Pro-Baby-Murder activists show up at Catholic church in Los Angeles but parishioners were having NONE of it — [VIDEO]

A small contingent of pro-baby-murder activists showed up at a Catholic church in Los Angeles, the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels, and both parishioners and security immediately went into action to push them out of the nave.


As a Catholic I can provide a little bit of context on what you are seeing.

As the video begins you see the parishioners using their kneelers, which means these pro-abortion activists sat through nearly the entire Mass, the reading of the Word and the homily, and waited until the most sacred part of the Mass, Holy Communion, to get up and spring into action. They knew what they were doing.

One parishioner immediately jumped up to engage the activists and was immediately shoved by some big guy in a gray sweatshirt, who appeared to be there to protect them.

Then you see other parishioners, as well as security, engage them and begin pushing them out of the nave and ultimately, the church. The short woman on security took the lead and just begin pushing them back.

One activist with the big gray-sweatshirt-dude tried to go around the other side, but they were quickly met by more parishioners and security and pushed out.

I absolutely love how resolute and quick these parishioners were in this church to kick these activists out before they could do much ‘damage’ to the service. They clearly weren’t afraid of them and that’s how it should be.

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