President Trump responds to Supreme Court decision on tax returns

President Trump responded late last night to the Supreme Court decision allowing Congress to get their hands on this tax returns.

Trump calls this unprecedented and says this sets a terrible precedent for future presidents.

He also wants to know if Joe Biden paid taxes on all that money he made from Hunter’s overseas business deals.

Here’s his ‘truth’:

Clearly Trump is unhappy with the decision and I can’t blame him. It really does set a terrible precedent and the ruling never should have come down from any court.

It should always should be up to the candidate to turn over their taxes and if the American people disapprove, then they can exercise that disapproval at the ballot box.

But as I suggested yesterday, Trump’s taxes will be leaked to the media by Democrats on the committee and used against him during his campaign for president. Nobody truly cares if Trump paid all of his taxes or not, Democrats just want something else to try and destroy him with and now they’ll have it.

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