Pro-Hamas group releases intifada map of Jewish targets in New York City, then deletes it…

A pro-Hamas group released yesterday an intifada map of Jewish targets in New York City on social media before suddenly deleting it.

But the New York Post picked it up and showed the maps, with the targets blurred. They read “From Palestine to NYC – Globalize the Intifada” and “Funding colonization: tax exempt Zionist charities funding settler organizations in Palestine.”

You can see the maps at the bottom of this article. Here’s more from the NY Post:

A pro-Palestinian activist group shared a frightening map of New York City newsrooms, businesses and landmark buildings — and called for “direct action” to “globalize intifada.”

In addition to news buildings, Within Our Lifetime, which describes itself as a Palestinian-led community organization, called for followers to target the offices of technology companies

“Each of the locations on this map reflects the location of an office of an enemy of both the Palestinian people and colonized people all over the world. Today and beyond, these locations will be sites for popular mobilization in defense of our people,” the sickening Wednesday night post read.

“May this map serve as a call for every struggle to act in their own interest. As we do so, we uplift one another’s struggles and free Palestine from the river to the sea,” it continued, repeating the Palestine Liberation Organization mantra adopted by Hamas that calls for the eradication of Israel.

The controversial post has since been deleted.

They say WOL has 121k followers on Instagram, which appears to be where these were posted.

Below are the maps:

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