President Trump calls out Republican Senators for not wanting to include a repeal of Section 230 in NDAA

A couple days ago President Trump took to Twitter to enunciate his demand that a full repeal of Section 230 be included in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) or else he would be forced to veto it:

We’ve all seen how Big Tech companies are unfairly using their platforms to target Trump and Republicans and to influence people to vote for Democrats, so I don’t blame Trump one bit for demanding that 230 be repealed. The NDAA must be passed and this is a good opportunity for Trump to fight to get it repealed.

But apparently some Republican Senators are getting cold feet and today Trump took to Twitter to call them out and to double down on this veto threat:

According to Axios, here’s what is going on behind the scenes and why Trump sent the above tweet a few minutes ago:

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) told President Trump on Wednesday he’ll likely fail to get two big wishes in pending defense spending legislation, bellowing into his cellphone: “This is the only chance to get our bill passed,” a source who overheard part of their conversation tells Axios.

Republicans are ready to test whether Trump’s threats of vetoing the bill, which has passed every year for more than half a century, are empty.

Inhofe leveled with Trump — over speakerphone while walking through the Senate’s Russell Building — that the bill won’t meet his demand to repeal liability protections for tech companies, or block efforts to re-title military bases named for Confederate figures.

The White House declined to comment. Inhofe’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

Inhofe, who is leading negotiations on the National Defense Authorization Act as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, addressed “Mr. President” before making his “only chance” comment during a midday call.

The source could not help but overhear the conversation due to the speakerphone’s volume.

Many Republican lawmakers tell Axios that while the tech liability element, Section 230, needs to be reformed, it doesn’t make sense to tie unrelated language to the NDAA.

Inhofe told reporters as much on Wednesday, but said the provision “has nothing to do with the military.”

“You can’t do it in this bill,” Inhofe said, adding that he has relayed this to Trump.

Many also believe they have the votes to override a presidential veto, if necessary.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) quote tweeted Trump’s veto threats earlier today and wrote: “I will vote to override. Because it’s really not about you.”

Members from both parties are eager to get this legislation passed so they can move onto a government spending bill, due by Dec. 11, and delivering coronavirus relief.

It actually makes more sense politically to tie a repeal of Section 230 to the NDAA than to a bill delivering coronavirus relief. Can you imagine the outrage over that? It’s not about the subject of the bill, per se, but the fact that they must pass the bill. This is why Trump is fighting so hard to get this repeal in this bill.

I think at the end of the day one of two things will happen. Republicans won’t repeal Section 230 and thus Trump will eventually fold, or Trump will veto the bill and Congress will override his veto. Last year’s NDAA passed the Senate with 86 votes and the House with 377 votes.

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