Proof that Ron Paul wrote his newsletters?

Turns out someone has done the hard work of proving that Ron Paul wrote the controversial newsletters he now denies writing. But he didn’t always deny writing them:

In the interview, he did not deny he made the statement about the swiftness of black men.

“If you try to catch someone that has stolen a purse from you, there is no chance to catch them,” Dr. Paul said.

He also said the comment about black men in the nation’s capital was made while writing about a 1992 study produced by the National Center on Incarceration and Alternatives, a criminal justice think tank based in Virginia.

Citing statistics from the study, Dr. Paul then concluded in his column: `Given the inefficiencies of what DC laughingly calls the criminal justice system, I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal.”

“These aren’t my figures,” Dr. Paul said Tuesday. “That is the assumption you can gather from” the report

But that’s not all. Conservatives Network has photo proof that Ron Paul wrote them himself. Click the image below to check out their post and see the photos.

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127 thoughts on “Proof that Ron Paul wrote his newsletters?

  1. This man Ron Paul is an oddball. His foreign policy beliefs are very different.

    However, the candidates had better stop attacking each other and concentrate on the failures of Obama. They bicker and discredit each other unnecessarily.

  2. I have read several books and countless statements by Congressman Paul, and there is absolutely no consistency between those writings and what is in those newsletters. The writing style itself is obviously that of another person. Unfortunately, I doubt that the person who actually wrote those newsletters will ever come forward.

  3. Most people are just not intelligent enough to understand what Dr. Ron says. He is NOT condoning slavery, he is just pointing out how very screwed up we are today.

  4. Looks like Bachmann had no problem with these alleged racist letters by Paul

    Sarah Palin

    Mitt Romney

    Rick Perry

    Rush Limbaugh

    Rick Santorum

    The only candidate that will gain from these allegations will be Obama. the DNC cannot wait to play the race card on any one of the GOP candidates.

    1. Gooood point! I will be voting for Ron Paul though tornado, hurricane, hail, slet, rain , snow, or shine! He is the only one that understand the problems we have and a plan to solve them.

      Ron Paul 2012!!!

  5. And I am sure the candidates write all those letters soliciting donations too, after all they say “me” and “I” don’t they? I am sure he did in fact write some of the articles, but the racist articles, too me at least, sound very out of character. I would like to see a time-line as to where they appear. If they appear tightly interspersed with articles that sound like Ron Paul, that would be more damaging. If however, there is a time frame in which many of the articles have a much different feel and style, and the racist articles appear within that time frame, I would be more inclined to believe he did not write them. Every writer has a style that shines through.

  6. A liberty candidate can’t be racist, noone is buying it…sorry. Try another angle.

    The premise of the newsletter scandal is a poor one.

    From the 1970’s to the 1990’s, various newsletters were published which bore the name “Ron Paul” in their titles. A vast number of the newsletters were printed without even having been read or reviewed by Ron Paul. Much of Ron Paul’s support comes independent of him or his official organization. For example, Dr. Paul was not personally responsible for the 2008 Ron Paul Blimp, the Tea Party ’07, or the various “money bombs” that catapulted him to stardom. Likewise, past supporters have published their own ideas on subjects, independent of Ron Paul’s involvement or approval.

    It would be wrong to hold Mitt Romney responsible for the polygamy of Mormons in the 1800’s. It would be wrong to hold Barack Obama personally responsible for all the statements made by his ignorant supporters. Likewise, it would be wrong to hold Ron Paul responsible for the opinions or statements of all the individuals that share some of his political philosophies.

    1. So then you are telling me that he sent out newsletters written in first person to his constituents that they were led to believe that he was writing to them when he really was not even reading some of them. Sincerity. That to me is worse than the phraseology that was used that is offensive. We are talking at the beginning of his career for some. What a disconnect.

  7. These aren’t my figures,” Dr. Paul said Tuesday. “That is the assumption you can gather from” the report”

    Makes an ass out of you and me, case closed. Go fry some chicken.

    1. …… Because of that and the fact that he want to do away with the income tax system and replace it with gov cuts. Ron Paul has my vote hurricane, tornado, rain, slet, snow or shine.

  8. Why is it that conservatives are investigating another conservative in order to defame him? Do you ever see leftist doing this to one of their own? Maybe that is why they win.

    1. Ron Paul is not a Republican. He is a ”sudo Republican” he has jumped ship so many times he has his own assigned gangplank for entry and egress.

      As to him being Conservative that is highly debatable. Remember it was Ron Paul who left the Republican Party because he said Ronald Reagan was a Conservative Warmonger.

      In last nights debate he even admited to Neil Cavoto that he is to the left of Barack ”Socialist Mop” Obama. How conservative is that??? NOT!

      1. What are you talking about your just rambling. Ron Paul is to the right of Rust Limbaugh. All these republicans are just democrat lite. They don’t want to do any serious cuts. If George Bush was a democrat with all the same policies you would be crying of how liberal a president he was and you would be right. Bush was a liberal Rino republican that promoted the liberal Rino agenda. Just like Newt or Romney will be. I true lib that throws a couple of conservative bones to us. I wish there were more candidates that want to eliminate depts, eliminate the income tax. No Ron Paul is the only sane candidate.

        Hell has frozen over!
        Rush Limbaugh endorses Ron Paul plan

      2. Bottom Line, Ron Paul is an anti war Libertarian, using the term, Republican and Conservative to con people in.

        His National Security and Foreign Affair views are Left Wing

  9. Better watch it TheRightScoop. The tinfoil hat brigade will be out to get you now!
    They are warming up their RonRobots to flood the thread and provide truely wasteful information about how wonderful Ron ”the old NutBag” Paul really is…..

    So lock your doors tight and pull down the shades real good.

  10. This is all old news. All of this stuff was exposed when Paul was running in 2008.

    But even if it weren’t verifiable, even if all of this past crap about Ron Paul had never come out and nobody ever knew anything about him at all, so what?

    What IS it about people that makes them completely incapable of understanding plain language spoken plainly? What is WRONG with people?

    Does anyone with two brain cells really need anything more than their own ears to decide that Ron Paul is an anti-Semitic, anti-American nut job?


    Yeah, unfortunately you do. And that’s why we’re doomed. Because there are a helluva lot more of you than there are of us.

  11. Though its a day late and a dollar short, I’m glad to see somebody’s finally addressing something I’d known about for YEARS. Its also funny how many comments are here addressing anything else BUT Rumpelstiltskin’s racism, and how more and more proof is coming into the light that he should’ve been Robert “Sheets” Byrd’s roommie and BFF.

    1. Honestly, the racism doesn’t bother me (not that I like it because I don’t). But believing in racist thoughts and acting on them is not equivalent. So long as he intends to TREAT everyone with respect and dignity, even if he doesn’t BELIEVE they deserve it, I don’t care how he feels. Then again, I struggle constantly with racial biases in my own mind, so perhaps I’m a bit biased. I’m working on it though. I’m probably going to make a lot of enemies for this post, but I find it helps to talk about it. Sorry if I’ve offended.

      But the way he treats Israel REALLY scares me. They have a military, yes, and they can defend themselves against any enemy out there. But when an ENTIRE continent wants you dead, it’s really important to have the backing of a MORE POWERFUL continent to help you out. Turning our backs on Israel is LITERALLY a Death-Sentence (most likely a horrible, painful, and terrifying death) for the Israeli’s, and I for one would strongly consider going to fight with Israel should that ever come to be (assuming they’d have me).

      1. His racism would bother you if it was directed toward you, which it isn’t. I didn’t approve of Obama, in part, because of his overt racism; I will be mentally honest enough to put Rumpelstiltskin by the same yardstick. Just as I didn’t care for Slick Willy’s philandering, I can’t like that of Gingrich. His hatred of Israel is just another element of his racism and bigotry, however, like I said: if you were black or gay, I’m sure you’d take his racism a lot more seriously, and your eyes would open as to how much of a threat this guy really is, not to just Israel, but to any American that doesn’t look like him, especially people with the poor grace of being born black.

        1. I don’t think it was racist. He was obviously making a judgement based on some sort of statistic at his disposal (which may or may not have been true). If he had said: “All blacks should be lynched”, THAT would be racist. Or “Blacks score worse on standardized tests because their genetics are inferior” would be racist. But his statement that “95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal” (which was obviously an exaggeration), I believe, was based on some sort of data point, and then his statement was taken out of context to make him look like a racist. I don’t support Ron Paul at all, but I don’t think those statements make him a racist. Definitely prejudiced, but not racist.

          1. As for prejudice, many people of his generation are. They grew up in a very different environment than we have. The man who just married my grandmother is prejudiced, but I would not call him racist. He’s about 7 years older than Paul.

      2. I agree about Israel and I don’t want another reluctant supporter in Israel, I want a true ally for our next Prez. Ron Paul doesn’t believe in Ally’s and would treat an Iranian the same as a Canadian. Felt the same way when I used to be a Democrat!

  12. were the hell is the drunk beck on this most important revelation that has ever been exposed as a monumental blunder in the whole wide universe and downtown Topeka we need to expose this to everyone around the Scan Bottom Fish Bait Bay in Massachusetts…this is outrageous and in need of a full anal exam by the drunk beck…WERE THE HELL IS HE!!!!!!!ooooohhhh i don’t think i can handle any more….my eyes are about to shoot blood all over the place….. help!!! help!!!! where is the duck tape……

  13. You guys are morons
    Its so sad to see people who claim to be against redistribution of wealth advocated it so fiercely.

    No wait. Its actually HILARIOUS ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

    1. Look in the mirror and see what that got ya’. Uh huh…Assless.

      Now you’re going to look ridiculous in your favorite thong…so the joke’s on you.

      We all know you’re really rolling on the floor crying like an isolationist. ROFCLAI !

      1. One of these days, I’m going to write a long, sympathetic Ron Paul post, bashing all the other candidates and calling you all Neo-cons! Then, after all the Paul-Bots “like” it, I’m going to edit the post and call Ron Paul a big dummy! That outta be worth a few giggles around here! LOL!

      2. ROFCLAI….that’s a new one for me (I’m not a texter).

        ROFL…rolling on the floor laughing
        ROFLMAO…rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

        What is ROFCLAI?

          1. And just where the heck have you been?! You’re severely late for work sister. I’m gonna have to write you up.

              1. OK, I’ll allow it. Promised me lovely bride a nice dinner tonight. Gotta go.

                Beware of the night shift! Those folks are ruthless 🙂

                1. That was a very beautiful offering. I like the humming acoustic guitars, the orchestra strings, and the Spirit of the entire performance. Perhaps my favorite line is, “There is no shadow in your presence.”

                  Here’s a Christmas song I wrote a few years back.

                  Mmmm December, snowy days behold
                  I’ve got my family to warm me from the cold
                  Oh Noel, Christmas wishes well
                  God is with us, His name Emmanuel

                  Happy birthday Jesus, you came to save us all
                  What can we get for you, can’t find it at the mall
                  Can’t find one piece of peace
                  Can’t find your kind of kindness
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                  But in your people, some but far too few
                  We often find, images of you
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                  Happy birthday Jesus, your gift has been received
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                  Today your stars and angels, topping trees of Christmas
                  But before and after, could it be you’ve missed us
                  Or have we…missed you…
                  Have we missed you

                2. Wow oh wow! That’s so beautiful!!!! I’d love to hear that set to music- but just the words alone are enough. Thank you for sharing that Rshill! You are blessed with words- and I am blessed by you. Thank you 🙂

                3. If you have high speed internet and decent speakers hooked up to your computer, send an e-mail to [email protected] and I’ll send you some stuff from time to time, with my wife’s knowledge of course 🙂

                  I have approximately 38 songs posted out there on the web since 2006. I do not have a decent copy of “Happy Birthday Jesus” and I do not want anyone to know who I am, but I will send you some recordings that my son, daughter and I have recorded in our little home studio. He’s a great guitar player…much better than I. My youngest daughter is a great flute player and percussionist. I play guitar, piano, and drums 🙂

                  Casting Crowns considered recording one of them, their manager is Sawyer Brown’s lead singer’s brother, to Mark Miller…but alas, they passed on it. “I coulda’ been a contenduh…” (Brando)

    2. Heres the reason you are moron. Where do you think American soldiers stationed overseas are spending their money? What about the tax breaks for defense contractors. Pat yourselves on the back neocons your SUPPORT redistribution of wealth. You just support giving it to a different group than Obama and the Democrats. LMFAOROFL!!!!

      Whatever happen to letting people keep the fruits of their labor? What gives the govt the right to take my money by force and giving it to its favorite constituents? GE, Lockhead Martin, Boeing,Corporate farmers ie Big Ag etc.

      And you wonder why people think that you are not intelligent.

  14. Why isn’t any news org picking up on Santorum’s comments on Hezbollah coming up thru Latin America into the US thru southern border? Islamic Supremacy much. If this isn’t headline news then were f’d.

    1. Because the msm believes that all muslims are friendly, peaceful bunny huggers.

      How they can believe that and refuse to believe in Santa Claus mystifies me.

  15. Wait a minute! You’re telling me that Ron Paul is a crazy, neo-nazi, crackpot, lunatic, fringe candidate?

    Man, I NEVER saw that one coming.

  16. This poll sucks! Where’s Ron Paul’s name?

    Oh, there it is. I see his hat too.

    Where’s everyone else’s name? Bogus!

  17. I am not an expert in signature analysis, but there is one document in the link that proportably has Paul’s signature.. The “R” in the signature is noticeably different.

    Here is the link to the document:

    Now here are a couple of links to known images of Paul’s signature:

    Link 1:

    Link 2:

    In the document, the “R” has two legs and a loop. In the known signatures, the “R” has only one leg and a loop, but the loop is used as IF it were a leg….Other than that difference, the signature could come off as authentic.

    So this can implant doubt. I will wait until an expert analyzes the signature.

      1. Good for you buddy!!! I’m glad to see other people coming to their own conclusions, even when we disagree! If we can keep it civil, civil discourse goes a long way!

        1. I have to admit that the link that Scoop gave in the post did give me something to go on. A comparison of Paul’s signatures, and how it mutated over time IS consistent with how it would have been when he would have signed the drafts of the magazine articles.

          1. If you look on Stormfront, the VAST (approaching 90%) majority of Americans there support Ron Paul. Now whether it’s for his racist views or anti-Israel/anti-Zog views…that many Nazi’s can’t all be wrong.

            1. Well last night in the debate chat room, i said “My heart belongs to Paul, and my head belongs to Romney.”

              Well, so to speak, my “heart” is broken.

              1. Don’t necessarily let his racial views change your vote. He didn’t say that blacks should be treated any differently than Whites. He just stated his views that, most likely going off of some cache of statistics, blacks were violent. Whether that’s the truth or not is a debating point, but he never said they should be killed, or imprisoned, or segregated, etc. I DON’T believe he’s a racist (or at least an actionable racist). I DO believe he is an anti-Semite.

                1. Thing is, I do remember this from 2008. One person I talked to asked, “If he wrong? If he is not, then all he is guilty of is political incorrectness.” But I haven’t seen the statement be verified or debunked.

                2. Exactly! These days, any time a White person (especially White men) makes a statement involving race (in ANY way, shape, or form), we are ALL conditioned to automatically investigate the racist element FIRST, prior to investigating the validity of his statement. And regardless of the truth of said statement, if a racist element is found (even when there really isn’t one), his argument is immediately nullified, and his credibility destroyed. I want to see the data his statement was based on, and THEN I’ll make my decision about his racial tendencies, and their extent.

                3. We have been for decades. White kids grow up without any kind of culture, and begin to have Stockholm syndrome and associate with black culture. I did it, and just a few years ago FINALLY broke out of it. It’s just a fact of life in America these days…It’s UNACCEPTABLE to be White. And as a survival mechanism, White kids begin adopting other cultures into their daily lives, such that they become accepted. Brainwashing 101, and that’s how we got Obama.

                4. I appreciate this dialogue. Thank you for your civility.
                  First I’ve seen the so called newsletters and as an “aPaulogist” I have to admit I’ve been concerned about them.
                  Since I’ve been following him – I’ve never been given any reason to doubt his credibility – and I cannot say that about any of the other candidates – and no – I don’t have rose colored glasses on.
                  So – with that said and with what has been posted – I still haven’t seen anything that links the racist comments I saw on Hot Air with proof that he wrote them. Just because something is written in first person doesn’t mean he’s the writer AND the things that they highlighted where they are in first person – don’t have any damning comments.
                  Who is Dr. Douglass anyway?

                  When the first allegations about Herman Cain came out – I dismissed them. When the second and third ones came out – I continued especially with the links back to Chicago – but in the end – there was just too much smoke.

                  Right now – all I’ve seen is a little puff. I need more.

      2. I agree as well! He had me at “eliminating the income tax system and replacing it with gov cuts!” There is just no other candidate with a better domestic policy and his really kicks but!

    1. That does not make any since. Racist want to control and segregate. Ron Paul’s policy is the total opposite of that. The true racist was Robert Bird.

  18. IF THE ALLEGATIONS MADE AGAINST CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL ARE TRUE, I AM CALLING ON HIM TO STEP DOWN FROM THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY RACE. I have noted in recent posts by Scoop on Congressman Paul that Mr. Paul has used a “concentration camp” slur against Israel at least three times. Using Nazi-terminology against Israel is an anti-Semitic trope that the Arabs use. Mr. Paul does not like blacks any better, if Scoop’s report is true.

    1. It’s not true! This is the same BS that setup Herman Cain! Sarah Palin out, Herman Cain, and Ron Paul is in the cross fire. His domestic policy is unbelievably awesome! No other candidates can compete on policy. If you want prosperity for most Americans!

    2. Very funny, to think that a liberty candidate is racist is the height of stupidity. I’m not buying it, sorry.

    1. I am sure that Scoop likes poking this particular caged critter with a stick. Every time he does it, he gets a fascinating reaction.

      I’ll start: “You need to wake up people!!! You’re all brainwashed!!! Only Ron Paul can save us!!! You’re in the tank, Scchooop!!! Your momma is chunky!!! You fear his revolutionary ideas!! You can’t think for yourselves!!! The earth is actually a multi-dimensional plane!!! It’s full of stars!!! WAKE UP! ONLY RON CAN SAVE US!!”

      (So I like poking with a long stick too…sue me.)

          1. And a partridge in a pear tree.

            Your Momma is so fat, if someone said it’s chilly outside, she’d grab a spoon and box of Ritz!

            1. Humor is good for serious topics. I’d like to think when the Pope oversees the Vatican Counsel, he starts out with “So this carpenter goes into a Temple and says…”


      1. Haha! I just noticed he turned caps off in the middle, and then turned it back on after a sentence!!! LOL! I still haven’t actually read his post though! I hate caps-lock! I think from now on, everybody should have to hold shift to type capital letters, so as to discourage all-caps posts!

        1. You have to use html codes to do that. I put a link to the codes below. Some of the codes work here and others do not. Just remember that you have to have the code in front of the sentence to start italicizing or bolding and at the end to turn them off. The backslash code in brackets is at the end.

                1. Yay!

                  I wonder what the html code would be if you wanted to post something in Braille. You know, for blind folks with touch screens 🙂

  20. Doesn’t it just hurt when you find out that your hero isn’t a demigod, never ascended to the top of Mt. Olympus and is just a mere mortal and will die just like you?

    Time to start circling the black helicopters.

    I am sure the Bilderbergs are behind this.

  21. Now it would be great if one of the candidates, say Michele Bachmann, put out her own little attack ad showing that Ron Paul is a racist from way back. Now that would be great. I’m getting tired of all the prancing around the serious flaws in some of these candidates. She might also include posts from conservative Jews like David Horowitz showing how anti-Semitic he is as well.

    If we tolerate this guy, the Dems will hammer us for it.

        1. The pledge essentially said that the children of African-American slaves were better off as slaves. How is it not?

          Not to mention, it is historically innacurate, so it is not just politically incorrect. The mother and father of a slave child could be sold at any time…Even the child could be sold. So it was certainly not a sure thing that the parents would both be there for the child

          I have theorized that she did not read the pledge though.

          1. I agree that the theory that the two-parent family was more prevalent in slavery is erroneous. I would like to see the evidence for that statement. However, the way I read that pledge statement does not say that AA children were better off as slaves. It just does not say that. The way I was reading it was a statement of fact. Maybe the fact is wrong, I don’t know, but I did not read it as implying somehow slavery was better.

            People read a lot of emotion into non-emotional statements and tend to project into these statements. There’s alot of that going on with Ron Paul’s beliefs. People just go ballistic because he is not saying the same thing as everyone else. Think about this: what if he is right.

            1. The statement was more about children. AA spouses were more likely to remain together than they were to keep their children.

              From Digital History:

              The most conservative estimates indicate that at least 10 to 20 percent of slave marriages were destroyed by sale. The sale of children from parents was even more common. As a result of the sale or death of a father or mother, over a third of all slave children grew up in households from which one or both parents were absent.

              On large plantations, one slave father in three had a different owner than his wife, and could visit his family only at his master’s discretion. On smaller holdings, divided ownership and mother-headed households occurred even more frequently. Many slaves had to share their single room cabins with relatives or other unrelated slaves. Even on model plantations, children between the ages of 7 and 10 were taken from their parents and sent to live in separate cabins.


              This is not to say they did not have strong family ties, but this is just to address the statement in the pledge.

          2. I think you’re reading too much into that statement of Michelle’s to be honest. I’m black and can understand exactly what she’s saying. By the way, I haven’t forgotten your questions to me on homosexuality and what the state’s approach should be towards it (in a previous TRS thread). You raised some serious issues and I considered it important to respond comprehensively, as your objections seemed genuine. I haven’t found the time yet but will soon. That is, if, TRS has not closed comments to that thread. If he has, then perhaps we can swap emails or something and I can post you some thoughts.

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