Prosecution makes ABSURD last minute argument against Kyle Rittenhouse

The prosecution tonight made the most absurd argument against Kyle Rittenhouse, namely that he should have tried to fight off his attacker with his fists:

He actually called Rittenhouse a coward for not fighting with his fists. Unbelievable.

He claims that Rittenhouse brought a gun to a ‘fist fight’ but that’s idiotic. He was being chased by a mob and some of them absolutely had guns, namely Gaige Grosskreutz, who pointed it and Kyle and charged him before Kyle shot him in the arm. Another attacker was swinging a skateboard at Kyle and also tried to take his gun. Another attacker kicked him in the head with his boot.

To say that Rittenhouse should have just put his gun down and started fighting all of these leftist mobsters with his fists might just be the most absurd thing I’ve heard in this case all day. He absolutely had a right to protect his life and I full expect the jury to agree.

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