Psalm 83 – Does Asaph the seer of Israel, predict a coming Middle East War?

The video shows a graphic presentation of the prophecy; showing among other things how the tribes mentioned in the Psalm match up with the 21st century map of their respective countries.


Walid Shoebat – I lived it (Psalm 83) during the Six Day War when, a few days prior, we were demonstrating in favor of Gamal Abd Al-Nasser the prime minister of Egypt who called for the destruction of Israel – and just within hours before the battle and before even a bullet was fired – we were shocked to see everyone fleeing. People piled up in cars or ran on foot across the Jordan River. Why? No one knows but, simply put, FEAR struck their hearts as Arab media announced that they were going to blow everything up so it was better for everyone to flee to Jordan.


“Notice on the clip they took great care to interpret the nations. This is why I love the clip; it’s the first I’ve seen which included TURKEY. Look at it again. Why did they do that? Simply put, Assyria included Turkey; not only Syria and Iraq. So we have a future showdown with Turkey when Messiah comes.

Listen: we had a Six Day War. This is significant and the church is asleep at the wheels. There is ONE day left to make it seven – the Day of the Lord. We will have a ONE DAY WAR which will be called “The Battle over Jerusalem” in which believers will fight. In all the context of the day of the Lord he has an army and a camp with bodies that cannot be destroyed. This is in Joel chapter 2: “…a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it” (v2) These are people, human beings.

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Joel Richardson takes issue with Bill Salus’s interpretation of Psalm 83 here.

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