Protesters give Gov. Walker Nazi salute at Christmas Tree lighting

Amid the boos from the crowd as Walker took the podium at the Christmas Tree lighting, there were several protesters giving the Nazi salute to Walker:

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89 thoughts on “Protesters give Gov. Walker Nazi salute at Christmas Tree lighting

  1. This is really outrageous on many levels. 1st, the left wing, socialists, continue to water down the evil that has transpired in the world by callling anything or anyone they do not like (nazism, or hitler or racist or mysoginist..etc..etc..). Second, it is completely disrespectful to the ceremony that is important to a specific religion. Can you imagine if a group of protesters showed up at a Ramadan ceremony put on my Muslims?
    One thing that was noticable from the few second glance of the socialist’s is they were either wearing their union attire or looked like they were just pulled up off the cardboard box they were sleeping on downtown.
    The only thing I can say is thank goodness we live in an ever tenuous democracy because these foolish pawns would not even try this stuff in 90% of the world. Truly, in their hearts, they are cowards.

  2. Absolutely stupid, arrogant and rude bunch. They need to start depending on themselves instead of someone else to pay their way.

  3. Very CLASSY!!

    That sends a great message about the respect they deserve back!

    These people are also from OUTER SPACE

    I think from the Planet ASSININIUS

    Did I see a FOIL HAT in the crowd?

  4. have you noticed? it is the small minority (who stick out like a sore thumb) that gathers the attention of the news services

  5. Think of the stupidity of these people. The utter stupidity. Rudeness apparently has a permanent seat in the state of Wisconsin, as does ignorance of history and destruction of a wonderful event – the lighting of a beautiful Christmas tree.

  6. Gov. Walker is a Patriot and hero. May G-d bless and protect him and his family.

    The Unions members that are going after Gov. Walker are self- indulgent, modern-day brown shirt thugs and imbeciles.

    1. Most of the Union members are already grossly over paid for the work they perform. At a time of high unemployment, they are so blessed to even have jobs.
    2. They were asked to pay a little something toward their health care. What’s the big deal? Many Americans can’t even afford health care, thanks to obama.
    3.They were told that their pensions would be a little less. Hey, at least they have pensions. Most of them don’t even deserve jobs let alone, pensions.
    4. They are examples of the greed and entitlement mentality that seems to be pervasive among many segments of our society today.

    We need to bring back, a renewed sense of self-respect and pride in accomplishment and giving back to our precious America, by choice, not governmental demand.

    Think not what your country can do for you but what you can do for our country.
    -John F. Kennedy

    The Union fools that saluted Walker as if he were Hitler, don’t get it, if the Unions pulled this crap on Hitler or someone like Hitler, they and their families would immediately be brutally taken from their homes in the middle of the night, never to be heard of again….and no-one would dare seek them out for fear of reprisals.

  7. I dreaded watching this, but I was pleasantly surprised at the applause and warm reception Gov. Walker received. Made those who were booing and giving the Nazi salute look silly.

  8. Dont’ they understand that the Nazi’s were Socialists??? Which is way more in line with what they believe than any conservative. National Socialist Party….why don’t they understand? They are also the ones who have talked of re-education camps (ailes and the like) once they were in charge. Their president (FDR) put thousands of American citizens of Japanese decent into camps yet they always fail to remember that when talking of how awesome he is. Could you imagine if a conservative president tried to do that? And a whopping 2 people…ah ya got me….losers.

  9. These nit-wits like to compare Republicans to Nazis and it’s disgusting. They act like they are oppressed and being led by the devil himself. If they lived through Hitler’s terror they would not be doing this. Hitler….genocide. Republicans….limited government. Nevermind, they are pretty close to each other. We are Nazis. Morons.

  10. Leftist are leftist are leftist….they have damaged brains and can not live in a free society were you are responsible for your own actions and well being…they need to be taken care of …and if that means a cage they are more than happy to…”GO IN …SIT DOWN…AND GET HAND FEED ” by their masters…such people need to be put away because they are a danger to all of our Freedoms and Liberty’s…there will be a point when they force us to do just that…and its not to far down the road…….

    1. Uh, yeah….but it’s going to be the other way around. An advance towards communism will probably mean we will get shot..Stalin style. The right will not round all these people up because we believe in freedom of speech and the freedom to be stupid. The liberals claim to believe in freedom of speech, but that’s a bunch of bull. They try to silence any opponents with the racist accusations just for disagreeing, and they have been trying to figure out a way to shut down Rush Limbaugh, other conservative talk show hosts, and Fox News. They are all for freedom of speech as long as it’s their own. They said some of the nastiest things about Bush, but if you say anything negative about Obama (not even vile or hateful) they accuse you of being a hate monger and a racist. Again, the left will lock US up, not the other way around.

  11. Aren’t the morons giving the Nazi salute self identifying as Nazis? If there’s a politician that deserves that, it would be the moron in the White House. Fascism and communism are virtually the same thing: totalitarianism. Maybe the idiots in the crowd don’t realize that fascism is national SOCIALISM, and communism is international SOCIALISM. Both ideologies are based off of socialist principles.

    1. Yes, and both are on the LEFT, not the Right as many would like to suggest. Those on the Right are Constitutionalists. Too far to the right are anarchists, but whatever.

      Just throw tomatoes at these clowns. People if you see morons like this, ACT.

      1. I’ve heard lefties claim that Hitler was right wing even though he was a socialist. They told me that he was just pretending to be a socialist in order to fool the people. Lefties also told me that even though it was the Republican party that fought for desegregation and to free the slaves, the parties have switched and the racists left the Democrat party and went to the Republican party. They make up their own facts and history, and unfortunately they are writing the history books for our kids, too.

    2. The ideologies break down to the point of confusion. Communism is full government control (society including business and person), Socialism is government control of business.

      Trotskyism is international communism and Stalinism/Leninism is national communism (I’m not certain about that last one).

      Marxism is the underlying ideology or selling point for all.

      1. But the many variations always end the same with a dictator in power unwilling to relinquish it. Marx was either brilliant is his ignoring human nature while at the same time exploiting it, Marx was either evil genius or doofus and if you read it and contrast it Marx’s ideology is chock full of nothing more than anti-Bible mentality along with the anti-Capitalism. After all it was Marx’s object in life to dethrone God and destroy capitalism so I say he is evil genius.

  12. This is an excellent example of why the Occupy Wallstreet loosers will fail. First, they have no real plan to fix things their only plan is to cause anarchy. Second, they just basically have no class what so ever. They are a bunch of spoiled little brats that think they deserve everything for free.

    If I was their parents, I would be soo ashamed.

    1. Occupy is already failing. Did you hear what happened in Los Angeles? They got moved, and now the city got stuck with 30 tons of garbage to clean up and a dead lawn that needs to be reseeded. But it was the larges “Occupy” left after Wall Street’s. So it’s dispersal MAY spell doom for many others. — There are some small “Occupys” here that are trying to join forces, but that means that they may get concentrated in fewer places and not be as widespread.

    2. But, fixing things isn’t what they have any intention of doing. That is the problem and is exactly why they might not fail.

      1. I don’t understand how anyone can defend the indefensible OWS! Spoiled brats. And people wonder why the jobs are getting outsourced to 3rd world countries.

        1. I think it just shows how far we have deteriorated as a nation, that our people have just given up on thinking.

        2. If they were just simply protesting corruption, then I would have had more sympathy for them. But their demands became so stupid that I just could not take them seriously.

          1. I don’t condone an american company like boeing shutting down operation completely here in the US and setting up shop in a 3rd world nation, but I understand. Everyday these great companies are getting choked by (G)oonion OWS types with protests for higher wages & less work. (G)oonion = freedom compromised.

  13. You know? I really hate that they use the term “Union” to describe themselves. It makes me think of the Union during the Civil War,….but I side with THAT particular Union. — I want to call these guys the “Public Employee ‘Confederacy'” instead.

    –No offence to any Neo-Confederate sympathizers reading this.

  14. They have no clue that NAZI stands for National Socialist Workers Party, do they? Useful idiots. They need to direct that salute to the White House.

    1. They need to bury that salute in the dirt. I don’t want to see anybody saluting my White House like that.

        1. I forgot but I did know that, thanks for the reminder. However, it didn’t have the stigma that it carries with it now. Now it has no place here.

          1. Well, I don’t know if that anybody should have ever worn THAT mustache. Always looked a little gay (as in happy) to me. Ugh.

                1. Just had to note.During the roaring 20’s, Germany was the most ‘open’ country in the world. When Adolph took over, they closed almost all the clubs, usually by burning. Gays, cripples, as well as Jews were put in slave camps. However, and what ever his personal cravings were, the media protected him, just like JFK, and Clinton. Please remember this, whenever the media tries to slime or elevate someone.

                2. Yeah, JFK was a favorite. Now, don’t get me wrong, he was much better than Teddy. But he was hardly the Civil Rights advocate that we learn about in the text books. He sent Lyndon Johnson away on a flight to Norway when there was a Civil Rights march because Kennedy suspected he was “too-pro-civil-rights.”

    2. Exactly right….the educational system has sooo dumbed down people they do not even recognize that Radical Socialist Ideas and National Socialist ideas are basically the same…..

      It is a false arguement to say Nazis are right wing….because they are not..they are both leftists plans.. .Nazis are just another branch of the left wing.

  15. These union-label thugs are only hurting their cause. I just sent Gov. Walker a small donation, and this makes me want to send another one.

    1. God bless you, Walker needs all the help he can get. The opposition to Walker is generated by out of state influence and Walker is being outspent by them. Walker is doing the right thing and has the right message but the message is not being carried to the people appropriately. Typical Republican style messaging, it is so frustrating.

      1. It wouldn’t matter how the message was carried out to the people. This is such a heavily unionized & progressive state (it is after all the birthplace of progressiveness) and the words ‘union busting’ brings out complete lunacy.

        I’m praying that for every one Recall Walker sign there are two who support him – albiet quietly… However, sometimes the good guys lose a battle in the war and he may get recalled. So be it. It doesn’t mean as a taxpayer who’s fed up that I’m going to just reign it in and go away quietly. I’m still going to fight for fiscally conservative principles even if we lose this battle.

        1. Hate to tell you but Ohio is right behind you. They voted to keep collective bargaining rights for unions. People here actually believed that teachers wouldn’t be able to help children with school supplies through collective bargaining. Who in their right mind believes that teachers use collective bargaining to help buy children school supplies. It boggles the mind.

  16. Hey, that’s what Walker gets for standing up for principle, despite any repercussions he may suffer. He should have been a good boy and bent over and become the Public Unions’ B**tch.

    Bad, Walker! Bad! No bone for you!

      1. Over here in CA, I was rooting for him during his legislation to limit negotiating rights for the public employee unions knowing full well that if he won, he’d be a hero. Now only did he win, he also managed to keep a Republican majority in the state senate (reduced, yes, but still a majority). That MAY indicate he may win the re-call, slightly, but win it nonetheless.

        1. I wouldn’t cheer just yet. It’s do or die for the progressive movement, and I’m willing to bet that there will be so much voter fraud that not even the conservative media can keep up with it. They’re willing to break the law for radical change, while honest conservatives strive for integrity. Guarantee the dead people that vote in Chicago will show up in WI to vote the next election.

          1. I wish they would go over to Wisconsin to vote and stop ruining my vote here in Illinois. I’ll supply the hearst.

    1. Someone might set these folks down and explain National Socialism to them, how to morph government unions into a single state party, and then have a little side discussion about just how far down that path they have enabled Hussein Obama to take us.

      Then maybe they would figure out who to salute.

      1. First, they have to open to reason. These are brainwashed people, how do explain anything to them, how do you un-brainwash them?

        1. “how do you un-brainwash them?”

          I don’t like the cause of the source of the quote, but at one time, in one place, American soldiers sang:

          “Underneath the starry flag,
          civilize them with a Krag**…”

          (**The Krag-Jorgensen .30/40 service rifle of the time.)

          In other words, good luck un-brain-washing anyone. It’s not a practical endeavor.

      2. Today’s Socialists are taught that Capitalism = Fascism, incredible. despite the fact all Fascist Leaders were Socialists before Nationalization. Guess the NEA and Unions want to keep them on the Commie pathway…

      3. SDee, I know your heart is in the right place, however, as much as we would like these people to be educated, I think they are too self-centered and brain-washed to understand anything that might mean they get a little bit less or some of their entitlements might be taken away.

        You are right, if we could get through to them, they would know who to salute.

        I wish the leftist would consult people that have lived or currently reside in government dominated countries. But, then would they even listen. My fear is that the stupid leftist won’t understand and appreciate the freedom we have enjoyed from the blood and sweat of our forefathers and soldiers, until it is gone.

        1. Or their just more concerned with their wages and early retirement reward paid for by us than they are about the truth.

    2. It’s not spelled “cerimonies”. You might have done it (even to obama) by accident.

      And originally it WAS “Christ’s Mass”. One whose name speaks of salvation should know these things.

      Merry Christ’s Mass, Salvatore! 🙂

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