PROJECT VERITAS: Global Facebook Exec boasts about massive voter registration campaign that helped Biden

Project Veritas just released a new video of the Global Facebook Executive we heard from yesterday, who argued that all of the Big Tech companies should be split up because they are essentially countries now and that Zuckerberg should be fired.

In this new video Benny Thomas is boasting about the massive voter registration Facebook did which he ultimately believes helped Biden:

It’s not an admission that would hold up in court, per se, but Thomas seems to gleefully believe that the 4.5 million voter registrations they made helped Biden win over Trump.

Without knowing more about how Facebook targeted voter registrations, assuming they did, it would be hard to say with any certainty that they intentionally tried to help Biden over Trump. That’s probably a good guess, but there’s no evidence in this clip of anything suggesting such a plan.

In fact I remember being asked by Facebook to register to vote last year and it seems to me that it was a broad push. But it all could be ‘built in’ to the demographics of Facebook – and they would know this – that perhaps most people on the platform support Democrats, and thus a massive push for new voter registrations would inherently benefit Democrats.

Whatever the case, I don’t find this admission by Thomas all that compelling without more information. But one thing is for sure, James O’Keefe has Facebook in his sights and I’m sure he’ll let us know if he does find anything more compelling.

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