Purge SPREADS: ‘Horrified’ Loew’s Hotels KICKS OUT Hawley fundraiser, BLAMES HIM for Capitol riot in public statement

A fundraiser for Sen. Josh Hawley was going to be held at Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando, but the hotel is cancelling the event, kicking him out, making a public show of their purge, and the left is crowing.

In their tweeted statement, Loew’s Hotels makes it clear they hold Sen. Hawley accountable for the events at the capitol building.

“All who supported and incited.” Do y’all realize how dangerous this is getting? Hawley did nothing but object in good faith to accepting electoral votes from states where the results are being challenged or objected to by people who live in those states. Democrats have similarly objected to counting votes from individual states, on no basis whatsoever, including on then-unsubstantiated and now-disproven claims of Russian collusion. They continue to be at the top of polite society.

While Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are being ostracized and slowly EXCISED from the public sphere. This is calculated and it WILL GET WORSE.

The left is laying the groundwork for their new and so far 100% effective strategy of finally getting rid of all thought – and thinkers – to their right. They call it incitement and get away with whatever they want.

This is dangerous, dangerous, dangerous.

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