no hereafter, no punishment for evil. We can do what we wish.’ I heard one torturer say, ‘I thank God, in whom I don’t believe, and that I have lived to this hour when I can express all the evil in my heart.’ He expressed it in unbelievable brutality and torture inflicted on prisoners.”

    Do you see? a world without God is a predatory and evil and dark place. When mankind is given over to the evil that permeates his own heart, he will inflict the most vile and vicious and wicked abominations the human heart could ever conjure.

    1. “Do you see? a world without God is a predatory and evil and dark place.
      When mankind is given over to the evil that permeates his own heart, he
      will inflict the most vile and vicious and wicked abominations the human
      heart could ever conjure.”

      This the exact argument I use when talking to atheists. You don’t want a world or a constitution that disavows God because when I choose that your life is meaningless. Right now all the world is safe from me as I’m not an atheist but as soon as I choose to be one, my morality becomes relevant to only me.

  52. The child in the womb has the same rights as the woman carrying the baby and that’s what the libs don’t understand.

    1. Exactly, there is a reason why the Declaration starts with ‘Life’ and places ‘Liberty’ second. She gave a wonderful answer. The other fatuous twit misses the whole point (on purpose).

  53. Why is it that a lot of the so-called hard core feminists are lesbians? And, based on what I see in the media and entertainment industry, is it true that over 40% of the population is GLBT.

  54. That is somebody but I want to represent me in any argument regarding abortion, she absolutely destroyed those liberal idiots which in turn wanted to change the subject, note when the liberal guy host said “I dont want to talk about that right now”, in his futile attempt to evade the truth……….. What was that? The host is a girl? Oops sorry.

      1. She is fantastic, if I am not mistaken that is the same girl that exposed Acorn playing a prostitute.

        1. Actually you’re thinking of Hannah Giles with the Acorn expose.
          But Lila Rose went into Planned Parenthood clinics pretending to be pregnant and represented herself to be underage with an older boyfriend. They would tell her what not to tell them (to avoid legalities) and what she needed to say & do to get an abortion without her parents permission etc.

          1. Thank you for clearing that up for me, they are both fantastic. God Bless my Patriot friend.

            1. Y.W.
              Yes, these two young women are true heroes. I haven’t seen or heard anything more about Hannah but I’m really pleased to see that Lila is still banging the drum. And doing a fine job of it too!

  55. I think Americans who are pro-life would be happy to compromise and
    allow legal abortion in the cases of rape, incest, and the life of the
    mother – that is about 1% of the abortions that are performed and served
    this country well for a very long time. 55 million babies have been
    aborted since Roe v Wade… that is excessive by any measure.

    What if we begin by outlawing late term and partial birth abortions? The vast majority of Americans would support that!

    1. Please, please learn at least one thing. It has NEVER been illegal for an abortion to be performed in this country WHEN it was the life of the mother. Take that off the table, quit giving baby murderers ammunition to hunt down further children.
      And exactly why does the conceived child in the other examples have to pay with his or her life in order to appease some “compromise”?
      The majority of Americans already support banning late term abortions, states have made it illegal for it all to be dismissed by some federal judge.
      Compromise will stop nothing, It has to be outlawed 100% (except the exception that has always been practiced, life of the mother).

  56. sad…….The Little Sisters of the Poor have to fund things that they find objectionable to their religion , but these same folks say ” no ” .

  57. Democrat arguments in 1860….”Slavery is my right, its my plantation…that person has no rights”.

    Democrat arguments in 2014…”Abortion is my right, its my body….that person has no rights.”

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