Punk teen applauded for public expletive-ridden eff you to Walmart, his former employer

This is one of the more annoying stories in the media right now. Morons are applauding this moron kid for getting on the speakers at Walmart and giving them a big “eff you” before quitting. 

And the shameless punk recorded his stupidity for everyone to see. Amazingly, some idiots are hailing him as a “hero” just because they hate Walmart:

This is just pathetic. Who is forcing this idiot to work at Walmart? No one. Reportedly the shoppers cheered him on? If you hate Walmart, WHY THE F**K are you shopping there?!?! Everything about this is absolutely stupid. 

Here’s a YouTube video of the same, for those who can’t see the Twitter video:

This dumbass kid thinks that Walmart should just hand him everything instead of him earning it. And if the other employees believe this, then QUIT. You know why they can’t? Because they have no marketable skills to go anywhere else. I don’t criticize anyone who is working for a living – it’s way better than people who refuse to work and stay on welfare. But it’s completely absurd to work in a low-skill, low-wage job, and blame anyone other than yourself. 

And other morons are cheering him on. It’s that kind of destructive attitude that is unraveling America, bit by bit – the utter lack of personal responsibility. 

Sooooo have yourselves an open thread. Here’s some comment fodder:

Very odd:

This is truly remarkable and inspiring:


This is very cool:

We talked about this on the most recent sooperpodcast:

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