PURE ZEN: Watch sad ABC try desperately to brave face on their OWN bad Biden poll, even blaming voters

George Stephanopoulos and Rick Klein are very disappointed with how stupid voters are for failing to see how great Joe Biden is and how awesome his inflation economy is.

They had to present yet another terrible poll result for Joe this morning, and worse, they had to announce the “MAGA Sweep” in recent primary elections thanks to Trump’s winning record. So they did what good little Democrat propagandists always do: blame regular Americans.

It’s so perfectly Democrat, so peak MSM that it’s actually soothing. It’s hilarious, don’t get me wrong, but in a Zen sort of way.

“Get this,” Klein says, like what he is about to say is so insane you have to be prepared for it. “69% of Americans still think the economy is getting worse despite the drop in gas prices, despite those positive economic news, and we’re seeing that spill over to voter enthusiasm.”

“STILL” he says. “DESPITE” he says. Twice.


After explaining the abysmal Biden news as Americans being too dumb to know what’s good for them, Klein then says Trump’s many candidate victories don’t matter because his picks are inexperienced and ELEC ICTION DENIALSISMINGS.

GET THIS: You’re pathetic. And we love that you’re pathetic.


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