Press shouts questions at Romney while at Polish holy site, aide tells press to “kiss my ass”

The press were unbelievably disrespectful at the end of Romney’s visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Poland this morning, shouting questions at him about so-called gaffes as he was leaving the holy site. This infuriated Romney’s aide, Rick Gorka, who was standing near the press (off camera) and told them to show some respect. When the reporter complained about not getting to ask Romney questions, Gorka responded “Kiss my ass, this is a holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect.”

According to Politico, Gorka called the reporters afterward and apologized:

Gorka subsequently called a pair of reporters to apologize, saying he lost his cool.

“It was inappropriate,” Gorka said.

While it’s never appropriate to tell the press, especially when on camera, to kiss your backside, I can see why he was infuriated and responded accordingly.

Here’s a bit of a longer clip which just emphasizes even more so how disrespectful the press was as Romney left the holy site:

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74 thoughts on “Press shouts questions at Romney while at Polish holy site, aide tells press to “kiss my ass”

  1. This was about the best reporting on this issue I have seen in many sites.

    It was a holy site and shouting like monkeys made the reporters deserve more than a ass kissing.

  2. I probably would have punched, throat chopped or slapped one of the reporters; so, the aide, in my book, kept his cool.

  3. The problem is the only questions they had were “gaffes”. So these comrades have no standing to be annoyed that they weren’t able to ask their questions and need to head back to HQ for further instructions.

  4. Not that he would ever go (unless to spit on it!), but if Bummer went to Unknown Soldiers Tomb I want that Daily Caller reporter to yell out about “What does BFD mean? Do you have a comment about being more flexible with the Ruskies after the election? Do you have a statement for the Israelis you have not flown to see even though have been to Egypt, Iraq, Russia, China…?” See if Chris Spittle Matthews, Ed Sergeant Shultz, Al NotSo Sharpton (How am I a Rev??) or Bob Blowhard Beckel would hunt him down and beat him down!! I would not have apologized at all!! I would say “Yes I said it and I meant it! You may be classless but have some Respect!!”

  5. You’re right he shouldn’t have said it but that will be forgotten quickly. Unless Romney haters want to try to say that is a Romney “gaffe” because he pays the aide so he’s responsible for everything everyone does on his payroll. (sarc)

  6. The paid off lame stream press are trying their best to defame Romney. It won’t work. Americans have done their own research and we know who Obama is and who is behind him. The Secret Service never had a scandal until the grifters and thugs took over our country and inserted their puppet. The brainwashed “journalists” should listen to what Eisenhower and JFK said about the necessity of an unbiased press for America’s survival. JFK’s warning >

    “Hope and Change”..–more like hype and chains. Looking Back at 4 Years of “Change” — Fox and Friends — 5-30-12 Obama’s March Ex. Order for peacetime Martial Law is far broader and more power grabbing than other Presidents ever had.

  7. That was just the liberal media acting in their usual manner when they are not in the presence of the anointed one. The disgusting thing is the press will zoom in on his remark but no one will say a word about the bad behavior of the press.

  8. I don’t see anything wrong with what Rick Gorka said. The big question is, how come these same “journalists” don’t do the same thing to Obama and shout out questions at him at moments like this? So far there has been only one reporter that treated Obama like this in the White House Rose Garden. One in four years. How long has Romney been president for? Oh, that’s right, he isn’t president. Yet the press seems to be treating him like one. Maybe THAT should cause Obama some alarm that the press is treating Romney like a president?

  9. Good on him…and he only needs to apologize to the public and Romney for loosing his cool; not to the two disrespectful jackasses.

  10. And I’m thinking the aide was much kinder than I would have been. The press has a bunch of jerks in the ranks and sometimes it doesn’t hurt to let them know that they have stepped over a line…the shouting at Romney about so-called gaffes was wrong in my opinion.

  11. Kinda funny….Obama does not like questions shouted at him and the press is horrified, yet CNN thinks it’s Romney’s folks that are disrespectful!

  12. There is a time and place to tell these idiot reports where to stick it. However Romney was not even able to hear them or impacted by them. They are looking for gotcha moments and they got one. As a professionial, he should have known better. I’m not saying this is the end of the world and we lost the election, but he needs to pull himself together and not give them any talking points out side of jobs jobs jobs!!!!

      1. I can play this game…lol Did you?

        At the end of the day were they being jerks and needed to be called out hell ya. But when you know someone is looking for a gotcha moment, play the game smarter then them. I’m Romney 100%, but lets not fall for old tricks. How we got ourselves were we are.

  13. I don’t think he should have apologized.

    So, this is what it’s come to? If you make a statement that offends the left, even if it makes perfect sense, it’s considered a gaffe? None of the statements Romney made were gaffes.

    He told the truth about the Olympic preparations because he was asked and the British didn’t like it….oh, it’s a gaffe. What was he supposed to do? Lie and look like he didn’t have a clue about the mess that everyone else on earth knew about?

    He made a statement that was complimenting Israel and not the Palestinians….oh, it’s a gaffe.

    Listen up you stupid libs!! If a statement is made that you don’t like it is not a gaffe. We do not have to hold ourselves to your insane outlook on everything. We have our own views, thank you very much, and we happen to be on Israel’s side so take your Palestinian hurt feelings and go eff yourselves!

    1. That was one of Mccain’s big problems in 08, apologizing for stuff he had no reason to apologize for.

      Stand up for the truth…. that’s been one of Romney’s biggest knocks in the past for being a phony who flip flops, now he’s telling it like is and he can’t win??

      You’re right, tell the filthy libs to stick it!

      1. It’s insane. Bill Clinton has issued more apologies for statements…or he walks them back…..because he gets slammed and told to stay in line. It’s bullcrap. The left is increasingly intolerant to anyone who has a point of view that isn’t their own.

        Speaking of Bill, I was told that one of his aides said that even though he is speaking at the convention, he is voting for Romney. Haven’t verified it yet, but that’s hilarious.

    2. Cheney never apologized for his “F*** Off” moment. Seems to me the guy was right to tell them to show some respect. Maybe he could have been a bit more decorous about it, but sometimes you have to let the dog bark.

      The apology should have been: ‘I’m sorry. I actually meant, ‘my rosy, red, a$$.'”

    3. What most of these lefties don’t get is the Fakestinians didn’t want to be called Palestinians up until about 40 years ago, because it was viewed as being Jewish.

      It was the Roman emporer Hadrian that renamed Israel, Palestine in order to try to wipe out the Jewish history and claim to the land. In other words, the original Palestinians were the Jews.

      This was known as Hadrian’s Curse.

      1. Lol, you’ve got a much better education than I do. Thanks for giving me that knowledge.

        1. I’m a political junkie (as I am sure most are on this site) and have learned much these past 7 to 8 years since I started using the internet. Although, I am currenlty reading a book on US history published in the late 1800’s as I wanted to read our true history before the left starting rewriting it.

          1. It’s nice to hear those of you insert these bits of historical facts. History was my worst subject. If I knew the importance of it at the time…in high school and college….I would have tried harder. I think that’s the problem. Schools do not stress the importance of knowing “true” history or the Constitution. Kids, such as I, just thought it was a boring waste of time. I know the basics but I look to people like you for the intelligent stuff. 🙂

            We were founded in what…..1492? LOL!! Just messin’ with ya. I think that year had something to do with some guy named Columbus….whoever he is. playing dumb

            1. I’d forgotten most of the history I learned in school. It’s been recent years of reading history that I have learned much of what I know.

                1. Of course, but I’m just joking around right now. Gotta make sure you don’t outdo me with forgetting things, lol.

  14. The problem is we have too many pathetic pieces of trash in this country who don’t have any respect for anything. They think it’s ok to act the way the press did to Romney. They could care less about Holy Sites or anything else. they have short attention spans and are so superficial that they only care about stupid gaffes instead of substance.

    I even see it from the so called experts on fox news. Instead of debating subsance, they’re talking about gaffes. Its pathetic.

    Very hypocritical too. No one has made more gaffes than obama, yet they act like only Romney makes them. Obama’s regime refusing to call Jerusalem the capital of Israel was much worse than ROmney speaking the truth about security at the Olympics!

    It’s at times like this when I think there’s no hope for this country!

    1. The enemedia knows that these weren’t gaffes. This is just their way of distracting the population away from Obama’s disastrous policies.

      I think the fact that O shut down NASA and spoke treason to the Russian president is what should be front and center.

  15. I think the press and the Preezy are really becoming unhinged! They know that Romney’s trip is a success so the President sends his wing-men (the liberal press) to shout out something really stupid. The Palestinians, really! The Palestinians have the President’s ear and he is sympathetic towards them so why don’t they shout that question to the President? They wouldn’t becasue the President is a wimp and who goes in the rose garden and start whining,” this is not the time for questions,” as he used the bully pulpit and violated immigration laws, but the media helped him by demeaning the reporter who dare to ask him why he was doing it!

  16. Why apologize to two trolls who are doing the WH bidding?

    They aren’t reporters. They are Obama Campaign operatives.

  17. What gaffes? Did you notice how the CNN propagandist “helping” us with
    the context of the clip follows it up by saying “reporters were trying
    to ask the candidate questions about the gaffes that he has committed on his overseas trip” – as if it’s established fact that he commited gaffes.

    I personally don’t know of any gaffe he commited on this trip.
    I do know he told it like it is regarding the Londong Olympics, Israel,
    Jerusalem, and the Palestinians, but I don’t know of any gaffes.

  18. WHERE has the press shouted questions at His Royal Preezy in the Sam Donaldson style ?

    WHERE ???

    This is just un#~%~€£¥@&believable.

    1. If Obama was 10% as awesome as he thinks he is, then he would do sit down interviews with Jake Tapper and Bret Baier and take all questions with no Pre-conditions or qualifiers and answer each one straight and forth-right.

      But he can’t do that, because he’s just a puke wimp who doesn’t have the courage of his convictions.

  19. Gorka shouldn’t have said that. And the (ahem) media is criminal in their disrespect. I share the sentiment of Gorka but would like to believe that I wouldn’t have said what those (ahem) journalists deserved to hear if I were in the same situation.

    Romney and his team need to tread carefully. Since Obama has NOTHING to run on, he and his ilk will slander and lie about Romney at every chance. They will also exploit weaker moments like this to their advantage. The criminally complicit media is in Barry’s back pocket and will do ANYTHING to illicit an angry outburst or a perceived “gaffe” that they can exploit – especially if it reinforces the inaccurate portrayal of Romney that their propaganda is perpetuating. Romney and his team can’t afford the luxury of letting something like this slip out… even if the (ahem) reporters were behaving like yelping dogs.

  20. Wish he hadn’t apologized. Press got response they deserved. They have betrayed trust of American people and destroyed themselves in the process. I hope Obama was worth it.

  21. When Obama was interrupted during his immigration speech by the Daily Caller reporter, Neil Munro, Obama and the entire MSM went berserk. Now Romney gets interrupted at a solemn occasion and the focus is on an aide trying to squelch the interruptions. To bad he did apologize, the media was way out of line. So happy to hear Lech Walesa endorsed him.

  22. Kind or reminds me of the movie Major Leauge where the Eddie Harris character almost gets in a locker room fight with Pedro Cerrano……”Are you trying to tell me Jesus Christ can’t hit a curveball?”

    Romney’s aid Gorka:

    “This is an F’n holy site, so show some F’n respect.”….LOL

    Who cares…. these weren’t reporters anyway, just the usual Obama ballwashers.

    1. Your “quote” is a far cry from what Romney’s aide actually said. Sorry if I’m missing an attempt at humor.

  23. You have to realize that since Obama is not able to take Romney down by himself, the press now has to step in and win the election for Obama like it did in 2008.

  24. Why are they bothering to ask questions? They just lie about what Mitt says anyway…

  25. CNN News Room: “Yes this is Rick Gorka, I apologize for cursing, I should have punched you in the f-ing mouth.”

    1. 2 thumbs up. Maybe add…you idiot.

      “Yes this is Rick Gorka, I apologize for cursing, I should have punched you in the f-ing mouth, you idiot.”

  26. SRMer’s showing disrespect at a Polish site honoring Poles who fought against the Soviets. Didn’t see that coming.

  27. In case you missed it, this is a world movement. The factions supporting the communist / socialist doctrines are entrenched in every country. The biggest threat is their forces may be consolidated to the point they speak with one voice on the world stage, leaving freedom loving peoples of the world in dire straits. Obama is the charismatic leader who can lie and deceive at will with the help of a totally corrupt news media. He can change reality for a largee percentage of supporters. This is old school and has been tried many times before without reaching the level of success it has today. The polish “press” are just tools playing their part.

  28. They’re disrespectful in every way possible, first and foremost to the American people. Nothing will stop these leftists goons, posing as reporters, in helping getting their guy relected
    It’s a Yahoo lead story today….jerks.

  29. Good for him. I could never be a handler etc. I’d tell the media to goto Hell just about every day. They are a bunch of lap dog SOB’s who portray the news and not report it.

    1. “Why the apology?” Because, unlike those in the media or this administration, these people (the Romney campaign) take responsibility for their actions. When they feel as though they have stepped out of bounds they are quick to right their wrong. It’s the right thing to do, it’ very admirable!

      The media is making a mockery of themselves, maybe they should take the time to listen to Mitt Romney’s entire speech in Israel, they might learn something. Not just about the man, but also about the nation of Israel. Romney is right in defending the nation of Israel and he should not waver in defending his comments, they were spot on!

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