“Pull your boobs out” – Fox Nation host sent lewd texts to co-host [UPDATED]

The text messages which Fox Nation host and Fox News contributor Tryus sent to his co-host, Brit McHenry, have now been revealed and they are terrible:

HUFFPOST – Tyrus, a Fox News contributor and a host on the network’s subscription streaming service, Fox Nation, sent lewd and inappropriate text messages to his now-former Fox Nation co-host, Britt McHenry, according to four sources familiar with the texts’ contents.

The messages, which have not previously been reported, include texts in which Tyrus said to McHenry: “Just pull your boobs out now why don’t you. Just grin and bare it” and “keep being negative and I’ll send you another dick pic.”

In June, The Daily Beast reported that Tyrus was pulled off the show he co-hosted with McHenry, after McHenry complained to the network about him.

In a second story, The Daily Beast reported that McHenry’s complaint included a claim of sexual harassment against Tyrus.

Between November 2018 and January 2019, Tyrus sent texts like this one to McHenry: “I love the fact your always working if we ever had sex I feel like after an orgazzum you say speaking of feeling good did see the story on the puppy rescue we should do a segment on it hand me my phone.”

In response to this text message, McHenry replied “Hahahaha.” (Women who deal with harassment in any form often employ humor as a way to change the subject.)

In response to other inappropriate text messages, McHenry shifted the conversation to other topics.

To call these text messages ‘inappropriate’ doesn’t really do them justice. This is blatant sexual harassment and to be honest, I’m surprised he still works there.

McHenry complained to the network back in April and as a result Tyrus was pulled from their show, “UN-PC”, and he was given his own show called ‘NuffSaid’.

There’s reportedly an investigation going on into this by FOX, but Fox News won’t comment on it and neither will McHenry or her lawyers.

In case you’ve forgotten who McHenry is, she’s the woman who was fired from ESPN after that brutally catty and abusive rant against a towing company employee in 2015. She’s no peach, but she doesn’t deserve to be sexually harassed.

I suspect that now these text messages have come to light, Tyrus won’t be with the network much longer.

UPDATE: Here’s a statement from Fox News they sent me on this matter:

“As we have previously said, this matter was immediately and thoroughly investigated by an outside law firm that was charged with providing us with independent factual findings and recommendations for action based on all of the evidence. We have consistently done this in other employee matters of this nature. All protocols were followed and the recommendations we received were appropriate and promptly implemented. We respect the confidentiality of our employees and their involvement in any HR process and therefore will not comment on the results of the investigation.”

I also corrected the title, per Fox News, noting these are Fox Nation hosts, not Fox News hosts.

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101 thoughts on ““Pull your boobs out” – Fox Nation host sent lewd texts to co-host [UPDATED]

  1. Damn, why can she just tell him off. Tell him ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP. GET LOST.

    Unless, she told him off, then she accepted it. The job site has nothing more to do with it.

  2. Damn, why can she just tell him off. Tell him ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP. GET LOST.

    Unless, she told him off, then she accepted it. The job site has nothing more to do with it.

  3. Ms. McHenry why didn’t you just tell Tyrus to “CUT THE CRAP OUT.” That it’s not appropriate unless maybe it didn’t bother you as much as you say.

  4. What I really hate is for a woman to participate in the lewd banter, find it funny and then turn it over to HR. This sounds like the middle of a conversation, instead of the beginning. I am perfectly capable of telling a guy he’s disgusting and to stop. If he doesn’t stop, then we have a problem. This supposedly strong, feminist reporter was not outspoken enough to call him out?? I think she played along just long enough to get him booted from the show. It was all about being a solo anchor.

  5. I am surprised at Tyrus especially since this wasn’t 5 years ago but last year through January of this year. Right smack in the middle of the #metoo democrat keep quiet unless it is a republican movement. I thought he was a smart guy and he is dumb as a rock for doing this. I say fire him for being stupid. Although now Fox is going full democrat they will probably keep him unless the heat is turned up.

  6. Tyrus is part of a protected group…The next thing we’ll hear is that she brought it on herself.

  7. I felt a little bad about it until you reminded me that she was that trash-talker who gave it to that towing office worker. Sounds like she had no problem being inappropriate and she was no innocent little lamb.

    Naturally Tyrus’ tweets up there were obnoxious; but in terms of harassment from a peer, they need to be “pervasive” and “unwelcome”. Lewdness by itself isn’t necessarily harassment, especially if she responded with “Hahahaha” rather than “That’s inappropriate and makes me uncomfortable. I really don’t appreciate lewd jokes”. If she reported this and he had a talking to by HR then changed his attitude, I could see how they wouldn’t necessarily fire him.

  8. don’t at all condone this (at all). but I bet it crept up slowly to the more graphic text. at the beginning I bet she played it off with humor then he took that as a sign to take it further. but then again, don’t condone it whatsoever, just saying that’s probably how it went.

    1. Knowing McHenry’s past at ESPN I wouldn’t be surprised, but my opinion of Tyrus has dropped dramatically.

  9. Watching Tyrus right now on Dana Perino’s news show, he seems pretty chill, discussing the impending storm approaching his home town of New Orleans..

  10. The only show I knew he was on was Gutfeld’s show. Too bad because I really like the guy. He’s not a news guy so I don’t know why he would have been put on any other show than Gutfeld’s for comedy.

    1. He makes fairly frequent visits on Dana Perino’s show, commentary for different news stories. I’d rather listen to him than Donna Brazile, for sure.

      1. So the women should stop complaining about men they work with sending them di** picks and asking them to do sexual favors?

  11. Who hires these people at Fox? Is he supposed to be an opposition co-host like Alan Coombs was with Sean Hannity? Surely they could have found one who was a lot less “thug”? It seems a little too much like perpetuating a stereotype that all or most blacks are gangsta. Personally I would much rather hear from some great black conservatives anyway but even Fox acts like they can’t find them.

    1. I like this guy, but I’ve only seen him on the Gutfeld show. He’s not a news guy so I don’t know why they had him on other shows (that I haven’t seen).

    2. I first saw him on Gutfeld’s show. He is perfect as a sidekick for Greg. FoxNation has a 15 minute video entitled Meet Tyrus. If you could watch it, you would get a much better understanding of who he is. He certainly didn’t grow up in a nice organized home like I did and considering his background, he has done well for himself. He admits his lack of upbringing, no father in the home, mother absent because of work, and a total lack of good role models. I hope (and pray) that he comes out of this with a better understanding of how to behave going forward. My gut reaction is that the woman made him feel comfortable and he reverted to his street/bouncer/wrestler way of behaving. It was very moving to hear him say that before meeting Greg, he felt that no one would think he could have a serious thought. He said that Greg stepped out in faith, took him in, and how much he appreciated the mentoring. Those moments, speaking from his heart, put a little water in my eyes.

  12. I’m shocked that a guy who looks like every organ of his body has been spewing testosterone since the day he was born would do something like this.

        1. There it is. I knew he was some kinda bad-a** (even though WWE is completely fake). Thanks.

  13. It looks like the left despises Britt McHenry, so she must be doing something right. A simple Google image search makes it seem like she’s feuding with everyone she comes in contact with. Most notably, annoying SJWs like Jemele Hill and Kevin Durant.

  14. I don’t know of either of them, so I don’t have a stake in the game. But they must have been on friendly terms at some point for them to share phone numbers and send private text messages. Maybe somewhere along the line it went sour, I don’t know. From what little is given it sounds bad on his part, but you would have to see the whole conversation to get the full context and see if it was mutual at some point. You can’t really tell from her one remark, which the author insinuates as harassment.

    1. Watchman do you need more than”keep being negative and I will send you another Dick Pic”

      1. I still think context is important. It could have been banter for all we know. We only see a brief glimpse into one side of it. If he’s guilty then he’s guilty, but I like to give the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

        1. he seems to have a pattern,note” I will send you another Dick Pic.”How many and how often was he

    2. I agree. I brought this situation up to my LAPD son. He says what he hears, including the women police officers, makes his hair stand on end. There is a whole culture of people that talk nasty to each other. Just watch a movie or television and it’s no-holds-barred. Rap music? Magazine content? It’s all too much for me but it seems to be the norm for a big segment of the population.

  15. Tyrus, This isn’t cool, man.

    But I have to say that I question whether Fox dumps him or not. I’ve watched him on Gutfeld’s show (when there’s nothing else to watch). The guy is always talking about how he doesn’t know who his father was and his mother-figure abused him. He’s always pointing out he’s black, too. Now with the release of this story, I have to wonder if his lawyers have told him to use that info to the max because it may just be the only way to save his job, with Fox being SJW inclined and all. Let’s see if Fox does the right thing here.

    1. I think you are right ,he needs to be terminated.They decided to keep Charles [Business Channel] the big fella who was cheating on his wife with one of the contributors to his show.

  16. Are you kidding me? He didn’t know that was blatantly wrong. He always did seem detached from it all on Gutfeld. But you have to be detached to tolerate gutfeld.

  17. Never trust a guy who wears his baseball cap backwards……………….unless he’s the catcher on the baseball team.

    1. I’ve been trying to find one of the backward caps…every store I go into only has the caps with the forward looking bills.

  18. “Pull your boobs out” – Fox News host sent lewd texts to co-host.

    I read this headline and like, “what a weird thing for McHenry to say to Tyrus.”

  19. From the texts, it sounds like Tyrus was drunk or high. Not an excuse, for sure, but perhaps he should have turned his phone off and chilled out. Now he stands to lose everything. Why are men so stupid when it comes to this sort of thing? Can’t they control themselves better than that?

  20. I actually like Tyrus on the Greg Gutfeld show. I like him so much that just last night I signed up for FoxNation. My gut feeling about this is that Tyrus actually thought his co-host was good with the banter. I do not believe, for one second, that he thought she wasn’t. I am sure that he now knows that he should never, ever put anything in writing that could be misconstrued in any way, shape, or form. If you watch the Greg Gutfeld show, you know the humor goes sideways all the time.

    I am not buying that a woman cannot say to a man: “Shut the heck up.” or “Stop texting me such inappropriate comments.” or “Tyrus, dear, I love you a lot but I don’t want to hear your smack anymore.” Instead we are told that he needed to know she didn’t like it because she said: “Hahahaha.” Really? That’s what it’s come to? A woman on TV rebuffs unwanted sexual remarks with a laugh? And the guy is supposed to know that that means she’s feeling sexually harassed.

    Come on women – it’s 2019. If someone, anywhere, anytime is doing something we don’t like, let that person know. I sure would.

  21. I would be highly offended. I may be growing old man boobs, but it’s nobody’s business. Oops.

          1. Never saw a single episode, although some of it has trickled into the national lexicon.

            1. OMG, I thought I was the only one on planet that never watched an episode!!!

  22. While what Tyrus said is stupid and inappropriate, let’s keep in mind that he’s not a “serious” personality on Fox. I see him more as a comedian and I’m guessing these texts are in that context.

    1. He used to be a professional wrestler, so I’ve never taken him seriously. Compared to Cardi B and almost every rap artist, he’s pretty tame.

  23. I liked Tyrus on Gutfeld’s show but he clearly crossed the line here. He seemed to act like he had some common sense on the show but apparently that was an act.

    1. Never liked him on the show. Surprised they would allow someone permanent status, who projects negativity.

    2. agreed- he is witty, funny as heck sometimes- but if he was doing this- one can only wonder just how bright he is- but on the other hand, was she perhaps giving off signals that she didn’t mind this kind of talk, or did he misinterpret her reactions or something? Some women I’ve worked with in the past were quite rank with their conversations- just as crude, as men can be- Some I’ve known couldn’t have a conversation without it turning into a crude discussion it seemed- We’re only getting her side of the story here- did she joke around like that too? Tht’s the problem with the whole metoo movement- women can act crude all day long, but when a man engages in it- the women can claim sexual harassment at any point- and the man’s career is over=- You don’t see many women being blamed for sex harassment-

      1. Fair point, and I don’t like how the Huffington Post tries to control the narrative by making rationalizations about how she handled her responses.

  24. I was never a big fan of Tyrus. Wondering if Gutfeld hired him as a body guard and then eventually put him on his show.

  25. I know, let’s put a meathead, tatted up, gold chain wearin’, wrestler on a panel to give comment and opinion on news and politics. Better yet, since he has harrassed a co-worker, let’s give him his own show! Fox earned this one. Go, Gronk, Go! Losers… all of them.

    1. When you consider FOX looks to people like Donna Brazile, Katrina Pierson, and the likes of Juan Williams for commentary and discussion fodder, Tyrus is pretty mild….But THIS, yes, he just needs to go away now, quietly, into that dark nite, and not be heard from again.
      (Maybe he could write a book, like O’Reilly)

      1. There’s a reason people judge books by their covers. He plays the part of a street thug for a reason, he’s just another low-life. The chair was wasted for any show he sat in on, IMO.
        Although, I hear where you are coming from.

        Tyrus Talks Doomsday Etiquette On Greg Gutfeld’s Show
        (all queued up)

        1. You can’t always judge a book by its cover. I got Trout Fishing In America when I was a kid and it had nothing to do with angling.

        2. I remember seeing that episode. I know a few guys whose minds go straight to the topic of sex, regardless of the original subject matter, and it says a lot about them. Kind of like the people on social media who can turn a story about a young mom’s murder into a political event to jab at Trump. Lots of single minded people out there, no?

  26. What’s up with these idiots? First of all, don’t harass. Second, texting it? Dude, you provided the evidence yourself, idiot. Dude is sharp as a dull knife.

    1. Given he was dumb enough to make comments like that, it’s not really surprising that he’d also be dumb enough to text. ‘Dumb’ tends to traverse the whole personality spectrum.

    2. He probably thought all women were like his female counterpart, Saraya-Jade Bevis (aka Paige – WWE)…

    1. He actually brought a pretty funny perspective to the news of the day on Gutfeld’s show; I found him amusing, after a week of bad broadcast news. But then, maybe I’m just simple-minded :/

  27. I have to say I’m shocked. Tyrus, what in the name of all that’s holy were you THINKING????? Always enjoyed him on Gutfeld’s show, always seemed respectful and decent towards women. He’ll be gone in a nano-second. Fox doesn’t hang on to men w/ this personality flaw.

    1. They kept Charles on their business Channel for having that affair with his blond frequent guest.Marriage meant nothing to Charles.They let her go and kept Charles.Good morning hidyho.

      1. He owned up to it and never lied. She lied and attempted to extort money from him and from FOX. She was also married. She was also stupid enough to release messages she had sent to him that were very sex oriented and suggestive, which sort of killed her attempt to cry “sexual harassment.

        1. I never suggested she should not be terminated from any further employment with Fox.Charles was cheating on his wife and suggesting to the young lady that he might be bringing her aboard as a contributor.Thus, if that is all you have to to do to avoid termination is say’yes I banged the lady and apologize for it “then I have a problem with Charles remaining and the lady being terminated.Thanks Lillie Belle

      1. I didn’t know if that’s a sports thing. I guess that’s how in tune I am with what Fox is doing. I read the article but still didn’t buy a clue about what exactly Fox Nation is. In any case, this is pretty gross.

        1. You can now subscribe to Fox Nation on the internet. They’ve got a lot of different shows. I didn’t join………….I pay for cable don’t want to have to pay for internet TV. Also why I don’t subscribe to Blaze TV.

          1. BlazeTV you can catch some of it on you tube free version. Shapiro, Knowles, Klavan, many more just do a search and subscribe.

          2. Thank, sj. I won’t pay for any of it. Several reasons but mostly I don’t sit and watch TV very much.

    1. He’s a regular co-host on Greg Gutfeld’s weekend show on Fox. He’s pretty humorous, always speaks respectfully of women, and I’m absolutely floored. Although I guess I shouldn’t be, as pretty much nothing shocks me like it used to…Sad to see this, and sad to see him go. He apparently was a champion wrestler at some point in his younger years..

  28. What a filthy dude Tyrus is. I agree Scoop, no one deserves that kind of sexual harassment.

  29. It looks like the left despises Britt McHenry, so she must be doing something right. A simple Google image search makes it seem like she’s feuding with everyone she comes in contact with. Most notably, annoying SJWs like Jemele Hill and Kevin Durant.

  30. I have to say I’m shocked. Tyrus, what in the name of all that’s holy were you THINKING????? Always enjoyed him on Gutfeld’s show, always seemed respectful and decent towards women. He’ll be gone in a nano-second. Fox doesn’t hang on to men w/ this personality flaw.

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