Psaki’s insane TALIBAN answer (Seriously, I had to read it twice) is getting SHREDDED

Jen Psaki says so many dumb things, but this dumb thing really takes the dumb cake. It’s not because of policy reasons, although their policy is lame, and it’s not because this issue is bigger than all other issues, but it is an important one. It’s because it’s just so facially stupid it’s really hard to believe she could say it with a facially straight face.

“The Taliban also has to make an assessment about what they want their role to be in the international community.”


WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT JEN?? They HAVE decided their role. Terrorist religious zealot murderers who want to establish a caliphate.

And Jen talking about “Wrong side of history” like like the Taliban is gonna feel all bad and scolded about it. Remind you of anyone?

It’s facile and asinine.

She’s getting torn up on trash site Twitter, and on blogs and news sites too, but you really only need this one reply:

For my two cents I would add that, of all the dumb expectations that Democrats lay claim to holding, the absolute dumbest is the expectation that other countries will act on the world stage in ways that Democrats do when playing model U.N.

That ain’t the real world, Jen and Barry. And I’m not even sorry, because that would be dumb, terrible world.

The Taliban are bad guys, Jenny. We’re America. We kill bad guys, we don’t take them to the tolerance museum and ask them their favorite color.

Just because we don’t want to be the world’s police doesn’t mean we have to be the world’s most gullible chumps. Sanction, condemn, treat as terrorists. Maybe bomb now and then as a reminder.

But don’t give them pep talks for frick’s sake. Why do you need this explained to you?

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