¡QÚE AUDACITY! Migrant caravan sends letter to Trump with HUGE demands..and a DEADLINE!

You know the old saying that “it can’t hurt to ask”? Well the migrant caravan at the border has now sent Trump a letter making huge demands of him and, quite frankly, it’s amazing.

I translated the actual letter using Google Translate and then fixed a major issue with their translation in one paragraph with the help of an expert.

Donald Trump

President of the United States of America

Your Excellency, Mr. President

By this means may you receive a cordial greeting from all the members of Caravana Migrantes Hondureños and other countries of Central America.

They are requesting entry into the US…because they are tired of their dictator Juan Orlando Hernandez:

The purpose of this is to request you in the most respectful manner, allow us the free entry to all the members of the exodus to the United States. We are a peaceful conglomerate made up of families made up of women, children and men, most of them young men who have fled from poverty, insecurity and repression caused by the dictatorial government of Juan Orlando Hernández and by the economic, political and military Interference that your country has been practicing for more than 100 years in our country and other Central American countries.

They also want the US to invade Honduras and take all of their military bases that ‘offend and loot our homeland’:

We remind you that if the US does not want more migrations, it must put a stop to economic, political and military intervention in our territory. Therefore, we ask you to take your 13 military bases and all their extractive companies that offend and loot our homeland.

Or…if Trump doesn’t want them in the US or to invade their country, they want $50,000 dollars EACH in order to go back home.

If you do not want our entry into the United States, we ask you to take Juan Orlando Hernández and grant us an amount of US $ 50,000, so that each of us can return to our homeland.

They give Trump 72 hours to meet their demands!

We believe in an open and respectful dialogue, but with the desire to follow up on this request, we establish a deadline of 72 hours to receive a response, from the time it is delivered to your representative in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

Desiring with all our heart that your response is positive, thank you for giving us asylum to protect our safety or our life. from you depends the best outcome of this humanitarian crisis as a result of the dictatorship in Honduras.

Like I sad, amazing.

So what exactly are they going to do if Trump doesn’t meet their crazy demands? Are they going to try and invade? I mean they tried that once already and it didn’t work out that well. It seems to me they don’t have any leverage at all. They might as well take Mexico’s offer to send them back to Honduras.

I should note that the letter was dated December 7. Not sure if that was when it was ‘delivered’ or not, but I would think the 72 hours have already passed. But I’m sure they’re probably flexible on that…

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