ProLife doctor fights law forcing him to help patients get abortions

Tucker Carlson had a doctor on his show that is fighting a new law in Illinois forcing doctors and others to help their patients secure abortions even if the doctor is morally opposed to it.

Watch below:

More from Fox News:

Last year, the state of Illinois passed a law requiring all doctors, pharmacists and pregnancy centers to assist pregnant women in getting abortions, even if they are morally or religiously opposed.

SB 1564 amends the state’s Health Care Right of Conscience Act and compels pro-life doctors and clinics to provide information about abortion and to refer patients to health care providers who will perform abortions.

Dr. Robert Lawler, an obstetrician, is pro-life and he’s fighting this new law.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Lawler said the bill is “truly egregious” and a clear violation of his conscience rights.

He said that’s why he’s filing a lawsuit – with the help of the Thomas More Society – and challenging the bill as unconstitutional.

“I’m an obstetrician, so by the very nature, I have two patients: the mother and a baby,” Lawler said. “And it’s ludicrous to think that I could refer my patients off, one to be executed and the other to be mortally wounded for the rest of her life with a sense of regret.”

Pretty ridiculous. This is exactly the kind of thing that Trump promised he would prevent if he was in office. So…. anytime now, buddy.

Of course, it helps to have Gorsuch on the Supreme Court if this case makes it that far, and even moreso if Kennedy retires and Trump gets another nomination… 

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